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on 13 July 2016
As a landlord I go on courses and have dozens of property letting / investment books. However, "Successful Property Letting" is my "go to" book, the most useful of all my books. It has the overviews of the letting business but, importantly, goes into the basic "what to do and why" detail. Years ago, when I started letting, I bought the earlier edition and followed the advice. I now have the latest edition. I manage the properties myself and whatever question or problem my tenants may have I reach for this book and find the solution. I always refer to this book when preparing a property for new tenants so as not forget anything and not get tempted to "over personalise" the property. Following the advice in this book, the properties let out very quickly and, so far (!), the tenants have looked after the properties. This book has saved me thousands of pounds by NOT paying letting management fees over the years. I always recommend "Successful Property Letting" to people I meet who are interested in becoming landlords and to those who are already landlords. So I thought, after all these years, I should post a review on Amazon so more people could benefit.
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on 24 October 2011
Excellent value and written to be understood. Excuse the echo. Unpretentious, unassuming style and, given that it was well under a tenner, I would say the latest version is a 'must' for all property landlords. I am a landlord of just 4 years (as @2011) and have stumbled my way to my current level of relative competence, mostly through error. This book was a significant step up: a 'sharpener.' It was also a confidence builder because a lot of what I do ~and better late than never~ is confirmed as 'good practice.'
So nice to have it ok'd by someone who really knows what they are talking about.

A few case histories and imagined scenarios of tenant/landlord disputes ~and how to try to avoid the pitfalls of legislation~ would have been useful including, for example, the truth behind the liability of the landlord should they not lodge a deposit; the danger of taking money and trying to call it something other than a deposit (don't do this) and, perhaps, a template example of Section 21 and Section 8 possession orders or 'notices' and the circumstances for and potential consequences of their respective use.

(the following blurb was added 30/11/14)

It is most important that you buy an up-to-date version so beware: even as I write this, changes regarding so-called 'retalitory evictions' were on the table for discussion only this week in Parliament (effectively blocked but believe will be re-tabled in Feb 2015) Also take note, landlord/tenant law is different in Scotland to Northern Ireland...oh, and England and Wales also has its own ideas. Well, of course!

The version of the book I have makes fair reference to this and is most useful for rented properties and their landlords in England and Wales.

To further keep yourself up-to-date and to complement this publication beautifully, I respectfully suggest your having a look at National Landlords Association (NLA), of which I am an affiliated member and with a view to joining; it's all there, as is a technical and procedural helpline. It offers reassurance to tenants and your voluntary membership of such an organisation heavily implies your integrity.

Remember always: ignorance of the law remains indefensible.
The Housing Act and other associated statutes remain, in my view, very much written and interpreted for the 'weighted' benefit of the perceived amateur, the tenant. It's the way it is, so don't go into or continue in this game uninformed and as if a harmless hobby.

Good luck, folks!
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on 24 April 2009
This book is absolutely brilliant. It does say that if you use an agent to manage the rent for you, you must also check the references yourself on the tenant they have for you. Ie telephone their employer, contact the last place where they lived and you can check this on the Land registry for £3. It says do a credit check that costs £15.

It also mentions the people who dress smart say all the right may be professional con people who do this all the time and they no their rights once they are in your property. It says in the book never let anyone into the property without getting the full deposit and 1st month's rent first, any one who makes excuses why they can't give you the money upfront is probably going to rip you off(don't take a cheque it has to be cash). It also says that 98% do pay their rents there is only 2% that don't but you always hear about the 2% that don't. After reading this book I would probably not go through an agency as they will not be as thorough in the checks that you would do. It lists all things you need to do etc and give's you sample letters, sample advert's, where to advertise, It gives you a house guide to give to the tenant when they first move in telling them where the stop value is, emergency numbers on plumbers etc. It tells you to take photos of the house before so they can't disagree when you charge them for something that is broken when they leave, it tells you how to evict a bad tenant and a copy of the Assured Tenantacy agreement you get them to sign etc. What tax to pay. It includes everything you need to know about renting. I thought I would need to read at least 5 books on the subject but this covers absolutely everything.
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on 23 May 2017
I bought my first buy-to-let around twenty years ago but because of work commitments and distance, for the most part I've relied on letting agents to take care of things. I bought this book mainly to get the confidence to manage properties myself, but also to get up-to-date with the regulations - I'm conscious a lot has changed for landlords over the years.

I'm delighted to say this book has ticked all the boxes:
- It covers off all of the essentials and has provided me with a solid grounding in what I need to be aware of.
- It gives pointers to other resources if I want more in-depth information. The list of contacts in the appendix is very handy.
- It is written in an easy-to-read manner: bite-sized and logical chapters which are packed with plenty of practical tips. I particularly liked hearing about the insights the author had gained from the occasional 'less than perfect' experience when dealing with tenants; it's clear the author has 'been there, done that' himself.

So all in all a book I'd recommend to novices to get them started and to the more experienced landlord who feels they are not quite up-to-date with best practice. Just wish I'd bought the book sooner!
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on 27 November 2016
excellent, thorough, detailed, and well structured. this book helped me a lot before starting out as a landlord and still one of if not the best book i've read yet on residential lettings. still find myself going back to relevant chapters. although there have been some changes to the sector, this book is detailed enough to help you absorb and understand the underlying concepts and the necessary responsibilities of each party.
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on 4 January 2017
Very informative book for landlords. Overall though the print is too small and the typesetting could make it an easier read. A bit dry but packed with information.
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on 13 April 2017
This guy is the expert. He knows the game over many years. I knew little just six weeks ago, I now have invested in HMO's all to begin in the next few weeks. I took the trouble to buy the updated book, you should too.
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on 13 July 2015
gift - very well received
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on 27 February 2013
A comprehensive reference for Buy to Let Landlords and well worth the minimal cost.

Get the latest edition if possible
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on 12 April 2017
Good practical guide that has been updated.
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