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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 November 2010
If you are looking for a book about the original Sixties series of Star Trek, then go no further - because Star Trek: The Original Series 365 is the book to have. You will have, with my apologies, no tribble at all in thoroughly enjoying this volume. The hardback edition of the book itself is physically rather weighty*, and contains 371 pages, half of which are comprised of an intelligently chosen and presented, amusing and entertaining assortment of diagrams, illustrations, stock footage and photographs - some of which have seldom been published elsewhere. Where else for example, would you find an image of George Kirk's son in a replica Starfleet Captains uniform, sitting in the Big Chair with his uncle, James Kirk looking on?

The other half of the book is comprised of an entertaining and insightful episode by episode guide to the original series, intermixed with production and pre-production technical facts, behind the scenes snippets and clearly presented commentaries about the series original actors, locations, sets, design considerations and plot points and a concise index. More than just yet another episode guide - the book is a powerhouse of information and I well recommend it.

* If you are planning on purchasing from Amazon, and it is possible, I strongly advise you purchase said item with the Super Saver package offer or you may incur expensive mailing costs.

J. Bluestone
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on 16 September 2010
A great little reference guide for the casual Star Trek fan and for younger viewers new to the Original Series. And although die-hard trekkies/trekkers would probably enjoy reading this book, there is little new in here that they won't know already.

The book is a hardback without dust jacket, printed on quality glossy paper. It is printed throughout in full colour and is packed with hundreds of photos which mostly relate to each episode. Some of the photos are new and some more familiar. There are even some effects shots from the remastered DVDs which was nice and unexpected. There are other photos as well, relating to advertising, collectibles, publicity etc. But little in the way of behind the scenes photos. At the end there is a nice photo and section about the original eleven foot long USS Enterprise model and how it is now displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.

When you open the book, the page to the left contains the all the text relating to a particular episode. The righthand side is a full page photo of a scene or character from that episode. Each episode has at least eight or more pages devoted to it. The text is a basic synopsis of each episode along with some character quotes and brief background information relating to the making of the show, the characters and history of the Original Series. Missing here though, is any guest cast list, director and writer credits or original air date for each episode. Although these can be found in other books, it would have been a nice touch to have them here as well. So that the book could have been a more complete episode guide.

Although much of the information in this book will be familiar to most readers over the age of 35, there are still some annedotes that are probably not as well known. For instance, did you know that the part of Commodore Matt Decker in the episode The Doomsday Machine was originally written for the actor Robert Ryan.

The book has been published in landscape format in that it only measures 16.5cm in height and 24cm in length. This means that you get a very short, (in height), fat book. Now some people may like this style of design. Personally I don't. I much prefer the standard coffee table portrait style book. My second gripe is with the page numbering system. I have no problems with actual design of the cut-off numbers. Which incidentally is a design feature and not a printing error as some people seem to think. Its just that the page numbers are far too big for the page itself. This means that the text has been reduced in size in order to fit in between the numbers. Also on some of the text pages there is a lot of empty white space, which could have been filled by either additional text or a small inset photo. I'm sure that there must have been lots of additional photos at the author's disposal that weren't used which could have filled any empty spaces.

To sum up. This is a lovely book with lots of useful information and great colour photos. However it is not the complete reference guide it could and should have been. For the die-hard Star Trek fan there are other books with far more detailed information. But for the casual fan or newbie this book is a great starting off point. However the book is marred by unnecessary publishing design gimmicks such as the book's landscape design and page numbering system. Its a pity that the publishers didn't have enough faith in the original source material without having to resort to these gimmicks. However that said, the book is an entertaining easy read which deserves to be on the bookshelf of even the most casual fan of the Original Series. It is a perfect, (though incomplete in some ways), episode reference guide to keep alongside your Original Series DVDs. If you view the book in that way then you won't be disappointed. And at £10 including shipping, Star Trek 365 is a bargain that won't hang around for long.

Overall I would give the book four stars out of five for text and photo contents. But loses one star because of the unnecessary gimmicky nature of the book design.
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on 17 December 2015
Great photos and good text, full of interest.

Only four stars due to failure to put a Table of Contents at the start, listing the order in which the epsodes are featured. However still a handy thing to have for a Star-Trek-crazy person. Apart from that this is a lovely book to own and read. It is full of interesting information and a range of wonderful pictures too. It is respectful to the canon but still likes to have a bit of fun. Thoroughly recommended!
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on 18 July 2015
Beautifully illustrated with many, many rare and interesting photographs of the original Star trek Series this is a very highly recommended book.

A superb, stunning, treasure trove of rare photographs and interesting information about all the original episodes, the fans, merchandise and memorabilia.

Very, very highly recommended, superb.
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on 23 November 2010
I'm only a casual Star Trek fan and don't really own any other merchandise, so I found this book to be a great read. For me it was both informative and entertaining with an easy-on-the-eye layout.
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on 21 November 2012
Good points: a wonderful trip down memory lane with memories of what happened in each epidode. Lovely large pictures.
Bad points: numbers of pages far too big, and several pages blank for half the page - could be much better use of space. Disappointing that there was no information of who appeared in which episode.
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on 26 May 2011
A nice book to go with the DVD or Blue Ray sets of the original Star Trek series. I have the three series sets of the DVD's and found this book a great asset as it gives a brief description of each episode with a number of still pictures, and background information that you do not get with the DVD's. I would recommend it as a good reference book and I only gave it four stars as the trekies will almost certainly find fault with it somewhere.
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on 28 August 2010
I agree with everthing Mapster says about this book, it really has been spoilt, I too thought there might be a printing or cutting error, but if there was a cutting error the photos would not look right.

However, that aside the book is printed on excellent paper and the photos are also excellent. For a book of this quality I think the price from Amazon is amazing, especially bearing in mind the free postage for a book of it's weight, it really is heavy weighing in at about 4 to 5 pounds. This book , aside from it's page number peculararity has got to be the best book on Star Trek the Original Series.

Just one other thing about the book is it's binding, the cover does not open fully back, making it possible to damage the binding if not careful. Also make sure you have clean hands when handling as the glossy pages show finger grease marks up.

Lastly, my thanks to Amazon for their quick delivery and brilliant price which includes shipping.
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on 24 May 2011
This has just arrived and I have to say I'm really pleased with this purchase, not least considering how reasonably priced it is. If you've more than a passing interest in TOS then this is a great companion to have to the television series. The book is satisfyingly thick and weighty with high quality photos reproduced throughout as well as being packed full of interesting minutiae around the shows themselves. It's also clearly a labour of love by the authors, to whom I'm very grateful.

I've seen from other reviews that some shoppers have been unlucky in that the copies they received were tattered or worn looking. I just want to add here for anyone who's tempted by this book but is a little wary of buying it due to reading those reviews that my copy is in 100% new, unused condition. I heartily recommend this to you!
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on 21 October 2010
The folks above are quite right in their praise of this book - it's a great addition to any collection without being considered comprehensive (if you want a comprehensive history of ST-TOS by the way look no further than Bob Justman and Herb Solows's "Inside Star Trek: The Real Story.") But back to 365, what I'm struggling to comprehend are my fellow reviewers'negative comments about the book's page design. The page numbers on the left hand spreads are indeed cut off top and bottom but with the greatest respect guys, it's just a cool piece of graphic design and certainly not irritating enough to cost a star from a review. The fun of this book is the selection of stills, some obvious and some quirky with a lot you won't have seen before. Even if you don't like trendy graphics, enjoy it for what it is, a fun, funky but slickly put together scrapbook about your fave show!
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