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on 19 December 2015
This shredder is fairly quiet and shreds paper very well. The paper does not get stuck on the blades. I have used up to 5 sheets of paper at a time and it has no problem with this number.
It is easy to open and empty and also easy to see when it is full.
When first putting it together I thought that it was a bit flimsy but this does not appear to be a problem. It took a few moments to get it placed correctly on the top as it will not work unless correctly fitted. It also turns off when you empty it which is a good idea.
The casters are useful but they do not slide easily on carpet.
I bought this as it was a Which recommended product and it is worth purchasing.
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on 12 November 2014
I've had this shredder now for nearly 6 years, so it must be doing something right!
Home shredders are always underpowered compared with office ones and can't take the stick that you'd give a shredder at work.
My previous one was a Fellowes at about the same price, and it really was rubbish - overheated, jammed, and was basically useless.
This one is better - FOR A HOME SHREDDER - but don't get silly and try to push it to what the makers say it will do. Just like cars and most other things you buy, the manufacturer figures aren't what you get in real life.
I never give it more than half a dozen sheets at a time, which it handles fine. It takes credit cards too in a slot in the middle. It's a bit noisy, but then cross cutting paper is hard work.
The cabinet is a bit flimsy to support the cutting head which is heavy metal, but just about adequate.
I keep the shredder on a carpet, so the castors won't work.
And I oil it two or three times a year, that's all - can't be bothered to spend my life oiling shredders.
I fit the pull-out drawer in mine with a bin-liner, so it's much easier to empty and just put the binbag in the recycling without getting bits of paper everywhere.
I've overloaded it, jammed it with big bunches of paper, used it for an hour at a time, and it still comes back fighting.
So if you remember that it's a HOME shredder, not a heavy-duty office job, then it will serve you well.
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on 26 July 2013
I only received the shredder yesterday, replacing a much smaller less powerful model that just stopped working. The top is heavy but once in place doesn't need to be removed and it makes the unit sturdy. The access to the shredded paper is from the front, the drawer sliding out ,for emptying. It doesn't appear to show in the instructions that the unit doesn't work unless the drawer unit is in place. This is of course a safety feature and well worth mentioning. However it caused a few anxious moments until we discovered it. The shredder has a 'cross cut' feature, cutting the paper into narrow short pieces. This is ideal because the paper drops straight to the bottom, preventing clogging in the cutters. The pull out drawer has a see through panel so you can see when it is getting full. The shredder has four castors on the bottom, making good manoevrability. The castors are packed separately and just need firm pressure to put them in place. No need to bang them in place! When the shredder is ready, it shows a green light. There is also another light that will show if the unit jams. We don't expect that to happen as although it shows '10 sheet maximum', we have no plans to use it to its maximum. As we live in Spain and had this delivered from the UK, we usually have to change the plug to the European standard. It was a great surprise when we loosened the main screw and the plug hinged open. Irevealing a European plug. An amazing design feature allowing it to be easily used in the UK and Europe as well. Another feature not obviously displayed. This is by far the best shredder we have bought so far and well worth the higher price tag. If you buy a cheap shredder you will only end up buying a new one regularly as most of them are not up to the job of even a small independant office. I expect this one to last much longer.
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on 1 November 2017
Large bucket. Had handled am several hours of shredding over many days and has not cut out yet. Bought the oiled sheets and used that before I started and after a few days of heavy shredding. Initially lifted off lid and clearer paper from cutters but had difficulty putting it back properly as very heavy. If not on properly will not operate. Noticed part of the chassis inside was damaged so have since only emptied by removing the basket. Very pleased with this shredder considering the cost.
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on 22 November 2014
I brought the Swordfish 1000XC from Amazon and received it promptly on free delivery.

The side bin is a great advantage when it comes to emptying it and the motor appears to be robust. The actual body of the shredder is however a little thin and held together by 3 screws on the side panels and 2 on the bottom. Like all shredders the claimed maximum sheets is do-able but the motor is under load. I find 4 or 5 sheets is a comfortable number to go through or I am just being over kind on the motor?

There is however a disadvantage when shredding A4 sheets rather than the slightly smaller American paper sizes as the mouth is only about 5mm wider than the paper so if it doesn't go in straight you get a build up in the corners that clogs up the exit of the shredder. I just wish all manufactures would increase the width of the mouth so it is 2 or 3 cm wider than normal paper to allow it a clean exit from the mechanism.

Am I happy with the product, yes compared to the alternatives at that price.
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on 1 August 2013
The little symbol suggesting max 10 (sheets of paper) makes me laugh each time I use this excuse for a shredder. I have found it struggles with anything above 3 sheets and even then has frequent problems feeding the final pieces of paper through. If you have even a small volume to shred, expect it to give up the ghost afetr only a few minutes as it 'overheats' and stops shredding.
I bought this to supplement and replace an old shredder as I thought its performance was poor - after only a few weeks the old machine is definitely the better (cost a lot less) shreds more sheets and never seems to overheat - I have had it 8 years.
If this is typical of this machine's performance I would suggest you try something else
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on 13 August 2017
This is the second of this particular model I have purchased. The first one was back in 2009 and that is still being used on a daily basis in 2017.

It does chew credit cards up with no issues and will do multiple sheets of paper - However, I find that the claim of ten sheets at once is pushing the capability of the machine a little too far. Expect to have overheating issues if you want to do that kind of shredding with this machine.

The pull out draw with its window is very useful and convenient - The final shred is good, and with regular oiling this machine should last many years. It has an overheat facility built in. I have hit that a few times over the years and it requires around ten minutes to reset. It has the usual reverse facility and also standby and off switches

All in all a decent machine, but more for the home user than a business user in my opinion.
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on 19 November 2010
We have had 2 previous shredders that have needed frequent disassembling to extract the built up of paper within the mechanism. The first one was a strip shredder and it jammed if you put an envelope through it. The last was a cross-cut shredder that could cope (just) with an envelope, but if you shredded more than about 20 pages one after the other, you had to run it in reverse for a while then manually try to dislodge loads of strips. Frankly they have been more of a curse than a benefit so far.

When I bought this shredder I decided to go a bit more up-market hoping for better reliability and longevity. In my experience no shredder can shred the number of pages it is rated for - usually about half that number shows significant struggling. This one seems to cope better than most I have used (and certainly much better than the 2 I have owned). It is also significantly quieter than the previous ones - only bettered in this respect by a MUCH more expensive and larger office one. I have yet to have it jam at all, and the paper appears not to squeeze into the mechanism too much. I have hopes that it will be much easier to use over the long term than my old ones, so I am happy with my purchase. Shredding has almost become pleasurable!
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on 19 April 2016
Worked ok for 5 years but like other reviewers it now will not shred continuously. stops after a few seconds and you have to click on off on off to shred the whole sheet. Perhaps 5 years (light) service should be commended. Bring back 'built to last'!
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on 25 July 2013
After my previous small cheap shredder failed, I thought I'd get a durable more expensive one. My research indicated the swordfish 1000xc was it.

However, it has failed after 4 years of extremely light use. It seems to be the same fault as others above have found. It shreds for 2 seconds and then stops until the switch main switch is cycled (slowly) where upon it shreds for another 2 seconds.

The mechanics are ok, but the electronics have failed - beyond economic repair is the guess from Swordfish. Electronics should not fail after 4 years. I have many electronic items which are more than 4 years old. The e-mail based help was fairly useless. I gave Swordfish every chance to fix this but they also failed.
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