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  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

on 19 June 2011
This model is even more stable than the S107. I don't know whether I am imagining things but I think I can see almost imperceptible adjustments caused by the giro when I'm just getting the model to hang there. Is it really not just keeping the direction unchanging but also the height?
Very impressive. Not as fast as the S107, but how can you get more control from such a small item? Of course you can't fly it outside, but I've been closer to walls and furniture without being sucked in.
You can take off and land nice and slow and I've just flown mine up some quite narrow stairs so that's impressive.
Appearance quite realistic, so can't see any internal movement (cogs and things), but I can live with that.
So unless it falls apart with my first serious crash then this 5 stars is deserved. Well done Syma.
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on 28 January 2012
A poor rating, but perhaps I've just been unlucky. Whilst this helicopter performed well for the first few flights, it has now developed faults which make control impossible. It will suddenly and inexplicably plummet two or three feet as if the power had been cut off, and/or just as suddenly, surge uncontrollably to the ceiling.On occasion, it will twitch as the rear rotor kicks in of its own accord.It's not so much flying this machine as trying to prevent it from crashing and wondering what it will do next to try and destroy itself.Something wrong with the electronics, I think, but I don't know for sure and I'm trying to get it replaced ... without much success, so far.
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on 20 June 2011
I just spent the weekend playing with this new toy. I'm so impressed how consistent the controls are. It wasn't easy at first, but that's just down to my lack of skill. I slowly got the idea and managed to control it very well. As long as you use it inside (gusts of wind push it off course) it is fantastic fun! I kept knocking it into things (my lack of skill), but it seemed tough enough. Even rammed it into my girlfriends leg and it only gave her a shock. A 30-45 minute charge seemed to last about 5-10 minutes of flight. Great fun!
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on 30 November 2011
Price had dipped temporarily so bought a second one to provide more flights/spare parts. The second helicopter has pleasantly surprised me; the forward and aft speed are excellent - practically the same as the S102, S107G and S109G. All other characteristics are also as good (altitude hold and stability in general). I guess this should not be a surprise as they are all so similar in design. This suggests that the first one I bought was incorrectly calibrated for forward/aft speed), but even so it was and still is a good 'slow' flyer. This second one has put this little heli right up there with it's stablemates - and what's more, it is one of the best in scale model appearance.

Increased the rating to five stars due to the fact that the slow forward speed of this heli helps achieve a more realistic flight than the benchmark S107G. The slow forward speed assures a jolt free steady flight - very appropriate for a scale model. Conversely the higher power of the S107G allows it to be operated in rapid bursts - not very authentic for a scale model. In fact it is difficult to keep the speed of the S107G down in order to achieve the realistic type of flight that the S111 delivers. The S111G does not have the performance (speed/climb) of the S107G - but thats not really the point of the S111G, which is a very fine model of the Augusta Westland AW109, in the livery of the US Coastguard MH68A Stingray.

Had this a few days now, and would describe this as an excellent looking helicopter, very stable and controllable turning out a 'gentle and stately' flight. The slow forward speed gives the appearance of a smooth 'real' helicopter fligth.

On the face of it, it would be better if (like other Syma helis) it were capable of slow, medium and (relatively) fast forward speed. As it stands it is capable of only dead slow and slow (even with full forward stick) - which for the more experienced flyer could be a real 'drag'.

However, I am now finding that this slow speed performance can provide some benefits. The heli can turn in some really smooth circuits, descents, approach and a landings. If you put aside the rather boring speed, and take this heli for what it is - a rather graceful alternative to the S107G, you'll like it. Would I buy it again - Yes.

Hint: On take off you might need a little forward stick to prevent the tail from tipping downwards (which results in the heli moving backwards). This minor adjustment is because the rear wheels are only 10mm aft of the main rotor axis, which causes the back end to tip downwards at take off. You can see further evidence of this when you land and slowly throttle down; the nose wheel is the last thing to 'touch down'. It's not an issue, just a result of accurate scale modelling. The S107G is not affected because its landing skids extend 20mm aft of the rotor axis.

Very nicely detailed fully operational 'model helicopter', even has dummy radio/comms antenna and windscreen wipers.

The gyro and trim are effective, and results in a smooth flight. However forward speed is poor, somewhat of a let down in comparison to the S107G. I suspect Syma designed it this way to give the appearance of a very smooth flight for this elegant scaled model aircraft.

If you want a serene and leisurely flight the S111G fits the bill. The slow forward speed might also suite beginners, but you may soon get bored with it plodding along. If you want performance flight go for the much more lively S107G. Suprisingly (for a more recent model) the S111G does not hold steady height as good as the S107G.

Overall another very nice, controllable heli from Syma.
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on 27 September 2011
You might wonder how much fun can it be to make a little helicopter like this lift off and fly around the room for five minutes. The answer is that it's difficult to put down, it's really entertaining.

We have crashed several times a day while my 6 year old son (the box states it's for ages 14+) and the rest of us have been playing with it, and it is still going strong; its design is such that a collision is not going to harm it enormously.

After a lot of crashes you will see some notches on the rotor blades (the main propellers), so I recommend ordering a spare set, they won't last forever; we are still using the original set and it looks like they will last for quite a bit longer.

