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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 23 August 2015
As an iPhone & iPad owner I can never have enough Lightning USB cables, I'm for forever misplacing or losing them. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with cheap imitations, at first they seem OK, but it doesn't take long before they break or cease to be recognised by the devices. This makes it difficult to buy a good quality cable without forking out for the genuine article.

The Syncwire cable is genuinely good value for money. The cable construction is very good and it doesn't feel like the connectors are going to fall off after 5 minutes use. Both my iPhone 5 & iPad instantly recognised the cable when connected, so thumbs up there.

Whats even more impressive is the cable comes with a lifetime unconditional warranty, if for any reason your cable should break or stop working, Syncwire will supply you with a free replacement, pretty good for a cable that cost less than £6!

If you need a replacement or spare cable, you can't go wrong with the Syncwire. The quality is superb and the lifetime warranty makes is exceptional value for money.

Sample product provided for honest review.
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on 15 August 2015
Third party Lightning cables can sometimes be a bit of a risky proposition. I've had bad luck with a few, with some failing completely after a few months, getting worryingly hot, not syncing properly or splitting and falling apart. When I saw all of the positive reviews of the Syncwire Lightning cable, I was keen to try it out.

The Syncwire cable looks very similar to an Apple cable. It is finished in the same glossy white, the only indication that it's not an Apple product being the small 'S' on the Lightning end of the cable. It's MFi ("Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad") certified, which means that it's been certified to meet "Apple performance standards" and should therefore be 100% compatible.

I had no problems using this cable to charge or sync my iPad Air or iPhone 6. It feels solid and well made and I had no problem using it with the cases still on my devices. It worked perfectly when used with a 12W Apple USB charger (which I use for rapid charging my phone) - my phone charged at the same speed as when used with an Apple cable.

Even though the Syncwire cable feels tough and well made, in my experience I've found that even Apple Lightning cables can split over time. One thing I've found is that applying Sugru to both ends of the cable, just after the connectors, goes a long way to preventing this. I've done this with at least half a dozen cables so far and none have split. I'll certainly be doing that with this cable too!

+ MFi certified
+ No compatibility problems charging or syncing
+ Looks like an Apple cable
+ Feels tough
+ Lifetime warranty

- None, really!

At well under half the price of the Apple equivalent, I highly recommend this Syncwire cable. It is MFI certified, works pefectly and feels as well made as an Apple cable. I'll be using this cable extensively over the next few months and will update this review if any of my above views change!

Note: this cable is only compatible with newer Apple devices with the smaller, thinner Lightning connector and not the classic dock connector. Check device compatibility before buying! Basically, the iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4 and later, all iPad Minis, iPad Touch 5th generation and later and iPod Nano 7th generation and later use this cable.

• I was kindly given this item in exchange for my honest review, which is what I have provided here •
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on 28 June 2015
My pair of Lightning Syncwires arrived this week, but only just had time to test them. The build quality, materials and connector dimensions are very similar to the original Apple cable, but with an 'S' logo on one side of the Lightning connector. Somewhat strangely for a certified cable the manufacturer's instructions directed that the 'S' side of the connector should be facing up and not facing down. I tested both sides regardless.

Data Transfer Test:
- TX/RX data side 1 - PASS
- TX/RX data side 2 - PASS

Power Test Setup:
Apple USB Mains Charger - 10 Watt
iPad Mini 2 with 40% charge remaining, on full screen brightness, with wifi on and streaming BBC iPlayer.
Portapow Power Monitor V2

Apple cable results:
5.01 V
2.00 A
10.02 W

Syncwire cable results:
5.02 V
2.00 A
10.04 W

So there we have it - the Syncwire is as good as the original Apple Lightning Cable and is able to deliver the full 10 W / 2.00 A from the Apple USB charger. My 3ft Anker cable was not far behind at 1.94 A / 9.72 W.

As an aside some of my other 'Lightning' cables were shockingly bad at delivering current and are now in the bin. I also found that one of my aftermarket '2.5 amp' wall chargers can only actually deliver 0.97 amps, so that will be replaced at some point too. I am very happy with the Syncwires at just £5.99.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 October 2015
Ok so firstly, by way of disclosure, I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised to write a review that is fair and honest.

****EDIT****. I have since purchased these cables as replacements for the OEM ones as they are frankly the best quality lightning cables. I will also add that these cables are working fine with my wife's iPhone 6 and my 6 plus and iPad Air 2.

So, my wife and I own 4 Apple devices, all lightning connector - iPhone 5, 5c, iPad 4 and iPad mini. Charging cables come and go, need them at home, in the car, in the office so you can imagine, we've bought quite a few to supplement the original cables, which frankly are disappointing for Apple - the cables crimp and crease at the connector over time leading to longevity problems. The non-genuine replacements are hit and miss. Even in a batch of 3 cables from one supplier I can get random performance one cable working, another not and a third only some of the time on some of the devices!!!

So, this little MFI certified cable comes as a welcome treat.

