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on 17 April 2017
Just too contradictory. Clark Kent's spent his childhood trying to go unnoticed, but takes credit for a world exclusive interview with Superman ?? Well you're going to get noticed now sunshine! I liked vol. 1 despite some of the character personality changes they made that I wasn't fond of (his super intelligence wasn't necessary) and hoped the series would get better. But his cocky arrogance in this volume made him feel more like a serial killer getting closer to his first kill than the super hero I love. Probably won't buy volume 3.
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on 30 December 2016
Very enjoyable read, learning about Clark Kent makes him much more likeable because in my head he was just too good, too bland, too boring, too perfect. But this comic actually gives depth to Clark Kents character.
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on 14 July 2016
Great product arrived as expected. Very good read!
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on 6 June 2013
After the unboxing, I was astonished by how great this comic looked, it's a really nice thing to have in your comic book collection, even if only for the looks.
The story is great too, featuring a new villain and Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor. Fantastic read.
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on 8 July 2014
A must for anyone who reads graphic novels.
I highly recommend the other books in the series also.
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on 24 February 2015
My son loves them
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on 11 November 2012
Good comic. Almost as good as the first book. Great art work good story. The only falling for this is it felt rushed. There were some great ideas in this book. Superman losing his powers for the first time, but I think he should have spent more time being "human", not getting his powers back in a couple of panels. Unfortunately this happened in all the fights in this book. I never liked the Parasite as a top villein, but when he is powered up he looks like Superman's deadliest opponent.

The strongest thing about his is the psychological story. Now that Clark is Superman what does he do next? He has reported his biggest article, stopped an alien threat, and life seems pretty good. Now he has to face the backlash of paranoia from the public of having a god like character among them. What are his motives? What does he want? Superman runs against a dictator should he just kill him and be done with it? What then should he take over world next?

The rest of the book sets up stuff for later, including major Superman villeins. That is the problem this book felt rushed and more of a filler than a stand alone story, which the Earth One line should be. As sequels go a good attempt.
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on 11 June 2016
Very satisfying follow-up to Volume One, giving us a new take on the Superman story. This volume is all action as some old villains with new twists return to Metropolis. The main story concerns a serial killer who accidentally gets zapped by some sort of radiation and turns into Parasite. This gives Parasite a new origin story and identity. The fight between Supe and Parasite gives some good old fashioned superhero battles as the main story, but behind the scenes, the military is wary of Superman and trying to discover a way to kill him, if he ever turns against mankind. Entering on the scene are Lex Luther and his wife Alexandra. So far Lex seems to be a decent, moral kind of guy while his wife is the one with grandeurs of power. The art is fantastic too. Especially the nice modern take on Jimmy Olsen, getting rid of his nerdy image for a more attractive, hunky look.
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on 28 December 2013
Superman Earth One is one of the best Superman comics I have read, if not the best. While not in regular continuity of the DC Universe, this book felt like a good place to start reading the super books, doing well to bring Superman into the 21st century, delivering much of what the New 52's Superman lacked.

In Superman Earth One volume 2, we follow Clark Kent in his early years. As his new identity of Superman, the world debates whether he is a threat or an ally to the human race, When a new enemy emerges that feeds on any kind of energy, Clark already has enough on his plate with his job at the Daily Planet, his social life and trying to come into terms with his near-immortality. The awesome penmanship of J. Michael Straczynski digs deep into the feelings and emotions of Clark. Clark has deliberately remained emotionally distant from others and tried his best to remain anonymous in order to blend into the background, ashamed that he is not one of us. There is a brief yet beautiful sequence where Clark talks about his childhood cat, which is a very emotional and powerful scene despite its simplicity.

While the story doesn't seem to distinguishable from the mainstream DC continuity (at least pre New 52) there are some interesting differences in this reality that Straczinski utilizes well, such as the inclusion of a Jimmy Olsen who is the complete opposite of how we know him. While usually, he is an incompetent young photographer sucking up to Editor White, he is now an older, better skilled and cooler character entirely, who is superior to Clark instead of his rookie.

Superman Earth One volume 2 was so good that I intend to find the first volume and read it.
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on 17 February 2015
I love this volume. I though volume one was great, volume two I felt was a little bit rushed and really a set up to this volume. I was right, this is a direct continuation of the fall out from the last volume. The story and art work is great. The improvement on the art work for this volume is that the pannels go together better. Meaning it does feel like too much of the gone past between panels.

Superman crossed a line in the last volume. He did what he though was best for the world by removing a corrupt evil dictator from power in his country. The rest of the world leaders are worried if it is going to be their turn next. To resolve this problem they turn husband and wife scientists, the Luthors. Witness the origin of Superman's greatest nemesis with a twist. Then there is Zod the only one who can match Superman physically.

Great action, moral dilemmas and great story telling. This is a book that has it all. I like the way that because Superman is still young he is still naïve about his emotions and human perceptions as well. I am also glad that he loses his temper from time to time an say exactly what I as a reader thinking. I love Ardian Syaf take on Zod. I also like the fact that Superman gets a proper taste or mortality in the volume as well. I can't wait for the next volume.
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