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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2012
From the first episode onwards, I loved this show. Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Spectre, a suave, shark like lawyer in New York, hires college drop out Mike Ross, played by Patrick Adams, as his new protégé. Mike is a hyper intelligent rogue, previously making a living helping people cheat on their Bar Exams and lending a hand to his drug dealing best friend. After a brief demonstration of his abilities, Mike is hired by an impressed Spectre into one of New York's leading Law firms...

Don't get me wrong, the series isn't perfect which is reflected in the four star review. I may be being a little finicky but the show can be guilty of being slightly formulaic i.e Harvey and Mike take on a case, encounter some unforeseen difficulties but eventually come up with a clever solution ultimately winning the day.

Right, now onto why this is such a good show.

Quite frankly, even with the above minor issue, this is by far one of the most addictive and enjoyable shows on TV. Macht plays Spectre with a superb polish, encapsulating the persona of a big shot New York lawyer with apparent ease but successfully keeping his character three dimensional, hinting at hidden moral depths.

Adams is brilliant as well. His character is super intelligent yet naive at the same time, a balance which, from an acting perspective, is incredibly difficult to maintain. As a result of his naivety , he frequently has to turn to his mentor for help giving extra depth to their working relationship. Adams acts the part excellently and the viewer is forever wanting Mike to succeed but never completely sure that he will (despite my earlier comments).

I think the main thing though, and this is something which a lot of TV shows don't seem to manage all the time, is that both of the protagonists are extremely likable, but for very different reasons. Their characters are an almost perfect balance for each other and continually take the story in different directions. Mike's career is often jeopardized by his shady past which gives an excellent progressive storyline thus not falling into the trap a lot of shows fall in to where it ends up being 'The Weekly Adventures Of...'

In conclusion, regardless of a slight predictability, a fantastic show which I would highly recommend. Likable and clever characterisation, excellent stories, intelligent script and enough of a progressive back story to keep you going back.
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on 4 March 2012
I know the DVD isn't out yet, so this review is a little premature. But I've watched every episode to date (about 5 I think) and (1) I can't praise it highly enough and (2) I can't understand how it's slipped under the radar (probably 'cos it's on Dave) and isn't been raved about elsewhere.

I won't repeat what others have already said - but what I think they've missed is how great the music and cinematography is too. The whole thing is just a joy to watch and the episodes just FLY by.

I'm also impressed by the standard of the writing and the subtexts. In the episode I just watched Mike lost a "faux trial" because his fav paralegal was on the stand and upset and he backed off from "breaking her". Landing him a telling of from the firm's head, Jessica, for being too soft....and disappointing Harvey in the process.

This was juxtaposed with a storyline for Harvey (they didn't interact much in this one) where he had a hot hook up with a girl who was top of his class in Harvard (Scotty) and, realising she was hiding something about the merger they were both on, pulled something out of the bag and beat her in court. She then got fired by her client and told him she was heading back to England to marry a guy who'd proposed to her a month before.

So you had Mike pulling back and deciding a woman in his life was more important than the win - and Harvey doing the opposite. Clever.

Cannot recommend this show highly enough.
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Suits season 1 first aired a few years ago now but it has never really interested me. From afar, it looks like your pretty standard law drama but with more charming characters, but I was wrong, because it is so much more than that. Suits follows the stories of Harvey Specter, a top lawyer, and Mike Ross, his associate. Harvey works for Pearson and Hardman, a firm that only hires Harvard Law graduates, but Mike doesn't have any degree. After stumbling into the Pearson and Hardman associate interviews, Harvey is impressed by Mike's wit, attention to detail and impressive ability to memorise facts. Harvey decides to take Mike on, knowing that should it come out that Mike didn't attend Harvard Law, there could be very serious consequences for them both.

