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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2017
I hadn't seen this in some years - brought back a few memories! It also inspired me to do a ten mile stint on my exercise bike whist viewing! Nothing like a bit of Superman to inspire some serious excersise!
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on 11 September 2017
A classic.

Pity Amazon Instant doesn't have the Richard Donner cut of the film too. They both have their merits and I would love to own both digitally.
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on 22 May 2017
great follow up film
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on 4 August 2017
Love it A+++
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on 4 June 2017
My 8 year old son loves this classic............ well done superman.
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Superman is back, and when he inadvertently releases three inmates from the Phantom Zone, he has to go up against three supervillains every bit as powerful as he is. Complicating matters, Lois Lane is getting wise to the possibility that Clark Kent might not be who he claims to be and that, just maybe, beneath those glasses is the Man of Steel she so desperately loves.

As the two become close and spend time together, the three Kryptonian villains arrive on Earth and wreak havoc and destruction. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor seizes the opportunity to cash in on the aliens’ arrival and tries to exploit their powers for his own gain.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance and Superman nowhere to be found, will the Earth fall to General Zod forever?

This is a great follow up to Superman I, and is basically a direct continuation of that story, with seeds for this one planted in the first movie. This is also true behind-the-scenes as Superman I and II were shot simultaneously but due to various complications, the version that came out in 1980 wasn’t completely what was intended, and thus the birth of Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, which is the subject of another review.

Regardless, this version is fantastic, beginning with a recap of the Superman origin and mythology during the opening credits, and jumping right into Superman action pretty much from the start. The ante is upped by putting Superman against not only someone who is his equal power-wise, but three people who are, never mind Lex Luthor as well, who is a big challenge to Superman in the struggle of brains vs brawn.

This movie at its center carries a lot of heart as it goes into the relationship between Lois and Clark and Lois and Superman, making for a love story that is every bit as good as some romance movies without transforming this whole film into a romance flick. The ending is heart-wrenching as you understand the cost of being Superman and even the cost of being someone close to him.

Like its predecessor, Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder know their roles and fulfill them to a T. Same with Gene Hackman. Obviously, a great deal of this has to do with them filming Superman I and II simultaneously, but in the interest of watching them from one movie to the next, that seamless transition adds to the believability of the whole thing.

Terrance Stamp stole the show as General Zod, easily holding up against Christopher Reeve and oftentimes overshadowing him. He carried with him a powerful presence, and gave off a rage that only one who had been—in his eyes—unrightfully imprisoned in the Phantom Zone could give. Sarah Douglas as Ursa and Jack O’Halloran as Non did just fine in their roles, but their main score was their reverence and allegiance to Zod, which then added to Stamp’s performance.

The super battle at the end was great and awesome for its time. Most of the effects were practical effects—the best kind, in my opinion—and so while nowadays these guys wouldn’t look so tough fighting it out on screen, back then I remember being in awe at how mean and powerful the bad guys were and how Superman really had a run for his money.

Superman II carries the same awe and wonder that Superman I did, even more so depending on what angle you want to tackle it from (i.e. Superman II showcases all of Superman’s powers whereas the first one didn’t).

Whether as a kid or an adult, I love this movie.

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on 23 April 2009
If you love Superman II you'll love this!

The original version was directed by Richard Lester and a superb film it was too. BUT a little known fact; Is that the original director was replaced.

Richard Donner who directed Superman also started work on the sequel. But was replaced for a number of reasons, by Lester.
'Most' of the footage that Donner shot, was discarded by Lester and re-shot!

NOW Richard Donner's version is here.
All the footage that Donner shot was stored carefully as unedited film, is put together to present the film as originally concieved by Donner.

To tell a complete tale though, Donner cleverly uses different 'takes' of footage he originally shot for scenes that Lester later used.

This gives a feeling of familiarity, whilst re-telling a story of a slightly different Superman. At the same time, still delighting the afficionados of detailed movie making, who can tell the differences between the two versions.
Included though is the original Superman II from Lester, so you can really see the differences.

The Donner version is not for everyone though, It is a little rough in places, and some shots were lifted from the 1st Superman movie. But it is complete, coherant and a lot of fun to watch.

If you are a Richard Donner fan, or a massive Superman fan you will enjoy it the most!

NOW THE BEST PART...Christopher Reeve! Was, Is, and always WILL be the man of steel for us!
There is footage here, lots of it, of Reeve as Superman, that you have never seen before. An absolute delight. It's like Christopher Reeve lived again to do this version. A dream many fans may share. Keeping the memory of Reeve alive even brighter than before.

A real collectors item!
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on 21 March 2004
Its easy to understand why this movie became an enduring classic.
All the actors in Superman II played even better then in the first. It was one of the most expensive films to date. The special-effects stands up very well even today. They used different types of effect shots in the superman films because they where made long before computer animation. Some of them are glas painting and motion blurring. This movie will always be remembered as one of the biggest science fiction films ever made.
Buy it today!!
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on 4 May 2007
Now, for those of you who loved the first film like I do, then if you've never seen this sequel or any of the sequels then my personal opinion this is the best of the sequels (followed closely by number 3 which is at times very good and is a far cry better than number 4).

This sequel has it all, it's got action and , at the time and even by todays standard, great special effects. Good poiginiant moments like when Clark Kent gets beaten up for the first time by a ordiniary human bully after he's given up being Superman. It's got comical moments although perhaps a little too much of them times, especially from Lex Luthor like in the original. It's also got three great main Kryptonian villains, one of them being a really hot and sexy Kryptonian vialliness. So sexy she is that you really wouldn't mind her killing you.

Lois Lane gets a lot more screentime this time around and, as usual it's got 'that' tune to listen to all over again.

My only complaint is that at times it gets a little too jokey and corny. But not much.****
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on 15 July 2015
Watched with my daughter 8 yrs, we both loved it for Reeve's buffoonary as Clark Kent- can't be beaten. Obviously the special effects are dated - but just use your imagination and go with it.
Zod-"Kneel before Zod"
President - "oh God"
Zod (rolls eyes)- "Zod!"
Still makes me laugh 35 yrs on!
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