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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2015
its very very rare for a sci fi series to have a huge
plot arc (the only other was babylon 5 and its shadow war season,aka lord of the rings in space) the mood setting of enterprise season 3 changed
from ooh ah explorers to really upset vengefull soldiers hell bent
on finding the xindi .. the character whose changed the most is archer
who went from go luck happy explorer to a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders, one of my favourite characters pops up namely the roguish commander shran . i really enjoyed the punch up between the miffed reed and cocky hayes
the episode with the vulcan ship turned in top a zombie episode which might please some viewers

in simbiont where tripp is cloned some viewers might remember a similar
voyager episode where tuvok and neelix are joined as one unique being in both cases janeway and archer have to say a agonising goodby to them both
as with all blue ray star trek episodes there is a lot of extras not included
in the dvd version , colour, picture and sound excellent
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on 12 December 2014
I love this show. I am addicted to it, but I am so dissappointed about not including spanish castillian (neither subtitles) in any edition of 3rd or 4th season.
Quality of this bluray is awesome. Buy it!
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on 10 March 2015
Bought this because I have special place in my heart for Jeffrey Combs and his portrayal of the aggressive, smart and loyal Commander Shran. Really entertaining episode with some great twists! Particularly loved the 'Andorian mining consortium' scene :-D
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on 5 October 2005
For those of you whom have never watched Enterprise, I'd strongly recommend you watch the previous 2 seasons first, or at least the second half of Season 2, which tees up Season 3's entire story arc.
An excellent Season, full of surprises and great acting, as the crew travel deep into the Expanse in search of the Xindi and the new weapon the Xindi are making.
There are some particularly strong episodes, that really makes the viewer think, such as "Similitude", where Phlox has to make a cloned version of Trip in order to save the real Trip. A good mixture of action and "thinking" type episodes are throughout this very strong season.
The actual DVD set, like the previous two, is fantastic. The episodes are crystal clear on screen, the packaging matches the previous two sets and looks fabulous, and the interactive menu screens are of the usual easy-to-navigate type.
The extras are excellent also. It's always nice to watch the small featurettes on behind-the-scenes, and get more input about the characters from the actors themselves and the writing crew. The outtakes are ALWAYS welcome too.
An enjoyable Season, and a great DVD set! 5 Stars!
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on 21 May 2014
I remember Season 3 as being very good when I watched this series 1st time around.

Revisiting on Blu-ray has been a slight disappointment, perhaps tarnished by the generally poor picture quality by today's standards. TNG on Blu-Ray has a far better image quality throughout.
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In the interest of helping the sagging ratings, the producers decided to give the show a season long story arc. Introduced in the second season finale, the crew of Enterprise has a new mission. Instead of exploring, the crew must now track down the Xindi and stop them from building a weapon that will destroy Earth. The problem is, the area of space they are exploring is filled with strange anomalies that affect the crew in strange ways. And if they don't stop the Xindi, the entire human population will be destroyed.
With so much at stake, I was hoping this season would raise the series above the disappointing second season. There were some very good episodes, but too many of them were still sub par. In fact, many I had figured out completely by the second commercial break. I was so bored it took my friends watching it with me to keep me going until the final episodes kicked the story into high gear and got me hooked again.
Die-hard Trekkies will want this set to complete their collection. Casual fans can just pass right on by and wait for the far superior final season.
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on 22 March 2015
Better than dvd version on picture and sound. I'd say a 30% improvement, unlike season 4 where there is a large jump in quality. Still if your a star trek fan and you dont have the dvds already then your going to buy it anyway!
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on 4 January 2015
Love every season of Enterprise! At the moment I have all four on DVD but am considering upgrading to blu-ray copies, all I can say is that if your new to Star Trek this is the series to watch first, not only is it set in a timeline before all the other main Trek series but its also the most modern and for me the most entertaining! Buy It!
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on 24 January 2014
I'll keep this brief.
Enterprise was a series cut down in its prime by interfering network executives, the show had an excellent cast, great production value and will long be remembered as a high quality series.

Since I already own the DVDs I have to say that the price Amazon is trying to charge for this one Blu Ray set is ridiculous.
Given that Enterprise was filmed in HD there is no work needed to the same degree in transferring the series to Blu Ray as there has been required for TNG Blu Ray so the price is not justified.

Amazon if you are reading this review from a long time buyer on your site, drop the price to £35 and more people will buy it, because at £50 (circa Jan 2014) you won't be selling any.
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on 9 August 2005
The 3rd season is really good it starts character developement that because they canceled the programme you don't see end the way you'd like. Lots of action in this compared with season two and as such much more enjoyable.
The Xindi have been told that in 400 years humans will destroy them and so have decided a pre-emptive strike is callled for.
My favourite episode is the one with the vulcans - this is a good buy. Out of the four its the best
Its a shame they cut the series short and then insulted all fans with that final episode - I still feel cheated.
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