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on 31 December 2012
Very fast processor means this little tablet is as fast as my Goole Nexus 7. Build, battery life and screen display are better on the Nexus, but this is a great tablet with two features that make it really compete with the Nexus. Firstly this tablet plays Flash video, so that it is possible to play the BBC NEWS video content. On the Jelly Bean 4.2 version of the Nexus 7 only downloading Firefox and side loading the Flash apk makes this possible. The HDMI mini feature makes using the Sumvision amazing. You can bring everything you do on the tablet onto your TV and watching Netflix is a pleasure (must switch HDMI on in settings). This in itself makes the Sumvision a more useful tablet than the Nexus 7. Sound through headphones is good although the supplied headphones are rubbish. Battery life on standby is very good. In use about 5-6 hours constant activity. This is a very fast little tablet and the screen is very responsive. At about £80 amazing value. It's usability makes it as good as any tablet I have seen and having the full Google Play means unlimited apps are available. Excellent. I have a Google Nexus 7, a 10.1 tablet and the Sumvision. The Sumvision is as good as both in usability....probably better.
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on 4 February 2013
This tablet is very good value for money. While it doesn't break any records in terms of power or features, it certainly never feels sluggish, nor do I feel it significantly lacks in anything I really need.

I bought the tablet to be used as a work and study tool, but have ended up using it for more.

Videos and games (including SNES and N64 emulators [tested]) run very smoothly, documents show nicely with a good resolution, and all the other apps I have tried seem to work perfectly well (with the exception of those which are anal about not letting you install them on unrecognised devices - has only so far occured with Plants vs Zombies and Xbox Smartglass, neither of which would let me install them).
Only has a camera on the front, but it works perfectly well during Skype conversations.

The speaker is pretty poor, but there is of course a standard audio out socket for use with headphones or external speakers.

The device also has a Mini-HDMI output, which works just fine, and is an excellent addition considering some of the more expensive 7-inch tablets don't have this.

A minor issue I have is with the aspect ratio. The resolution isn't poor (as I said, I can read all my documents just fine), but the screen is slightly longer and thinner than some other tablets I have seen. This can sometimes cause the display to seem slightly stretched in landscape mode, and slightly quashed up in portrait mode. This isn't an issue with most apps, and some apps even compensate for this by going by their own resolution and sticking small black borders on the side, but occasionally it is noticeable. The effect is more noticeable with the "squashing up" effect in portrait mode.
The size of the soft-key bar at the bottom does not help this issue, as it takes up some of the screen and causes the display to seem even more stretched in landscape mode. A friend of mine has another similarly sized cheap tablet (a Momo-something) but his softkeys are much smaller, allowing for more visible screen. It would be nice to have the option to reduce the size of these.

Another minor issue is that I find the onboard keyboard slightly unresponsive, and it will not keep up with my typing (which isn't especially fast on a tablet). Using a third-party keyboard app (SwiftKey) has improved this slightly.

The initial delivered package was slightly disappointing. The charger was broken and unusable, and as it has its own DC-5V charger I didn't have anything else I could charge it with (sadly it cannot be charger from the micro-USB port, which is slightly disappointing). I sent a photo of the broken charger and a replacement was sent to me soon-ish. The headphones also didn't work properly, but I wasn't too fussed about them.

The issues I have mentioned are relatively minor, and do not significantly distract from the fact that this is a pretty good device for the price being asked.

SUMMARY: Device does what it says, and does it fairly well. Smooth apps, including games and videos. Definitely good value for money.

PROS: Cheap price, decent battery life, apps run smoothly, mini-HDMI output, lightweight, sleek, nice enough screen

CONS: Poor speaker, slow-response on-screen keyboard, slightly odd aspect ratio
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on 29 March 2013
Just to let people know that on my tablet, the power connector thats built into the tablet has shifted slightly, meaning I can't get a good connection with the charger. I now have to rest the charger pin on to a pen or something, otherwise it won't charge. Expected more from Sumvision. Disappointed.
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on 4 November 2013
I bought 10 of these for a project at work. 2 of them have failed completely and at least 2 more of them behave 'temperamentally'. The screens vary in receptivity and sensitivity but are generally poor-to-acceptable. The product feels cheap and, despite being conditioned my bad experience, they really do feel like they won't last! Sumvision do not accept returns directly. Returns must be done with the vendor you buy from. I tried updating the firmware on both of my failed devices upon advice from Sumvision but the instructions (of which several and conflicting can be found) did not work on my Windows 8 computer.

If you're a fan of sayings then two come to mind: "you get what you pay for" and "buy cheap buy twice".
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on 31 December 2012
Having been introduced to Android a couple of years ago, I wanted to get a tablet for my son to play games and watch movies. The apple products are all far too expensive for my purpose and to be honest, I am not a big fan of the apple experience.

At first, I looked at the google nexus and Acer iconia tablets. Both of these were quite expensive which is a concern with younger children using them. When I came across this unit, I thought it would be poor quality because of the low price and I had no experience with the sumvision brand but I decided to take a chance.

When the unit arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised.

The build quality was very good and the unit looks very sleek. In the box along with the unit, you get a charger and a usb cable. On the unit you have a micro usb port, a mini hdmi port, a standard headphone jack and a charger socket. There is also a power button and volume controls on the side of the unit. The unit is fitted with a screen protector out of the box, which is one less thing to worry about.

The unit has 1gb of ram which allows lots of apps to be installed. There is also 16gb onboard storage for all of your data and there is a micro sd card slot to allow for expansion upto an additional 32gb.

The unit boots very quickly compared with my other android devices. The interface is completely stock with no customisations and includes the google play store for downloading apps, books, movies and music.

