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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2006
Kris Vallotton, author of The Supernatural Ways of Royalty enters into the ring with a heavy weight, that will encourage, establish and confirm your identity as a royal friend to the King of kings in spectacular fashion. In Kris's first book he shares much testimony from his youth to modern day, enabling you to grasp the theory derived from experience and revelations God has given him. He exposes that many Christians have become intrenched in a `pauper' mentality and how God is calling us out into the Palace, to receive our `royal inheritance, through Christ's ultimate act of redemption'.

From the outset Kris makes clear that irrespective of denomination, culture, socio-economic group if you call yourself a Christian then you have a royal calling. Moving on, The author lays out ground work, which will produce structure, for formation of information causing transformation, as your thought processes become opened up, to the revelation Kris reveals. Finally he introduces us to ` The Authority and Responsibility of Royalty', an insightful and challenging look at our future as sons and daughters of God, set free from the plight of pauper-hood!

Bill Johnson contributes two solid chapters complementing Kris's style with a mix of personal experience and sound biblical presidents.

This book will challenge any believer to look at themselves in a new light, the light of Royalty being a princes or princesses of the King. Working primarily on character Kris gives relevant testimonies throughout to where we've (all to some extent) been trapped by lies. He offers some heavy hitting truth to what you previously assumed as `Christian Life' suddenly becoming described on the pages. Challenging you to understand and undertake the royal call you have been chosen for, the transformation of nations!

In-hindsight, this book has definitely had a radical impact on the way I behave. Now instead of stumbling on this personal walk with Jesus, for reasons unknown. I recognize in my own life the things written in this book, producing a unique quality. Many books have been written on character, although few incorporate the supernatural as natural and come out in a positive challenging way like The Supernatural Ways of Royalty. An excellent read all.
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on 13 March 2010
Depending on your background, this book will either rock your world or reinforce with clarity all that we have NOW in Christ. With insight, humor, and scriptural reference Kris lays the foundation for becoming fully alive in Christ. Kris personally knows this journey is not without going through the valley of the shadow of death and wrestling with our false beliefs and lies that we have accepted for many years of our life. Get a book club going over this book and start to discover with friends all that we received at the cross and never picked up after the resurection of Christ.
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on 24 September 2010
Hi there. A friend lent me this book a couple of months ago... I was so excited to start reading it, having heard about Kris Vallotton and Bethel Church's ministry before. The first couple of chapters are so powerful they almost knocked me over. Kris has articulated really well in the book what so many of us need to hear about our identity, and backs it all up. It makes so much sense, and yet so many of us just haven't understood it previously! So. I highly recommend this book for anyone! Read it!

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on 12 May 2012
On starting the book, I was quite positive, the core message seemed really relevent to me and many Christians I have met. I overlooked the cringeworthy back cover which promises a great deal more than any book (save the Bible) has done for me.

This central idea of getting people out of the pauper mentality is very important. Being trapped in an attitude of inferiority or unimportance can really damage you as a person, the people around you and your walk with God. The way they attempt this, though, is really poor. The book implies that we 'become what we imagine' (actually a subheading), that names are 'prophetic declarations' (I'll come back to this in a bit) and other ideas of a similar ilk.

There is very little reference to the bible, and when there is, it is misquoted or irrelevent to the argument. It seems like Kris and Bill are screaming out for qualification of some idea that popped into one or the other's head. The anecdotes used rarely have anything to do with the point which they are trying to make, and they make massively bold claims with only the support of "I thought of it" and "there was a vaguely similar event in my life". Furthermore, any one point is only discussed for a page or two, giving such little basis for the conclusions that I struggled to read a whole chapter in a sitting (I love reading) because I had to really search for a line of argument set out in the normal way.

The book has many references to influence, and how to increase this etc. and other 'self help' style points. I really despise this attitude of getting to know God for our own personal gain, why should we want influence? I am a sinful, failing human being without God, and the only way I want influence over people is if there is as little of 'old me' left. So I'm all for God using his people to have influence over others for his will to be done on earth, but that should be God's influence, not mine!

Another of the many points I have an issue with is 'Prophetic Declaration'. Yes, I believe in prophecy, but the phrase 'prophetic declaration' means nothing, if it is a prophecy, it's from God, and if it's a declaration, it's from you! I also believe we can say, or even 'declare' Godly things, and truth from the Bible without it being prophecy, and that is good and helpful. My main point is; We Can Not Prophesy Of Our Own Accord Without God. How Kris and Bill think exalting people to the position of God is acceptable or helpful, I don't know.

In conclusion, the ideas flit from one to another, it seems like they put in less effort to plan or structure the book than the average Amazon reviewer. It is filled with big, potentially damaging ideas, feel good nonesense phrases and a vacuum of any original sound theology.

Do Not buy this book.
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on 17 April 2013
I was recommended this book by a friend who was studying at Bethel's Supernatural School of ministry. Apparently it was on their reading list. I actually bought it alongside the workbook entitled "Basic Training in the Supernatural Ways of Royalty" and I think the 2 need to go hand in hand. BASIC TRAINING FOR THE SUPERNATURAL WAYS

I can see that it could be interpreted/viewed as a "feel good" book but if that's your view then you're only surface reading. I think the content has the potential to be read that way and allowing it to actually penetrate your own spirit and mind is your own personal responsibility. Ask the Holy Spirit to let His truth penetrate your whole being and He will.

Reading it alongside the workbook makes it difficult to avoid deep work anyway. It's eye opening stuff in itself - it's spirit freeing actually - but when you do the workbook you really give the Holy Spirit to work in you where needed. I loved it. And I hated it. The experience that is. But change is painful! And God was gentle and loving and wonderful. He doesn't want us to be paupers!!

Read this book, and if you can, get the workbook too. It'll change your life, your relationship with God and it'll change how you relate to others too. The changes God makes in you as a result will draw more and more people being drawn to Him. And that's the whole point!! Love is what draws people to Christ!
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on 25 January 2013
I would wholey recommend this book to anyone who is looking to find out more of who they are in Christ, I literally couldn't put it down! it is full of revelation and powerful insight on our kingdom nature and challenged and inspired me to press into more of God and discover all that he's made me to be! Kris and Bill are powerful teachers and we can learn so much from them, every Christian should read this book!!
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on 1 November 2011
I really love this book. I think the title is a little crazy sounding when I recommend it to people but so far everyone I have recommended it to has trusted me to look beyond the title and to be honest once you've digested the content of the book the title does make so much sense! This book reminds us that our value comes from who made us, not what we've done or what other people say about us and once we realise how God esteems every human being as His own child, we are set free to love others in the same way without needing to gain from it ourselves. This is a deep book that merits reading more than once. So far I think I've read it through 3 times and I know I will return to it. Brilliant. God's heart revealed! Liberating stuff and helped me to help others see themselves how God really sees them. Also helped me to treat my kids as princes and princesses.
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on 14 August 2016
This book can change your thinking, be as a Christian a Prince not a pauper . Learning to rule and reign as Gods son or daughter rather than being a miserable sinner. There is lot to learn here and I shall be reading this book again.
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on 14 May 2010
This book helps you to understand that you really are a child of God, and why you SHOULD believe it and not feel guilty...
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on 4 June 2014
Very readable, challenging but yet empowering. The Prince and Pauper Test at the end is a must. Changes your thinking about yourself, your relationship with God and view and how both affect your interaction with others and walking in your purpose.
Would recommend it
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