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on 29 November 2016
I purchased these originally for my XBOX consol. The WIFI was not as strong in our conservatory. These were excellent. I have no problems with internet connection. Very simple to use. One plug goes into a wall socket with it's Ethernet cable going into my router. The second plug's cable connects into your chosen device. They are so useful as we ended up using them for all sorts of stuff. We have used them on our T.V., Sky box, Android box etc. It is so useful to have these as a back up if you feel you are having problems with your WIFI. I purchased these in December 2013, it's now November 2016 and they are still working great. I can safely say that I have had my money's worth out of them !
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on 26 July 2015
After 2 years, 11 months one unit stopped flashing. 3 year warranty included but can't really be bothered with the tedium and cost of phoning a 0845 number and sending the item back

Returns procedure

Step 1) Contact us through our Technical Support Line 0845 147 0017 (UK) or 0818 229 000 (Ireland), a representative will help you with remote troubleshooting. If the product is judged to be defective, the representative will provide you with a unique RMA number. Customer contact and product info will be requested during this process.
Step 2)An email explaining the RMA process will be sent from TP-LINK UK.
Step 3) Send defective product, purchase receipt along with RMA number to TP-LINK.
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on 10 January 2013
These adaptors are excellent. Note that Amazon is now shipping a newer version 3 model, which is smaller than that pictured, and is all white in colour (January 2013). The box calls them "Nano" adapters. Receiving smaller adapters than expected was a pleasant surprise.

They report an actual link speed averaging around 180Mbps (confusingly this is for both directions added together and includes an overhead for the powerline wrapper around the data; the true one-way speed is probably more likely to be around 70Mbps - but this is still many times faster than my incoming broadband connection).

Some people say they won't work when on different ring circuits (e.g. one upstairs, and the other downstairs), but this works for me. I can't see why it shouldn't work in general, unless your fuse board has built-in surge protectors (which most don't).

I've used mine to connect between my ADSL broadband modem and a separate wireless router, allowing me to located the wireless transmitter more centrally in the house for better range, without needing to trail Ethernet cabling around the place.

Highly recommended.
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on 2 November 2013
Superb wee boxes. Plug in, wire up, sorted. The manual suggests not plugging them into extension leads which I can understand but I tried this anyway as was a neater solution in my offcie and appears to work fine. I have used this first set to link to my Sky box for BBC iplayer etc so is relatively heavy duty use and works superbly. I have purchased a couple more today for various points around the house.

Two bits of advice -

1. As per the title. The blooming things come with 2 cat cables included so no need to buy these separately. Amazon, rather naughtily, lists these extra cables as 'usually bought together' which suggests they are required.
The included cables are bright yellow however so if you think this will offend your sensibilities it might be worth the extra for some subtle white ones!
2. I had intended adding one of these units in a small music studio I have in the house. However, as this is wired to our electrical system as a separate ring main (to avoid ground loop hum) this obvioulsy is not ;linked to the main system and thus the signal does not work in this area. This could be an issue for example if you wanted to use in a garage etc as sometimes these are wired in this way.
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This set is a simple, secure and elegant solution to a common problem these days. Suffering from a slow and patchy wireless signal on my PS3 which I use for iPlayer and ITV Player etc I invested in a set of these. Ordered Saturday night - delivered Monday morning. Cheers amazon :o)

Set up is breathtakingly simple. Plug either unit into an electrical socket near the router and connect one of the two supplied ethernet cables into a spare port on it (your router will need to be a multi-port device). Do the same with the second unit where it is to be used. Press the button on one for 5 seconds and you then have 2 minutes to do the same on the second. I didn't bother looking for lights to flash on or off - when I checked the internet connection on my PS3 it said the magic word "wired" and I was good to go with a download speed equivalent to that on my PC which is sat next to the router itself upstairs. Job (easily) done.