The 7inch screen is very clear and is a good size for playing games, watching movies and general web surfing.

The unit supports playback of a wide range of media formats including the most popular; JPEG for pictures, MP4 for video and MP3 for audio. You can access ebooks on the play store or you can download the kindle app or the adobe acrobat reader.

The technical specifications and performance are comparable to more expensive devices. The only minor issue i found is a lack of a cover for the sd card slot making it quite easy for small fingers to remove the card.

Overall, the unit is very good value for money and I would happily recommend this to anyone thinking of buying a new tablet(in fact I already recommended it 3 times now).
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on 31 December 2012
I have edited this review as the sound issues I initially reported have been resolved by the manufacturer by way of a firmware release (v1.3)

I Purchased two as Christmas presents and unfortunately there was a volume issue with both of the tablets, in as much that randomly the volume will stick on full and if you try and turn it down by on screen controls or the controls on side of the device it goes back up again and the icon is stuck on screen. This goes away with a full power cycle but comes back at some point. Having had a look on Google it appears I was not the only one with this issue. Anyway, Sumvision appeared to acknowledge the issue and produce a firmware release fairly quickly (I was on the verge of returning mine). The new firmware can be found at [...] Click on the support tab and follow the instructions. I have only been running the firmware a short while, but this issue seems to have gone.

This issue aside they are very good tablets. For the money they are quick, and whilst the screen is not iPad resolution, they are pretty good and more than adequate for watching iPlayer etc. Speakers won't blow you away, but again they perform adequately. Angry Birds etc play very well. Haven't tried skype yet, but no reason why this shouldn't work. The camera again is adequate. There is a microphone, but again we haven't tested this. They come with pre-installed screen protectors which in my case were installed very well.

Generally they are difficult to fault. They certainly represent value for money. Compared to similar priced tablets they have a better processor, double the RAM (1GB), and double the storage (16GB - which is expandable by an extra 32GB). I would be tempted to by one for myself now as well.
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on 18 March 2013
I bought this to replace my increasingly sluggish ARCHOS 70 8 GB Internet Tablet. I highly recommend it. As others have said, the speed is awesome but the sound is rubbish. I do miss the sound quality of the Archos but I've got into the habit of cupping my hands behind the speaker to channel the sound to the front. If you don't want to lug the power supply round, get one of these cables. PortaPow 2A 5V 24AWG USB Charger Cable for Google Android Tablets
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on 19 July 2013
I bought this tablet back in December and although a great tablet most of the time, it had a tendency to freeze immediately after booting. This didn't happen every time, but was frustrating when it did.

Now for the good bit - Sumvision, in the last few days has released an upgrade for this tablet to bring it bang up to date to JELLY BEAN 4.2 and boy what a difference it has made. Faster, smoother, slicker and no more freezing. It is like getting a brand new and better tablet for free - Thank you Sumvision!

Here is the upgrade link [...]

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TABLET IF YOUR ARE ON A BUDGET - Shop around for a good price - £74.99 inc p&p

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on 28 June 2013
Had this little tab for a couple of months now - overall I'm happy and even impressed by it's performance but there are issues.

Most significantly there is a glitch with BBC iPlayer which renders this app useless. Judging by other comments on the net it seems a common problem (although oddly not universal). As far as I can tell there is no way to fix this.
Also, totally no good with 4oD.
But it will play YouTube vids no problem and Stuff from Vevo, which actually look pretty good - so I'm guessing the problem is with the apps themselves rather than the tablet.
Screen resolution while not up there with the best is perfectly adequate and is bright enough for all situations but bright sunlight, but that's no real surprise. Text and graphics are generally clear and legible and video playback surprisingly good.
Sound from the built in speaker is almost inaudible - again not terribly surprising but should be a bit better. But plug in some earbuds and it's absolutely fine and acceptable for the money.
Battery life is 2 - 3 hours constant use with a full charge taking 4 - 5 hrs. The charger is a separate non USB type which is a bit annoying but there are USB adapters available - I have one of these: Cable-Tex USB to Triple DC Power Jack Cable Lead 5V 500 mA
Because the lead with the supplied charger is quite short it has an annoying habit of coming out just enough to stop charging but not enough so you notice!
Camera can only be used as a webcam as it faces you, so pretty useless otherwise really - if keeping costs low then at least the single camera should have mounted been facing the opposite way to the screen.

Good stuff -
Hooked up to my network in about 30 seconds and never has a problem finding it.
Lots of apps and other content on Google play.
Been perfectly stable whilst web-browsing, emailing, gaming and video playback; (think I might have had to reset it once).

It seems that build quality is variable judging by other reviews here and elsewhere - yes it's plastic but I have no real complaints and if you do get a faulty one just send it back for a replacement; it's less than a quarter the price you'd pay for an iPad! (And performs pretty well by comparison).

So although it seems I've found a lot wrong with it most issues are pretty minor and taking price into account I think it performs very well and is great value - a solid 4 stars!
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on 11 March 2013
Sumvision has released a firmware update for certain revisions - it can be found on their website if you search hard enough. trying to register the product on the website is fruitless... send in the registration card instead.


For the prices this is a smashing tablet. It's fast, graphics are good, screen resolution is good (not as good as an iPad's retina display, but good nevertheless). Charger cable on the earlier versions is poor, but later revisions do have a better one.

Unfortunately, the first one stopped working after 9 weeks, but the replacement came within a week, and peace is restored to the household.

The only real gripe I have is the buttons are too small for my liking, but a teenager would have no problems with them.

I would recommend this to others looking for a well specified budget tablet.
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