We couldn't get the remote control working at first, because we used rechargeable AA batteries - they don't always manage to connect over the plastic connectors that go between each pair of batteries - if this happens, shuffle the batteries a little bit until they all touch each other, and the green light will show on the front of the control when it's working.

Flying is easy - up and down with the left hand and direction with the right hand. Controlling the height is the most difficult thing, but it doesn't take long to learn.

To see it in action, look up S111G on YouTube, there are a few videos.

One other thing - the remote control has a channel switch labelled A, B, or C, but the switch only has 2 positions. Also I don't see anywhere on the helicopter to choose a channel, so just select the switch position that works. You'll know because when you move the left throttle lever, the motor starts.

You need to charge it before use, the charger is fiddly to insert into the helicopter; we use the charger from the remote control - the light goes red while it's charging and green when it's charged. It doesn't seem to drain the batteries at all.
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on 13 January 2012
Authentic looking model that is easy to fly due to the built in gyro.
The flying time for each charge is so far in excess of the quoted specification and is rechargeable either direct from the hand controller or through the supplied USB lead
Excellent value for money and delivered on time
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on 9 November 2015
These are amazing.They go forwards/backwards/left/right/hover. This is controlled by the right-hand joy stick.
The left-hand joystick takes it up/down. This is the throttle and the more power you give it, the more it climbs.
It has two l.e.d. lights that change from red to blue. It also has a white l.e.d. search light at front.
Remember; when turning on, WAIT for the white l.e.d. search light to stop flashing, otherwise the motor will not start. I mistakenly thought this was a fault, but I “THINK" this may be normal.

The blades seem a little more delicate than other helicopters. Also, keep an eye on the two Connect Buckles that connect to the propeller. (They are tiny and look like a pair of spectacles(without the arms)). One of mine came loose and I just clicked it back on. But, because of the small size, they will be impossible to find if they fly off , so always check they are connected before flying.
My previous helicopters only went forward. And although nice, this S11G puts them in the shade.
It charges from a USB cable which you attach to your computer or laptop (cable supplied).But there is also a cable that is tucked away in a sliding compartment at the back of the remote controller which attaches to the port under the helicopter. Charge time is a little long at an hour or so, but it's worth the wait. However, I find that it only takes around 30 minutes to charge if I connect to my laptop via USB charging cable.
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on 17 July 2012
We have had around a dozen different little electric helicopters/birds/planes over the years (do check my reviews if you're interested) and this one is a cracker. It looks good and flies well.
All of these tiny helos can be fun, but they are most fun if you can steer them accurately enough to avoid crashing all the time.
This one has a 'heading gyro' that keeps it on track very well.
Setting the trim knob on the box to fly in a controlled circle can free up a beginner pilot to concentrate on getting the height right. Ours flies forward very slowly with no control applied, so all one has to do is keep the engines running fast enough to stay in the air without hitting the ceiling.
Ceiling? Yes. Outdoors is not the best place for this model - the performance will not let it deal with any sort of breeze however gentle, and the Infra-Red control link is swamped by moderate sunlight. Yes, it might work on a very calm morning/evening, but beware the limited range of control. For courageous advanced pilots only, I'd reckon.
A high ceiling is best, and we find that bedrooms can be good places to learn - crash landing on a bed is better than a floor!
Despite years of experience I still lose it occasionally - letting my enthusiasm get the better of my prudence and trying something hairy at high speed that does not come off - but after a half dozen uncontrolled landings this technical little aircraft is still flying well.
Remember, a good landing is where the pilot and all the passengers can walk away.
If you can use the aircraft again without repairs it's a *perfect* landing!
Symas are pretty technical - full scale helicopters lack the stability and controllability that this little machine demonstrates. Ask any Pilot.
It's pretty tough, as delicate little helos go, and I've seen quite a lot of Syma spares for sale on Amazon. So no worries there. I usually wear small helicopters out before breaking them anyway.
So we like it. At under £20 it's a good deal too. Recommended!
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on 31 March 2012
We bought two at Christmas - they're still flying 3 months later like the first day - hundreds of crashed indoors and not a mark! Great to learn on - easy to control and teaches very fine motor control for kids - our kids hand to eye co-ordination is now so much better - and such fun too!

Still recharges in 20 minutes after 3 months - and still gives full flying time!

If anyone is saying these are not robust they have fakes or are flying them crazily or just plain unlucky!
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on 6 December 2011
I have to say this little gadget will give you hours of fun. Bear in mind that it will take quite a bit of practice to become an expert flyer and you will most definitely crash - a lot at first anyway (unless you have flown before of course). It would probably be best when first flying this helicopter to do it somewhere free of furniture or other obstacles because when the copter crashes into them it can really damage the rotor blades and if you crash enough times into furniture etc then you might break it sooner than you would have liked. Once you become proficient and have mastered the controls you can challenge yourself by flying between obstacles. Also be aware of the fact that hair and other dirt can get trapped in the rotor rod from the carpet (usually after you have crashed!) so you may have to occasionally clear it out.

The remote control takes 6 AA batteries and I have been playing with the copter for a few days now and the batteries are still going strong.

All in all flying this helicopter is a lot of fun, and still baffles my mind how they made it! Just be prepared to charge this copter frequently as the battery life is around 10 minutes and charge time is around 50 minutes. I would recommend this to anyone as it is so much fun.
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