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The young gunslinger will soon embark on his world-spanning quest to destroy his sorcerous nemesis... and Gilead is definitely doomed.

The graphic novel prequel of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series grinds toward its inevitable end... and as Gilead and everyone in it is about to crumble, the story takes on the harrowing dimensions of a Greek tragedy. "The Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead" is filled with blood, tragic deaths, treachery, and evil magic -- and it's a truly brilliant story.

Roland wakes to find that he's killed his own mother under the Grapefruit's spell. Even though it's found that she was a traitor planning to kill her husband, he's faced with the gallows. But it isn't the last death that will tear Gilead apart -- Cort's investigations in Marten's room leads to tragedy when he's exposed to a poisoned book, and another of Stephen's ka-tet falls to the Slow Mutants.

As Marten's web begins to tighten around the city, others fall prey to John Farson's plots and die terrible, bloody deaths -- and Stephen Deschain is gravely wounded in an ambush. Roland and his young friends are called upon to save Gilead from the traitors that riddle its population... but they cannot prevent the death from spreading to even the most invincible gunslinger.

"Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead" is like tumbling down a steep, rocky mountain covered with briars and thistles -- everything just goes downhill, and there's a lot of blood, pain, misery and death. Reading this comic book is a pretty painful experience because our callow young gunslinger is slowly losing everything and everyone that he loves, and the worst part is that there are a few more issues to go.

Peter David and Robin Furth smoothly adapt King's writing into a spare, rough-edged elegance, and they know how to heighten the tragedy of it -- in particular, the destruction of the gunslingers and the loss of the last of Roland's innocence. In fact, the entire story of "The Fall of Gilead" is a shocking string of bloody, violent death -- it was pretty obvious that almost everyone in Gilead would die, but it's still massive shock whenever another gunslinger is murdered.

The artwork is, as always, is brilliant -- bleak, shadowy and locked in perpetual dusk, with bright splashes of red everywhere (blood, scarlet curtains, Aileen's poncho, the Good Man's mask, etc). And it's worth noting that Roland undergoes a change in these issues, slowly morphing from a skinny young boy to a chiseled, strong man. I doubt this was an accident.

This brilliantly dark, bloody series soars into the realm of tragedy in "Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead" -- it can make you weep for people who never were, in a ruined world that never was.
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on 4 April 2010
I'm a huge Dark Tower fan, having read all of Stephen King's seven-novel epic, as well as the previous Marvel collections. I'd say this graphic series is getting better as it goes along - the first collection (which essentially covers Roland's adventures in Mejis from book 4, 'Wizard & Glass') I didn't really enjoy aside from the art work, but since then Marvel has covered parts of the Dark Tower saga which aren't covered in the books (or only hinted at), and both the telling and the artwork have gotten better and better.

I won't tell you what happens in 'The Fall of Gilead', but I will tell you that it continues the trend of the collections getting better. The story is pretty much what you'd expect, but some of the artwork is amazing, and you'll be itching to discover how the story pans out in the next collection, which is the series finale.
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on 16 December 2010
On receiving the book I realized there was a story between the Dark Tower: Treachery and The Fall Of Gilead called the Sorcerer, on braking the seal on the book I found that this story is included in this book, to which I was very pleased as the Sorcerer is very hard to find and expensive, the graphic novels are very good and fill in some of the blanks from the Dark Tower saga they are a must have for all Stephen King/Dark Tower fans
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on 21 February 2013
My first concern I must first call upon is the art. Jae Lee's art is missing, instead leaving Richard Isanove on primary art duty. There's a certain level of "epic" missing, nothing looks as sharp as it once did. Isanove always complimented Jae Lee in an appropriate way in the previous books, the same way the lighting and set compliment a play. Not to diminish his role, but his art just isn't right without Jae Lee's involvement, and this chapter, more than the previous two, really needed that extra spark of epic. I felt the final battle went too quickly, and I later realised it was more because I wasn't lingering on the big epic art as much.

However, the writing and story in this book is fairly spectacular, and there's plenty of it. I found the first book in the series to be fairly awful with nice art, the second to be incredible with incredible art, the third to be well written and well drawn, but fairly uneventful in story, and the 4th to be extremely well written, but lacking in art. Here's hoping the final chapter holds up, with Jae Lee back on board.
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on 4 March 2010
If you have gotten this far in the series you should already be very familiar with the quality of the writing and the artwork. Nothing in that sense has changed really.

Fall of gilead feels more solid than its predecessors, that storyline doesnt jump about so much, even though the plot mainly follows events that you know are going to happen, it does follow major events which really gets things going. You get a lot of the feel of the dark tower here, it is dark and scary and you dont know what is going to happen and who is going to die next.

All i can say is i hope the next in line is as good as this one
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on 4 April 2010
I really enjoyed this hardcover. We begin with an exploration of Marten Broadcloak & his past. It's a simple but enlightening enough tale. Then the fall begins. Noticeably enough the demise of Gilead comes from within. There are some real harrowing scenes in it and the pace is relentless. Roland takes a back seat of sorts & it concentrates more on his father for as long as possible. The art once again is fantastic and really suits the mood of the book. Overall it's a thoroughly enjoyable read & well worth the look for new & old fans of the Dark Tower alike.
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on 10 May 2010
The continuing story contained within this Graphic Novel is every bit as good as previous editions. I'm not going to cover old ground in that department as it has been covered by others in their above reviews.

What is very disappointing is that Jae Lee is not involved in the sequential pages and the quality of artwork suffers badly due to this. So for anyone who loved this series mainly for the artwork you may be a bit disappointed.
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on 8 April 2011
This is the ongoing trials of Roland and his friends. Without writing a spoiler let me say that this continues the epic story of Roland's search for the Dark Tower and is the best epic of all time. The story is originally taken from Stephen King's series of books ' The Dark Tower', and if you've not read them, then do!
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on 29 May 2010
Been into graphic novels for ages and this is another one that has added gladly to my collection. Story line is new and fresh and really makes it easy to finish in a short time.
The book itself is really high quality and the art work is amazing. Definitly a great read.
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on 9 October 2010
This review is only an assumption - I bought the item and it was sent very quickly - that much i do know and i am impressed with, the item has been wrapped by Amazon as it is a gift so i haven't seen the item. But it has arrived already. I'm impressed so far - just need to see how the birthday goes.
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