You cannot help but love the characters of this show. These characters live in a world where the ability to sweet talk your way out of sticky situations is invaluable so each and every character is witty and charming. The acting is phenomenal from both the main cast and the supporting actors. Each character has a completely different personality and when they're all brought together, they create this phenomenal piece of television. Obviously, Harvey Specter is the most talked about and most notable character, but the other characters are just as important for making this show work. There are a lot of famous faces in this show, but they're mixed with a lot of new faces too

I love that before I watched this show, I had absolutely no idea what words like pro bono and subpoena meant, but now I know a considerable amount of law vocabulary. Granted I had to google these terms as they came up, but if you're not as curious as I am then you'll still have no problem understanding what's going on.

Despite the fact that the cases looked at by these lawyers are often of a very serious nature, I would say that this show is still lighthearted and funny. There is a brilliant balance between the serious and the amusing without being insensitive at all, which is impressive.

Each episode is a standalone story, but there are some threads, usually involving the characters' personal lives, that run through all the episodes. We get a really good look at Mike's personal life so you understand quite a bit about his character. In contrast, Harvey's personal life is pretty elusive for the most part, keeping his character shrouded in a certain air of mystery and the combination of Mike and Harvey makes for an awesome duo. These two could definitely be the new Batman and Robin - but better. So much better. For the most part each episode is simply centered on a new law suit that needs to be looked at, but romance and friendship are also consistent themes.

Everything about this show is cool and suave. From the Harvey Specter's suits to the opening theme song by Ima Robot, this show and these characters will charm your pants off and you'll soon be addicted. This show really draws you in and you genuinely start rooting for the characters. I laughed out loud numerous times whilst watching this show, but I also sat back in my seat and gasped.

All in all, this show has everything. Suave characters played by brilliant characters, an engaging storyline, witty dialogue, great camerawork and a snazzy soundtrack. I really could not recommend this series any more.
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on 16 February 2012
Suits is a refreshingly light and entertaining take on the well-trodden legal drama genre. Compared to other more intense and heavier drama series such as CSI and Law & Order, Suits take's the ingenious approach of imbuing the legal action with comic undertones as sharp as the suits the character's wear. Based around Harvey Specter, leading partner of a big New York legal firm, and his mentor student Mike Ross, who happens to have an incredible talent for remembering and getting his head round complex legal ideas, and also happens not be a student of Harvard Law School - the basic requirement for the law firm - leads to some classic and awkward comedy moments in which Mike gets made fun of for his (lack of) knowledge about things most law students can only dream.

The writing of the show is such that you're made aware of something even before you realise it, with clever one-liners and Harvey in particular making use of every legal angle to make cases go his way, in particular in the way he dangles a noose around the neck of anyone he believes has done wrong. Assisted somewhat naively but expertly by Mike Ross, who has a few personal problems of his own lurking in the background, this provides a nice twist to the drama. Ultimately, the show offers a relaxing and pleasant way to enjoy the dilemma of legal issues in the modern world, without having to sit back and take everything so seriously and pretend you understand everything. Highly recommended.
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on 1 April 2012
I'm a huge fan of shows formulated on the 'buddy' or 'partner' principle, going right back to the 1980s 'Sherlock Holmes' and then through 'The Professionals', 'Starsky and Hutch' and onwards to 'Life on Mars' and 'Lewis'. Such shows are make or break on the chemistry between the leads and this delivers that in spades. There seems to be a new 'number one American show!' every few months going onto DVD here (after months of waiting) and this is one that is definitely worth investing in - it's slick, cool, clever and has that all important spark that makes you invest in the chalk-and-cheese partnership at the centre of it making it through all the twists and turns along the way. Other reviews have described the plot premise - legal dramas can wind up being endlessly formulaic and swamping regular characters in guests-of-the-week but this never falls into that trap, whilst at the same time creating interesting scenarios each week in a similar manner to 'House MD'. High quality buddy show.
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on 4 March 2012
I agree with everything said so far but give this 5 stars because of the fantastic characters in this series. Harvey Spectre is the big shot, hard nosed lawyer, who really has bought into the whole lifestyle of being the successful, senior partner but he can be unpredictable. Harvey is the master of the calculated risk. Its part of his charm and his success. So when he's told to take an associate, the line up of keen, ambitious yet predictable candidates leaves our hero singularly unimpressed. Blundering into these interviews comes brilliant if rather soft hearted genius Mike Ross, on the run from the Police with a briefcase full of drugs attempting to do a friend a favour and earn enough money to keep his beloved grandmother in her care home. A prime example of how someone can be amazingly clever but still fail at life! In a massive gamble Mike becomes Harvey's protege, and in doing so a whole new side of Harvey Spectre slowly becomes apparent as he attempts to guide well-meaning Mike through the pitfalls of being a highly successful associate in a cut throat law firm. From sending him to his tailors in an effort to upgrade Mike's image to uncharacteristically threatening a fellow firm partner who terrifies Mike by sacking another associate in front of him to make a point, its a brilliant watch. Love it!
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on 11 November 2016
Fabulous and so clever, this has enough humour to balance out the seriousness of the law storyline. I enjoyed this so much using my headphones at night as I settled down in the evening. I CHUCKLED, and GASPED as I watched, my husband listened to me as he tried to read his book, but now HE IS ALSO WATCHING, chuckling and gasping along with me. We are hooked, and have since purchased season 2. I highly recommend.
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on 4 November 2012
I watched this on Dave after seeing a few of the trailers before it was broadcast. Looked like a good series. I think most of the episodes were on in the background though while I was on the laptop/iPad .... big mistake.

