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on 21 November 2015
Excellent bit of kit! Especially for Virgin Media customers with the under powered low range superhub V1.0 :)

Bought to replace one of my av500 powerlines which stopped working for some reason and has been working flawlessly for the last 2 weeks its as simple as plugging it in pressing pair on the powerline whats connected to your modem/wireless router going to wherever you have this one plugged and pressing pair. I'm running my smart TV (Samsung 43J5500) and custom gaming PC off of the Ethernet ports and running my smartphone off of the inbuilt wifi. Movies from Netflix load really quick but I do have times where the picture quality will drop but it sorts itself out after about 30 seconds.Online gaming runs smooth no dropping out or lagging due to slow upload and download speeds.Just make sure you have plenty of airing space for this as when its under load it tends to get quite warm. Also you only get one Ethernet cable so if you need 2 i'd also order one to save and hassle.

But apart from that these are great for the money you pay and work better than expected!
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on 20 March 2016
I like TP link products and I have them all over the house as powerline internet hubs. I would give this five stars but the clone facility simply does not work and considering I have other plugs around the house I'm surprised it knocked out my whole connection after following the installation procedure. So in the end I opted to just have a different SSID, (renamed in my daughters name that she likes the idea of) I'm an IT engineer by trade but I simple could not be bothered to try and crack a product that is supposed to be PnP. So my daughter has her own Wifi access point and on roam we can connect to it if we need to, but it would have been nice just to have the wifi of the router pushed around the ring main and then broadcast upstairs. So its okay but it could have been better
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on 7 December 2015
It took me ages - and one wrong order - to decipher from the TP link information which unit I need to expand my home powerline network by an additional wireless plus ethernet unit. When it arrived, it took me ages to get it to connect to the network using the pairing procedure. Eventually I managed it by switching off the wireless function - this is not mentioned in the instructions. I was then able to connect my smart TV to the internet byethernet cable.
I still cannot get any of my devices to connect wirelessly - i-Pad, i- Pod, or Android devices, although they all connect to the other TP link, and they all can see the new one. I just get "authentication problem". When I tried cloning it with the existing link, all that happened was that the existing link stopped working, and I had to go through the pairing procedure again to get it to work.
The TP on-line manuals are practically indecipherable, and the procedure for modifying the wireless parameters is only likely to upset the whole system. The online drop-downs for the correct manual do not include an option for the TL-WPA281 with version V3.
I see from internet sites that I am far from alone with this problem.

The only positive thing is that I can now get iPlayer on my TV - at a cost of £25.49 and several hours of my life.
So much for "plug and play"!
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on 17 May 2014
Ive always liked TP Link products and this is no exception. Unboxed it, read quick install instructions, followed them and was up and running within minutes. I used WPS to clone my router SSID and password. Then I paired the unit to my existing powerline adapter connected to my router. Both achieved by the press of two buttons. Quick note the WPS Clone button on the TP Link adapter is not a separate one but is incorporated into the LED light as a transparent button so don't go looking for a separate button as seems to be indicated in the instructions. Full signal strength immediately and were up and away (esp my wife whose original complaint about a poor signal on the patio caused me to buy it). Double whammy. What more can I say.
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on 22 January 2016
This is has made wireless connections upstairs possible. So this is how I got it up and running so it acts like its own mini router. I first plugged it in upstairs. I then paired it with a standard TP Link homeplug downstairs near my router. I then connected my laptop to it via ethernet cable. I followed the simply instructions given in the box. I then gave the wifi powerline its own wifi name and password. That was it. I took the ethernet cable out and scanned for it via my laptop via wifi. My wifi found it I input the password and I was connected to the internet upstairs with no issues what so ever.
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on 30 July 2014
Very simple to set up even cloning from BT Hub.
Got a little messed up trying to be clever renaming them but other than that very intuitive & only needed to skim read the instructions (suggest you download the full user guide & browse it before it arrived like me).
I changed the wireless channels manually as I know the channel gaps between each of my neighbours wireless routers and also know there's problems with some channels and my microwave (channel 2 is jammed when in use). So auto channel selection isn't that good for me. Also having designated channels helps work out exactly which extender you are looking at when using scanning tools such as Vistumbler.
Runs slightly warm so remains to be seen whether that's a problem or not (hence one star down from 5).
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on 25 May 2014
This was a quick and simple way to extend my wifi network. I already had a tp-link powerline network, and to add this wifi extender all I had to do was press the clone button on the powerline plug next to my router, and press the clone button on the extender.

NOTE: I also had to press the clone button at the same time on my other powerline plugs. I didn't do it initially when setting up the wifi extender, and the other powerline plugs lost their connections.

Cloning the existing wifi ssid and password was easy - I pressed the WPS button on my BT home hub, then pressed the button on the front of the wifi extender (not easily visible, its at the bottom of the flashing led strip).

NOTE: to test that the wifi extender was working, I connected to it before cloning my network - password is on the back of the unit.

5 stars!
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on 3 August 2016
i have had this for sometime now and can only say works fantastically had a couple of issues at the beginning but i wasn't doing what i was meant to do like pressing the router button then the button on side of tp link .it is a good idea to read the instructions .Have two now and both work fine wifi works in the whole house and can even plug an Ethernet cable in to so works great ether way.Well happy
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on 15 March 2016
My house wi-fi just doesn't extend upstairs to my bedroom because of positioning and old walls but I so wish I'd bought this a few years ago because it's made upstairs smartphone usage a dream to go alongside normal wired Powerline access for PCs. I plugged it in and away it went. The only negative is that the flashing lights are so bright and cannot be dimmed or switched off. Useful for lighting the landing at night but so bright it's like a thunderstorm.
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on 29 October 2014
Not bad unit. I didn't bother with the automatic setup as I wanted to set this part of the network up as a separately identifiable network - it was all reasonably straightforward though. One thing I would say is the the range seemed to drop off very quickly on the wifi hence only 4 stars instead of 5. I seemed to be able to improve this by limiting the bandwidth to 20 Mhz which presumably makes better use of the available power by focussing across a narrower frequency range - I'd recommend using the 20 mhz setting as you'll only get the full 40 mhz rate if you're right on top of the unit.
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