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on 12 November 2012
Idea for the technophobe as it is just a basic phone, makes calls, send text and has a calculator and torch. It has an programmable emergency button that will call and send a text to pre designated numbers. A text can also be sent to a land line, that is spoke on receiving the call. Press the number buttons and the number pressed is announced. Ideal for the visually challenged who forget to take their glasses with them. On the negative side to lock the keypad you have to slide a button. easily forgotten and when the phone is in a pocket it is quite easy to press the large buttons by mistake. The emergency button is easy to press accidentally once activated the message is sent instantly. The desktop charger broke on day 5. though the wire can be plugged straight into the phone. Taking all this into consideration and the cost it is a very good basic phone.
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on 17 July 2012
I have to say I did not expect a phone of this quality given the relatively low price tag.
At last, we have something which does exactly what it says on the tin - or on the box in this case!

Nice big numbers - ideal for the visually impaired - loads of space in the phone book for all those important numbers of relatives and friends and an emergency button on the rear of the phone which when pressed will run down a list of up to 5 contacts in turn until one of them answers the call.

My wife has had a number of seizures over the past year and this is absolutely ideal should anything untoward happen not just when walking around town but even when lying in bed.

The phone even comes equipped with a small torchlight, an alarm clock and docking station for charging.

Thoroughly recommended.

Bill H, St Albans
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on 5 September 2012
An excellent almost no nonsense mobile phone. Almost no nonsense? Well it has got a totally unnecessary radio and calculator but it's almost crap free. The phone is simple to use, texting is a doddle and adding/deleting Nos to and from the phonebook couldn't be easier.The battery life seems to be quite good and the charger supplied with the phone is very quick. So to put it in a nutshell, excellent for an old fart Technophobe like me.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 November 2016
I've had this for two and a half years now, and used it lightly.

I wanted something simple without lots of complicated functions. This phone fulfills that, it just does phone calls, voice mail and texting.
The phone has been mostly reliable.
However, after a couple of years of light use, the charger has become erratic. I can no longer just stand the phone in the cradle overnight. I have to fiddle with it until the light comes on, and check every 5 minutes that it's still charging.
The number keys are nice and big, easy to read, easy to tap. But other items - such as the lock switch - have such miniscule symbols, they practically need a magnifying glass to see. This defeats the object of easy use for those with limited sight.
Also, I find the name offensive. Describing a product as 'easy senior' implies that a) seniors are stupid and need something easy and b) only seniors want easy-to-use stuff. I know both to be untrue.
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VINE VOICEon 13 March 2015
My elderly mother is now 82 years old.
I insist that she always carries a mobile phone with her but most modern phones are really beyond her willingness to learn how to operate them.
Now she has the Jupiter big button phone.
The Jupiter is very easy to setup and once charged it is ready to go after a couple of minutes.
The display is clear and comfortable to read.
The buttons are a nice size and speak the number you have pressed which my Mum loves.
To unlock the pad just slide the switch on the side.
Now the Jupiter has a host of basic features like text messaging, radio, choice of ringtones, alarm and even a torch.
My Mum just wants a phone that will make a call and the Jupiter is easy to do that with.
Now the SOS function is a must for me and this is how it works.
If my Mum has a problem whilst I am not with her she presses the big red button on the back for 1 second and the phone sends a text message to me.
The phone also makes a loud claxon like sound to attract attention when the button is activated.
Now as mentioned earlier my Mum is hard on her mobiles.
She is forever dropping her phone and her favourite pastime is sitting on it. This is why after just 2 years the Doro, which was well made, is now falling apart.
I mention this because the Jupiter build quality is not especially high and I am not confident as too how long it will survive my mother’s determined efforts.
However the price is so reasonable you can probably afford to throw it away after a year and get another when it fails.
Overall I am very pleased with this phone and more importantly my mum likes it,
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on 16 March 2017
I bought this no nonsense phone for my aged aunt (95 and counting) and it seems to fit the bill - easy to use, no frills, perfect for a low cost SIM only contract.
But after 18 months it simply stopped working.
Having tried everything and being advised by TTFone to buy a new battery (which did not solve the problem) I concluded that the phone was dead.
I did not like the TTFone support peoples attitude either.
I think this is pretty poor especially given that my poor ant only used it once a week.

So be warned - this phone is definitely "disposable" - and don't expect to get any decent support either.
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on 28 February 2016
I bought this phone last July for my partially sighted mother. I did my research and hoped that this one was perfect. We have just had the base of the phone checked and there is no power getting to the phone, but because I bought it over 6 months ago I can not return it through the returns policy. I wish now that I had just bought the phone from a shop that would have given me the opportunity to take it back, or at least get a replacement base for the phone. Really unhappy because my mother has no phone and I am going to have to start again looking for a suitable one for her.
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on 6 December 2013
I purchased this for my 85 year old Mum, as her old mobile broke, and I couldn't find one that she could use easily.

I received this today, and I am delighted to say she can use it - you can program in calls for speed dialling - so no need to navigate menus - just keep your finger on one of the large numbers - and it will dial the number you have pre-set to that number - BRILLIANT!

The emergency button is also great - it ends a text to the people you have allocated on that number telling them to call ASAP - great for an emergency, without the need for pushing the right button.

All in all I am delighted with this phone.

My only small gripe, is that there is nowhere on the phone to attach a strap, so that she can hang it around her neck!

A good phone for an excellent price! Great delivery on PRIME as promised.

4th September 2014

Unfortunately this phone has recently had a problem charging up - it says fully charged, but it isn't, and now it won't charge at all. Got in touch with AMAZON - and they immediately agreed to send a replacement - now that's what I call customer service. I just hope this one lasts longer than the last one.

Apart from the above - it has been a great phone and my Mum has got on better with this than ANY other phone I have bought her. The easy speed call's when set up are so easy to use, and the emergency button is great although she has pushed it a few times in error - giving me a heart attack! but it's still a great idea in an emergency. I use it with a pre-paid giffgaff card and top up every 3 months to allow free GG to GG calls , so all her calls to me and my partner are free.
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on 1 August 2015
I bought this for my dad who was complaining that his old phone was too complicated. Unfortunately when an SMS is received with this new phone, it isn't obvious how to deal with it. I would really like to return the phone but it's too late now and ironically my dad is going to return to using his old phone now. He also worries about accidentally triggering the "panic button" on the back, even though there is s lock facility. He thinks the lock could be unlocked in his pocket! I think a plain, no frills phone would have been better for him which allows easy use of the phone when a text message is received. I must admit, when I read through the instructions, I was surprised that the functionality wasn't simpler. I was also surprised by the ring tones which are awful. I can't recommend this based on our experience.
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on 31 January 2014
my 90 year old Grandad likes it. the thing he struggled with the most was the locking and unlocking of the various Nokia mobiles which cause a fair free panic moments both for the person who was accidentally dialed and also him worrying to the point he just turned off. which defeated the point of having it for emergencies.

He can easily lock it with physical slider/switch
This unit worked fine with his Orange SIM, the saved contacts came up with no configuration and the names intact.
Battery seems good due to it being low tech.
The charging station means no fiddling cable to attach and he knows where it is when not in use.
The panic button I think is a great touch, just don't call it a panic button, call it a speed dail otherwise he gets worried that WW3 will break out.
The panic button has 5 contacts, and it dials each one in turn until someone picks up....however if that contacts answerphone picks up its assumes its job is done. not perfect but atleast someone will know of an attempted call, so the ordering or use of landlines first might be best.
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