The SyncWire presentation is simple and attractive, fuss free. First sight shows the cable inside is clearly not wound as tight as either Apples own or many of the cheap copies - this can be put down to the clear difference in cable sleeve - it's not that the cable sleeve looks different, it's just feels different, stiffer, stronger. Clearly this isn't going to wind up in a little knot, but I take some reassurance that the cable is stronger than others.

Also, the connector tips look sturdier. These are housed in a more robust plastic housing, slightly bulkier than the Apple own, neatly branded, but also apparently a single moulded piece rather than what Apples are which look to be a two piece with insert. Importantly and to avoid the ever so frustrating issue of bent/creased cables, at the point of exit from the connector tip, the cables are supported by about 5mm of rigid plastic extending back along the cable. Again a distinct difference to Apples preferred rubber wraparound.

In terms of length, the Anker cables are 3ft making them about 10cm less than the Apple standard 1m, and it is a shame SyncWire don't have options on length of cable - I'm sure there would be interest in 2m or 3m lengths (my first recommendation to SyncWire....)

In respect of performance, it does exactly what it says - no frustrating error messages on any of the devices, connects well and charges well. I haven't observed any difference compared to Apples own cable in respect of rate but I do think it's noticeably quicker than some of the cheap non OEM copies I have.

Just notice some other reviews are concerned about the certified status of these cables. In my experience these cables are definitely MFI certified and I have not had any error messages when using them with my iPhones.

So my final scores are;
Packaging 5/5 - simple, fuss free, minimal waste
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Received in exchange for an honest unbiased review.

I have review so many charging cables and some include Syncwire. They always produce high quality cables. I in fact purchased a braided one from them myself a couple of years back before being a reviewer! That cable is very good and has outlasted my other cables!

This isn't a braided cable like many seem to be now a days which is a shame as I love the braided cables. That said its not all about that.

This cable whilst having a strong robust protection sheath it is very compact and the most narrow sheath I have seen to date. See photograph. This makes it easy to fit through my phone cases, if not all. It fitted through my life proof case.

Can highly recommend
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on 9 February 2015
This is a great cable! MFi certification is a guarantee to have no problems of any kind: it works perfectly with all Apple devices that adopt the Lightning standard without showing warning messages typical of low quality cables.
The cable looks almost the same as the Apple one: you can distinguish it only by the Syncwire's logo in the Lightning side of the cable.
About charging time and data transfer speed, I did not notice differences in respect to the original Apple cable.
The protective coatings near the Lightning and USB connectors are durable enough and they should ensure strong durability.
I also think that the lifetime warranty is a very important aspect: thanks to it, you will be sure that you will not have to spend your money again in a few months for a new cable.
Last but not least, the price: they cost half the original Apple cables; you can have two compatible and certified MFi cables at the price of a single original Apple cable.
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Having reviewed on Amazon for a while I was pleased to be offered this iPhone lightning cable in return for an independent and unbiased review.

To start with an objective measure of the internal quality of this cable, I’ve tested it using a USB power monitor to charge an iPhone 6 Plus using a brand new Apple supplied lightning cable and this one.  Every cable includes slight variation in the Volts/Amps and therefore power (Watts) it will handle, and the higher the figure, the faster your device will charge.

This cable:             5.12 Watts (99% efficient)
Apple Lightning:    5.14 Watts 

This is excellent as it’s as efficient as the Apple supplied cable, which means it’ll simply charge up your device as fast as an Apple supplied cable.

In terms of design, it’s 3.3 foot long and covered in white plastic which means it’s both durable and tangle free.  The tips at both the USB and lightning connecter ends are good quality, and overall no complains.

There really is an awful lot of poor quality cheap Apple compatible cables for sale on Amazon.  Even the cable supplied with my iPad Air broke after 6 months (and was promptly replaced by Apple free of charge).  I’m pleased to report this is not a cheap and nasty Apple clone/copy as it’s “Apple Certified” (MFI) so you won’t get any “Not compatible with this device” issues.  

It works  exactly as the Apple supplied cable, and I was able to charge up my iPhone and iPad without problems.  

Highly Recommended. 

Disclosure:  While I did receive this item at a discount in return for an unbiased review,  I was not paid a penny for the review, and no attempt was made to influence my opinion.  These are entirely my views, and to misquote Groucho Marx - “These are my opinions, and if you don’t like them, I have some others”.   The original quote was “These are my principles, and if you don’t like them, I have some others”.
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on 24 September 2015
This is a review update. After receiving top class customer support from Syncwire, I can whole heartedly recommend this cable and the manufacturer. Works perfectly across all my Apple devices. Quality materials used and feels like it will last.
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on 18 July 2016
A bargain!

I bought this cable when my original cable started to act up.

For the price I couldn't believe how professional and sturdy it looked.

Even the box looked well packaged and neat.

The cable itself has plastic wrapped around each end to protect it from being scratched in transit (nice touch), and they provide a free lifetime warranty.

The deal they offer is unbeatable, and the cable works great with both my iPhone and iPad.

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on 21 June 2016
This has been bought as a replacement for my existing apple cable which is only 1 metre. This is an Apple certified charging cable and this works perfectly well with no charging issues or problems being recognised as a genuine cable.
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