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on 23 March 2013
I'll just say first, don't use anything more than an 8GB USB pen with this, as it doesn't support it. At first I think my product was broken as I was trying to use it with a 16GB USB pen.

I also had to rip part of the little rubber ring bit off it to get it to connect and deliver power through the cigarette lighter in my car. After that it worked fine.

I just have it loaded up with tunes and let it cycle through the albums. The controller doesn't really work unless you have it about 6 inches away from the device...The little tray that holds the battery also snapped in two the second time I removed it from the controller...

The quality of the device itself is hit or miss. The device itself is ok. The controller is very cheap and pretty nasty.

As for sound quality, it is actually pretty good, although you will notice a fair bit of distortion on music where the letter 's' is used frequently. It's much more noticeable on some music than others for whatever reason.

Overall, it's a nice and cheap solution if you want to play mp3s in your car without buying a whole new stereo system, it doesn't sound too bad and works fine, even if the remote control is a bit pants.
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on 4 February 2013
The player is well designed and works as described. Plays from an SD card or flash memory. Delivery took about 28 days.
Good things:
- Good price for what it offers
- Plays music from an SD card or flash memory.
- Audio In works well
- Has a remote, providing more control and functionality that the unit itself
- Fits well into my cars lighter socket
Bad things:
- Radio hiss is present all the time probably because the transmitted FM signal is too week compared to the local radio stations
- Sound quality is is Ok if you are not bothered about HiFi music in your car. Do not expect CD or even mp3 sound quality. It seems to cut Lo and High frequencies off.
- Navigation between folders and tracks is not provided from the unit (or I could not find how to do it)
- No users manual provided (would be helpful)

- It does what I need from it.
- Good value for money
- If you are not obsessed with HiFI sound quality this unit will do it's job and you will have your own FM radio station in your car.
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on 15 April 2013
This product was completely unsuitable for what I needed. I had a new car which did not have an aux cable so i needed an fm transmitter. The description of this product seemed perfect, a little too perfect for the price.

When I started listening to an mp3 off the SD input the quality was terrible and there was a lot of static. There was also feedback from the speakers. It also did not fit in the cigarette lighter which to the best of my knowledge is an industry standard fitting, so it kept falling out. It does not remember where you were if you pause the song. I paused a song and then clicked play and it started from the very first song on the SD card, annoying to say the least.

The connector to the aux on my phone was ok but the aforementioned performance issues mean it was far from perfect.

As much as I hate to say it, I feel that FM transmitters are in fact a false economy and I have since bought for half the price 100 TDK CD's which have not yet failed me and thanks to the wonders of technology my cars sat nav shows me all the multiple folders I have to choose from.
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on 24 January 2016
I wasn't really pleased with the overall build quality of the item, as the plastic seemed flimsy and felt like it would break within a short amount of time,with this in mind I respectfully returned the item. However they say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover - and I did not. On one of my first tries it wouldn't accept my Kingston SD card even though it matched perfectly with the comparability specification, this result led me to test it with one of my USB flash drives and it worked but the sound quality wasn't the best as it was crackling. This was disappointing as I really liked the "FOLDER" and "RANDOM" options it offered for the music.
I would not recommend due to poor quality.
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on 10 February 2016
1. Device appears to be flexible at the base so it can be angled - it cannot. The socket is fixed straight from the device so when plugged into cigarette lighter socket it is impossible to see the small screen.
2. Impossible to scroll through music folders - impossible even to find them using the remote control. Some words on screen are in English but mostly Chinese. Forget trying to change music while driving . would be nigh on impossible even for a passenger to do it!
3. Very plasticky feel but hey...what did I expect at this price?
4. Really poor music quality. Its 'sound' Jim....but not as we know it. Listen to the amount of hiss between tracks to see what I mean.
5. I guess it was worth a try...but really wish I had hung onto my cash and put it towards a new stereo which after all are not that expensive...

I have tried a few devices now to avoid buying a new stereo. Truly a false economy. I recommend saving up and changing your car stereo. It will save much disappointment.
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on 27 November 2012
Good build quality compared to some, does what it says on the box as long as you read and print out the other reviewer's very helpful (VITAL) instructions. (crazy to have shipped it set to Chinese menus, with no help for changing the language. Once you set it to English it becomes relatively easy to use)

The display is tiny and folder navigation relatively clumsy, but the sound is very good. Crucially it does remember its last track playing and it does resume when switched back on. With both SD slot and USB, also audio cable for Ipods etc, I'd certainly recommend it. We download dozens of Desert Island Disc programmes from the BBC archive, and let them play on long journeys.
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on 29 March 2016
although this is only a cheap entry level car mp3 player i found it easy to use and the sound quality is very good , my only real complaint about this model is that there are no set up instructions either inside the packaging or on the packaging , which would make it quite difficult for anyone who has never had one of these before to get it set up and working,i being lucky enough to have had one of these before managed to get it working quite quickly and found the controls easy to use, so for the money i found this to be a good buy.
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on 4 October 2013
i bought it to pick up a signal from my mp3 player and for its price i got a result. i tried using a memory card and the remote but was impressed with part. the device gives a great out put signal so you don't get a crackly frequency. so if your using for a mp3 player its a good buy ,maybe the audio plug in cable could be longer as its only about 10 cm long, i bought another one so it took away from the value of the product. this could of been a much better product than it was but it works.
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on 8 August 2012
Considering the cost of this player, i would say it is a good product.
The main problem with this kind of device (not this one specifically, but all the FM transmitters) is that if you travel you have to change frequencies because they got occupied from other radio stations, and that is quite annoying.
This item comes with no instructions manual and the language is set to Chinese, so i had to spent some minutes before i could understand a word, but for the basic functions you don't even need to change language.
Sound quality is good, except when there if FM noise.
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on 11 May 2014
i gave it 4 stars because it performs better than the Netgear one I used previously.

A bit top heavy but otherwise OK. liked the fact that it has 3 modes for connection to audio devices. The remote is a bit temperamental. It may Pause when you press the Next track key which can be annoying if you cant read the display to see what went wrong.

But for the money a good piece of kit.
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