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on 6 June 2018
Like an earlier reviewer, I found my first attempt to apply this screen protector was plagued with bubbles. However, I realised these were attributable to invisibly small specks of dust which had remained on the iPad screen despite scrupulous wiping with a lens cleaner and the Techgear cloth. Removing the first protector lifted off almost all of these specks, with the result that the second one went on with very few bubbles, and is perfectly acceptable.

This screen protector is every bit as good as the supplier claims: glare is reduced, and the screen's sensitivity to touch is not affected at all. At two protectors for £1.99, including postage, this represents quite exceptional value, and I thoroughly recommend this item.
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on 16 April 2018
Maybe in my case what’s in the packaging is not what’s advertised on the packaging. It says “matte” and “anti glare” but these protectors are just as glossy and reflective as any other screen protector. And there was no “grainy” effect to them as other reviewers have reported which is why I bought them. I guess I was expecting them to be like the “anti reflective” type which are slightly opaque.
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on 6 June 2016
Some may not like the slightly grainy look to the screen, but for me it's offset by the elimination of finger prints (which drives me crazy) and the reduction in glare. For reading e-books I find it gives the screens slightly paper-y texture that I like.

These are tricky to fit, but bubbles rub out with a soft cloth, and use a bit of tape folded double to remove any odd particles of dust that get trapped. Took me two tries - I scrapped the first one, but on second attempt it went on perfectly, not a hint of a bubble.

I'm going to dock 1 star because, as some others pointed out, it is difficult to remove the top film after application - the little label just peeled off and I had to use another bit of tape to remove it.
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on 26 March 2017
I coudn't get first one fitted properly and discarded it , second one fitted better but a couple of small bubbles still show when screen is off but not noticable when screen is on
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on 14 July 2016
Good quality screen protectors for my dad who doesn't like shiny screens!! However beware they are a very very tight fit so takes a while to align properly if you do not then the edge of the screen protector will hang off the side of the iPad! But if you get it right its a perfect fit!
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on 5 August 2014
I purchased these quite quickly without reading the info carefully enough so didn't realise they were a matte finish until I had applied one of them. I then only realised because of the way it felt rather than the way it looked but thought that it would be OK and was happy with it to start with.
However when looking at photos or at a page that is almost white, you can see a sort of honeycomb effect over the screen which I do not like. I have therefore ordered some others which are a gloss finish.
Product appears to be good quality but not what I want for my shiny new iPad Air.
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on 18 January 2014
I am a bit lazy in writing long so writing in short:

At less than 2.50, it is perfect. After buying multiple items of TechGear, now I feel like it is also a reliable brand.
Perfect matte protector for my new iPad Air.

Good to have 2 protectors, if you waste one by chance, but I had experience of using these so first one went well.

Make sure there is no dust particle on screen. Every small dust particle means possibility of a small bubble
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on 29 October 2014
I rarely get a screen protector to fit with no bubbles and with this one i managed it (i still have one spare)

the only down side ( and i know you will call me crazy) but at night when i am secretly checking emails or shopping online, my wife can hear my fingers on the screen because of the textured surface of the anti glare.

i know this won;t be a problem for most people but my wife goes mad if she notices that im on it.. a clear one for me next time! lol
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on 30 October 2015
Unfortunately for me I had to dump both screen protectors, as I followed the instructions to make sure my iPad was as dust free as possible. I wiped the screen with the cloth provided and did my best to apply in a dust free environment. I had no less than 7 bubbles under the screen. I removed it and then tried to use a screen spray and again reapply the second cover. Again I had too many bubbles. So I dumped that one aswell. So my iPad still doesn't have a protector on it. I have to admit I felt pretty frustrated as I've applied plenty of these screen protectors before on other phones/tablets and tend to get it right!
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on 30 March 2018
I just wish I had this matte protector from the very first day. It’s so protective for eyes. It’s wonderful.
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