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on 6 March 2013
My wife acquired a new Dell Vostro 270MT and is very pleased with it. But the pale lettering on the otherwise excellent Dell keyboard did not contrast well enough with the black background, making it necessary to turn on a light in late afternoon, which would not otherwise be needed.

Having read all the reviews of this keyboard and been impressed by its low price I thought it worth a try. So far, after a few days use she is not asking to have her other keyboard back, and I also prefer this one when doing things on her machine. I am so impressed by the quality and the low cost that I've ordered another one to use on my desk, so that I don't have to turn on the room light so early when the sun is low. Perhaps with rising costs of electricity it could pay for itself in a few years.

Comment added later (24-03-2013):
The second keyboard arrived promptly and worked like the first one, except that I sometimes found the space bar slightly sticky, which was annoying when typing fast. This happened only when pressed near the centre of the bar, and at certain angles. I could have requested a refund or replacement but instead asked the supplier if it would be OK to try popping up the space bar to see if I could remove whatever was causing the obstruction. They promptly replied recommending that I try that.

I used a small screwdriver and my fingers and managed to lever the space-bar out, watching carefully to see how the bits of metal at each end were slotted under a raised portion of the base so that I could reinsert later. I could not see anything to blow away, and could not work out which bit was catching, so I used a nail-file and gently filed every slightly rough edge I could find, and for good measure also smoothed the other edges that could possibly catch on anything. When I put it back it was much better, but still not perfect, so I took it out again, and repeated the filing process. Now it works perfectly. The first keyboard ordered had no sign of this problem.

No other reviewers have reported this problem so it's possible that the fault was a one-off but I thought I should mention the procedure that worked, in case anyone else has the same fault. I understood that if my repair failed the keyboard would be replaced but the hassle of replacing the keyboard would have been greater than the minor hassle I went through.

I remain amazed that the price is so low, but that could be linked to limitations of quality control. Still worth 4.5 stars.
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on 28 May 2017
This is a brilliant keyboard as like a lot of people I tend to watch tv and play online at the same time its nice to have illuminated keys so I can have the room lighting low for relaxing in front of the TV while still being able to type,
however its not beer proof, Oops
though it did dry out and work again after a couple of days but not recommender for clumsy drinkers, lol.
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on 21 May 2017
Because this was a long time ago and i've only just decided to write a review.
I'd just started playing computer games and wanted something cool at the time.
Bought this thinking it would be good. All the keys stuck. Nothing i could do.
I was young and never really thought about refunding it. But i would have if i new how to.
Still have the thing under my bed and it hasn't moved since.
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on 22 May 2017
This is a very good illuminated keyboard, it has a nice blue glow,
and do not be put off because it is a membrane type,
as the key action is quite good.
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on 9 September 2017
First one keys was jamming stoping windows booting, then the lights on keyboard went dim, now NOTHING KEYBOARD WONT WORK AT ALL. POOR SUPPORT.
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on 27 September 2014
Less than 1 year in and this has stopped working. Amazon apparently only cover a 31 day warranty also. AVOID!!!
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on 9 February 2017
came on time good keyboard
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on 21 March 2013
I would like to say this keyboard is very nice for the price of it.
I'm currently using it to write this review; It has a nice feel to it when you press the keys. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who is looking for one with a sleek back light design.
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on 2 March 2013
I bought this after reading reviews and it did seem very cheap for a backlit keyboard. I am a photographer and often work in "low light" when processing so wanted a bit of help seeing the keys in the dark. I also write quite a lot, and therefopre the "action" of the keys was very important to me.

I've now had the product a few weeks and these are my findings after some actual use...

Firstly the back light...
Lets face it, the reason we all looked at this item is the back light. The blue lights up the keys very nicely and there is no excesive glow or light bleed when using the keyboard, brightness feels just right to me. If you are directly above the keyboard and looking straight down then you will see some light bleed but at a normal working angle the keys are the only thing lit.

The media keys...
There are keys for eMail, Search, bookmarks, and internet home page. As well as play/pause, Vol up, Vol down, and a key to turn on/off the back light.

The keyboard to type on...
The action is actually pretty good on this keyboard and the key spacing is natural. I found it a natural experience to type on and after 30 mins or so my typing had adjusted to the keyboard very well indeed.

Overall I think this is a superb keyboard for anyone who may have a need to work in any kind of low light situation.
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on 22 February 2013
Having looked through all the available backlit keybords available this one appealed to me simply because of its design. The blue LED keys look really good and do aid with typing is not well lit rooms. Personally I like to play games with lights off but that meant not seeing the keyboard very well-this solved the problem. Standard key layout with a few multi-media keys. I've only had it 2 days so it does feel clunky but so do all new keyboards. There is a on/off switch for the LED and for most people the LED won't turn off when you turn off your PC that's because manufacturers of motherboards have made USB ports "Hot" so you can recharge portable devices when PC is not turned on but is plugged in. Its early days yet but for design and looks it's great. Four stars because it hasn't past the longevity test yet.
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