It's worth noting that it is recommended not to use an extension lead socket as this will reduce the transfer speed but this is only relevant if you are e.g. streaming between NAS and a PC etc. As I'm just using it for the internet connection to my PS3 or possibly my Freesat box then it's not really an issue but I will get the socket doubled up next time my electrician mate comes round to drink my beer ;o)

The plugs themselves are smaller than anticipated and although hardly a design classic they are fairly discreet. With the option of adding a third or fourth even (they are available singly for the equivalent price) I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 27 October 2014
With my router being near my door, I needed a powerline to help the internet reach upstairs, as the WIFI connection was poor, so had to settle for a wired solution.

These powerlines were easy enough to install, plug one end near the router, the other, where ever you wanted. Sync them by pressing the router end one, then the other one. Easy peasy.

The only downside that I've noticed is that they are quite sensitive to power shortages, and would always need a reset after that. Which is quite annoying.
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2012
Picked up a pair of these to complement a Sky HD & broadband installation. I wanted to connect up my PC directly to the router via ethernet for maximum speed, which meant taking the router a couple of rooms away from the the SkyHD box, and thus, no Sky Anytime+ without a direct broadband connection to the Sky box.

I unboxed these, connected up ethernet cables to each, and plugged them into the wall sockets, router & Sky box. I then pressed the "link" button on one for three seconds, walked to the other one (you have a generous 2 minutes to do this, according to the manual), pressed the button again, and bing ! Instant internet connection; my Sky box popped up a message stating it had detected a broadband connection. I was frankly rather non-plussed at how easy it was. I'm unsure of the speed I'm getting via this network, but for my own purposes, it just seems to work, and I absolutely can't fault it for ease of use. If I had one gripe, it's that yes, you do get a pair of ethernet cables in the box, but they're pretty short, and thankfully I had a longer standard spare cable kicking about. However, setting up a wired network in your home doesn't really get any easier than this.
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on 21 October 2012
We are using these to connect the internet to a new Samsung Smart TV. The thick walls in our house make a reliable internet connection using the TV's integrated WIFI receiver difficult. The data transfer is good enough to run iPlayer etc so it is perfect for TVs in far flung parts of a home.

Set up is very quick and easy. Plug one adapter into the main hub/modem. Plug another in where you need an internet connection. Power them up. Press both 'twinning' buttons within a couple of minutes of each other. Connect the device that needs internet. Finished.

I remain a little uneasy about leaving these plugged in for prolonged periods (i.e. not turning them off) - is this safe? Does it use much power?

All in these are really useful and simple to use, just remember that you will need a spare socket to use these devises.

If we get another smart TV we will certainly consider adding another unit to the set up.
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on 18 November 2011
These units are AWESOME. I'm using 4 of these together (4 adapters) to produce one seemless network across my home electrics. I've used Belkin and other whitebox powerline adapters in the past with mixed results. I've only ever tried two adapters together in the past not four. Performance wasn't reliable and could be slow. I was drawn to these because of the comments about their size & price. They are tiny, well designed and don't look out of place in the living room. They are so small I've even installed one of them inside a Bluelounge cable management box. Very tidy. The belkin adapters I used before looked nice but were too bulky and stood out like a sore thumb.

VERY impressed in terms of speed. I'm getting a 100-130mb connection across old wiring, using four way power strips (non surge protected though). I've used them alongside a couple of airport express unit, an airport extreme acting as a time capsule and a netgear 802.11n router to overcome some of the wi-fi dead zones in the house (we have really thick stone walls).

Note: If you're using a mac the management software only runs on windows. I installed it on a Windows XP Virtual Machine (VMWare) on my Macbook Pro. Worked fine.

Can't praise them enough.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 July 2011
The very brief instructions on how to pair these up just say "hold the button for 3-8 seconds, then do the same on the other unit within 2 minutes". Thinking that there would be some sort of acknowledgement from the unit that it has gone in to "pairing mode", I held the button for several seconds until the lights flashed. This doesn't work.

In the end in pure desperation I just held the button and counted to 5 then let go. Same on the other unit. They started talking instantly.

Once working, they seem to work just fine. Excellent product. A little bit pricey perhaps, but way easier than running an ethernet cable when wireless won't be fast enough for your requirements.
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