I remember thinking at the time that it was quite a good program and kept an eye on the price of the DVD set on Amazon. Out of the blue, it dropped to below £10 and I bought it .... should have bought it earlier to be honest.

Having now sat down and watched the whole set .... with no distractions .... I can't believe just how good this show is. I am absolutely hooked. It's extremely fast paced, the humour is quite subtle but appears all the way through the series.

It's an old premise .... the good guys winning over the bad guys .... simple, but it works. The rivalry between Harvey and Lewis makes the show. I can't recommend this series more highly, but be prepared to concentrate on it. To be honest, it's worth buying alone for the scene in the last episode between Donna (Harvey's PA) and Lewis (Harvey's "competitor" lawyer in the company) where she dresses up and tries to bribe him with Opera tickets and a personal dinner with one of the players .... his comment of "oh Mummy" as a reaction to this is hilarious!!

I cannot wait until Dave shows season 2 .... and it comes out on DVD .... plus it seems a third season has been commissioned ..... good news!!

Have to make an important addition here to this review to help everyone who thinks their DVD's are missing two episodes. Disc 3 has 4 episodes, 7 and 8 are on one screen and then theres actually a small right arrow on the bottom right of the menu screen to access 9 and 10 .... there is no actual fault with the discs but this is a fairly major "mistake" on the part of the makers, as loads of people seem to miss this way of accessing the other 2 episodes, myself being one when I first bought the set.
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on 3 April 2012
Suits is the new West Wing, it's a pity it's not on one of the main Channels. I can't wait to buy the first season when it comes out later this year in the UK. Having said that the chances are it will not last as long as The West Wing, As soon the ratings begin to drop they cancel. Quality TV from USA.
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on 28 March 2013
I bought this as soon as it was available, having seen most of the episodes on Dave TV. A slick drama/comedy based in a high-end law firm in New York City, it features the usual 'smart' characters one would expect of this genre. However, there's a twist; one of the lawyers didn't actually go to law school or even qualify in law. The one thing Mike has is a perfect photographic memory; once he reads something, however complicated, he remembers it completely. Thus he starts the series as a bit of a slacker, until he meets Harvey Specter, the extremely slick real lawyer and manages to get confused with the other young lawyers being interviewed for a job. Harvey sees a bit of himself in Mike the chancer, and gives him a job, even though Mike isn't qualified. There follows a series of adventures where no one in the firm must find out that Mike isn't really one of them, but by the end, he's like a mini-Harvey, in a similar expensive suit. It's very entertaining, and is well acted. The supporting cast is particularly good, with Harvey's nemesis, another lawyer named Louis Litt being particularly well portrayed. If you're old enough to remember the 80's series LA Law, the action and style is similar, but always with the twist that Mike isn't a real lawyer. Thoroughly recommended; Season Two is due out soon, and having followed this on Dave TV too, I can't wait!
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