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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

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on 29 July 2011
I really enjoyed the last two Voyager novels - both also by Kirsten Beyer - and have been looking forward to this one for a while. I was a tad disappointed though. Voyager is now part of a small fleet which has returned to the Delta Quadrant on a mission of exploration and diplomacy. Three starships have gone missing while attempting to make contact with a hostile alien species - the Children of the Storm - and Chakotay and his crew must try to find them.

The first thing to note is that the previous two books are prerequisite. You'll need them to know a lot of the characters and to understand the situation. I read the last one when it was released and had trouble remembering where things were, so I'd recommend refreshing your memory if you read it a while ago too.

I found the beginning of this book to be quite weak - possibly because of my poor memory of where things stood - and quite a lot of the book focusses on inter-personal relationships among the crew. There are a number of new relationships, and quite a lot of focus on Miral, the toddler of the Paris family. It seems this has been inspired by the author's own recent parenthood, and in some places it's really cute, but occasionally goes a little over the top. One particular sentence had to be the soppiest and corniest thing I've read for a long time.

Once the plot got going though it switched back to the brilliance I've come to expect from this author, and I was very pleased with her descriptions of the aliens and the crews' interactions with them. Overall the range of new characters work really well and it's a good extension to the Voyager series without feeling forced. Once again I find myself looking forward to more.
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Loved this book. The way it is written keeps you wanting to know what happens next. It made me not only laugh out loud but also brought a tear to my eye. I loved the aliens in this story, they are so different to what we've seen and read in Star Trek it was wonderful to explore this species more.
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on 26 June 2017
A very good follow on from the previous stories. Looking forward to the next one. I have already downloaded it :) I keep pondering a jump to the Typhon Pact but the need to know what comes next for Voyager, the fleet and the characters is too great ;)
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on 6 December 2011
* Don't read this review if you don't want to see any spoilers.

While I like the first two books in this series better than Children of the Storm (probably because there were more Voyager characters and more Janeway), I enjoyed this book overall. The story line with the Children of the Storm is fast moving. I like how different the Children are from most species the Federation has encounted. The characters are well-written, especially Captain Eden. The sexual tension between Seven and Cambridge is great, and Seven calling him an ass is completely priceless. There's a glossed over sex scene between Paris and Torres that is also pretty hilarious. And as a huge Harry Kim fan, there was plenty of him in the book as well. Luckily, he gets over his little hissy fit with Paris near the beginning and goes on to find love (so we are led to believe). Chakotay also seems to get the closure he so desperately needed in the previous two books.

If you're a Voyager fan who has already read Full Circle and Unworthy, it's pretty much a no brainer that you MUST read Children of the Storm. But if you haven't read the first two books, I highly recommend reading those two Kirsten Beyer books first. You won't regret it!
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on 17 January 2015
I found Children of the Storm difficult to get through, I am a slow reader but this took me an exceptionally long time. The to-ing and fro-ing between all the different ships and plotlines was difficult to keep track of. As with the other books I've reviewed in the series, again the bad guys who must be more deadly than the last ones make an appearance - The Children. The character progression in the book was good, and the new faces are now settling in nicely. Whilst it was a challenging read, I do feel it progressed the relaunch series well, with even a few hints at what's to come. With another 3 further books to read, I better get cracking!
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on 9 September 2011
I enjoyed starting to read this but as time got on I thought there was too many characters. I know they like switching from one area to another but sometimes I just wish that they stayed with one ship at a time. It finished off with the predictable result but there was an 'ahh' moment in the book, which people might enjoy.
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on 28 January 2017
This was probably one of the weaker of the stories told by Kirsten Beyer, not because it isn't good (which it is) but because it felt like there was less focus on the main characters and more focus on the new ones who Beyer has introduced. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but as the title suggests, this is a Voyager novel and doesn't feel as much like it was. I'm not trying to deliver a negative review as I have loved all of the relaunch novels that Beyer has written. I would still recommend buying it as there are aspects of the story that are important to what comes next. It just doesn't get the full 5 stars for the reasons I've explained. Everything else was excellent.
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on 11 November 2016
Enjoyed this book very much, very well written! The story does get a little slow at times but only for a short few pages. Happy no more main original characters were killed off. Loved how much sci-fi tech jargon was included by the author. Looking forward to the next instalment! Engage!
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on 5 May 2013
This series is so captivating. Kirsten Beyer brings brings the voyager characters to life.
The extra ships and new characters add to the richness . Those readers who don't like it are very narrow minded .can't wait to download the next book.
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on 4 June 2013
Good book and read but too much jumping around story to story within a story. Was hard to follow the plot and easy to forget the entire story plot because too much going on but in all a good book and story
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