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This is the correct version of Sympathy For The Devil - do not be fooled into buying versions by Lulu, Cilla Black or Cliff Richard.

I have left orders that this is to be played loudly at my funeral, just after the doors are sealed and just before the nitrous oxide is pumped into the room.
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on 7 February 2009
What If? It's an important question but when you ask it, What If I go down the left street than the right? You make your choice and then it's onto the next What If? But then again, in some strange reality, you go down the right street instead of the left one.

That's what this story is all about. What If the Doctor didn't become U.N.I.T.'s Scientific Supervisor? Well the answer lies in this story. The world is a different place and instead of the 1970's, The Doctor (played by David Warner) lands on the eve of the Hong Kong Handover.

It's a unique look at the world if The Doctor didn't save it during the seventies, where there is very little to no plastic(Spearhead from Space), There's a lake in the middle of London (Doctor Who and the Silurians) and The Master now works for the Communists.

If your a Classic Doctor Who fan, it's just fun to look at what's changed and references to other stories are just brilliant.

So If you have the chance to listen or buy this. Do it. You won't be disappointed.
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on 21 March 2005
This is in effect the anthem/sound of Guns N'Roses orginal (or as close to as it ever would be) band splitting up. Its also GNR's last release. Unless you count 1999's 'Oh My God' which Axl and various musicians threw together for the End Of Days soundtrack under the GN'R moniker.
This is a cover of the old Rolling Stones number, and as many interviews have since revealed was literally phoned in. Its not bad but then again it doesn't compare with the enthusiasm, venom or energy that accompanied AFD and to a slightly lesser extent UYI 1 & 2!
This is worth having as it doesn't feature on any offical GN'R Album (inc the risible Spaghetti Incident), and if your a GN'R fan you'll want it.
Doesnt Mean You'll listen to it though!!!!
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on 9 December 2008
Forget the RTD reimagined TV series of the 21st Century, this is Doctor Who as it should be - exciting, well-written and above all, intelligent.
It doesn't scream "Kids' show" at you, or chuck in farting aliens, obnoxious Doctors or the like.
David Warner plays a weary Doctor, and plays it so well you just want him to be the next TV Doctor.

The entire series of "Unbound" are excellent.

Highly recommended
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on 17 October 2010
Well my review title says it all really. David Warner as the Doc is brilliant (as expected) and ably backed by good ol' Lethbridge Stewart. Referecenes to The Silurians/Invasion of the Dinosaurs/Spearhead from Space are fun for the fans but don't detract if you aren't familiar. Love the Mind of Evil refs and these are more fun if you aware of the story.
Had to mark it down by David Tennant's character swearing so much towards the end. Yeah it's not 'real' Who but it doesn't half jar with what's gone before.
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A rather fine production that was brave enough to explore a new aspect of this much beloved long standing series - an alternate universe if you will. This Audiobook captures in general the pure magic of the imagination. A true delight, if you try one these Audio CD series, you cannot go wrong here. I hope that more of these series are created; they lend themselves to the overall collection and feel of the Dr Who franchise.

My one regret is the shortness of the production.
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on 1 February 2011
I've just listened to this story for the fourth or fifth time which is unusual for a Big Finish play. I think the difference with this one is the casting. David Warner effortlessly slips into character as the Doctor. David Tennant plays the UNIT Colonel, Mark Gatiss is the Master and of course Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier.

Although this is one of the 'alternative who-niverse' stories, Warner playing a third Doctor directly after the timelords forced regeneration of the Pat Troughton one, the story should appeal to casual fans as well as the more hardened variety.
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This is the second of the ‘Unbound series of audio adventures from Big Finish. Released between 2003 and 2008, this was a series that asked a lot of ‘what if’ questions about the show and produced a range of fascinating stories. It ran for 8 releases, and is some of the best work to have come out of Big Finish productions.

This second release asks ‘What if when exiling the Third Doctor to Earth, the Time Lords sent him to 1999 instead of the 1970’s?’ The answer: Earth would have been a very different place, and the lives of many people that the Doctor was associated with would have been totally altered.

This is one of the best of the series. It is perhaps the most ‘traditional’ Who story in the range, a gripping adventure in which the alternative 3rd Doctor has to get to grips with someone’s evil master plan and thwart it. But what makes this so special are the character moments. David Warner stars as the alternative third Doc, displaying many of Pertwee’s qualities but not attempting to impersonate Pertwee. Thus he makes the part his own, and we are treated to yet another great Doctor Who never was (following the excellent Geoffrey Bayldon in the forst release ‘Auld Mortality’). Superb as Warner is, it is the appearance of Nicholas Courtney as an older, weary, bitter Brigadier that makes this special. This is an alternative Brigadier, in 1999 retired to Hong Kong and running a bar after a disastrous army career in which, due to the absence of the Doctor, many threats were not warded off in the same way. It’s a great character, and the script writer very cleverly shows us the fates of many old UNIT friends in the Doctor’s absence, with an alternative ending for Mike Yates that will please many fans of the series.

Courtney is magnificent in the role, subtly changing the Brig’s character to suit. His interaction with Warner is superb and these two make a great combination.

The story itself is quite dark, and features the appearance of an old foe from the real Third Doctor’s time. This character, and the effect that the Doctor’s absence has had on him, is again excellently scripted and acted. I won’t reveal who he is, the moment of the big reveal sent a reall shiver down my spine. The ending is bleak – just how effective has the Doctor’s meddling been? And how effective has it been over all his past adventures after he has left?

Lovers of the Rolling Stones will also find much to enjoy, as the song from which the title is taken is referenced a few times in very clever ways. A nice little touch that I enjoyed immensely.

It’s 75 minutes long, a single episode on a single disc. The time just flew by.

5 stars. It’s an excellent story and an excellent production. And any story with Nicholas Courtney giving such a strong performance is always good.
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The best actor never to play the doctor onscreen finally gets a go at the part here. Although he's not the latest doctor, he's the third doctor as he could have been. Meeting the brigadier in a world that could have been, had UNIT had to battle all those alien menaces themselves with no help from any time lords.

Superb acting from the cast, and an intriguing story set against the backdrop of the hong kong handover. There are a few moments in here for the fans, but you shouldn't have any problem with them if you're not familiar with the stories in question.

And the story ends with the promise of more to come. I certainly hope so
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on 30 September 2003
This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best things ever to be associated with Doctor Who. And unlike the series, it pays no lip service to long scarves, jelly babies or robot dogs. This is a Doctor Who for adults, complete with dark ending and swearing throughout! That said, it is so much better with this approach. I cannot recommend this highly enough! Or the rest of this series of audio 'books'. Well done Big Finish Productions! Can we have some more please? Hmmmmmmmmm?
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