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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 May 2015
I have to say that this watch looks so much better in the flesh its highly polished insides gleam in the sunlight, and so far it has kept great time, I have not had to alter it in four days. The strap is a soft leather which is very comfortable to wear, which makes a nice change in these cheap watches.
Although this is an Auto wind watch I still give it half a dozen turns every morning in order to keep it topped up, and so far its been fine.

There has bee some negative reviews but these have been mainly about how the watch runs, and I wonder if its because people aren't sure how to use a mechanical watch. When it first arrives you should fully wind it by turning the crown clockwise until you feel resistance, to set the time you can gently pull out the crown and turn it anti-clockwise which will turn the hands clockwise, you should never turn the hands anti-clockwise as this can damage the watch. If, like me you take your watch off before going to bed its worth giving it half a dozen turns in the morning to keep it topped up.

I have bought a number of these Chinese watches recently and I have to say this is one of the best, its a beautiful accurate timepiece that boasts self-wind, water resistance and a decent leather strap, I only paid £10.00 for this watch, but it would have still been worth the money if it were three times this price.
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on 4 June 2015
This watch is wonderful. I am a big fan of steampunk and this watch seemed to be a cheap but reliable option. When I initially got it I was happy with the look which, although quite gaudy, was fitting with steampunk and did not overpower the rest of the watch. It is easy to tell the time which is important and that strap, although not authentic leather, fit nicely on my wrist.

There were a couple of problems that, although minor, prevent this being a 5 star review.

The strap did not soften with use and therefore caused irritation with parts of my wrist where is rubbed. However this was only occasionally.
The glass front and back is very fragile and can be easily broken. I accidentally brushed it off my desk and it smashed. However it was easy to replace the glass so that was not too much of a problem.
Finally the watch itself only keeps ticking when it is moving. Therefore, you have to rewind it to the correct time each morning which, although a minor thing, was slightly annoying, especially when I was in a rush.

However in all it was a brilliant buy, especially for the price and I would recommend this product to any fellow steampunk enthusiast.
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on 30 April 2016
i was fed up with battery failures on my two digital watches, so decided to go back to mechanical. Looking for something attractive but within a strict budget I came across this model. It has a quirky but interesring face. You can see the clockwork mechanism working under the clock hands, although this makes reading the time more difficult, but in my opinion worthwhile.
The reason for only 4 stars is that the watch loses about 2 minutes per day; also the self-wind is not absolutely reliable.but I now live happily with this watch by resetting it to 2 minutes fast when I go to bed, at the same time giving it 7 partial turns to keep it wound up.
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on 31 December 2013
Loved the watch, so did my boyfriend. It looks very expensive and has had many compliments. It is easy to use and my boyfriend wears it everyday so it must be comfy to wear. Brilliant watch, would recommend.
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on 2 December 2015
The perfect gift. I bought this for my boyfriend, but I was quite hesitant because it wasn't from the UK. Well needless to say, I shouldn't have worried. The watch is great, the design is sleek and modern which gives it a professional appeal. For the price it is brilliant and I would highly recommend this watch.

However, if you've large wrists, I don't think it would suit you as the watch is one the smaller side. Small wrists, go nuts.
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on 7 November 2015
These inexpensive Chinese watches have received mixed reviews but for the price I decided to "Give it a go." First impressions were that the watch looked far better in the flesh than the picture promised. I have had automatic winding watches before costing much more than this one and almost every one has required some manual winding each day. On receipt I set the watch to the correct time using a radio controlled watch as reference and gave it 20 turns of the winder, I give it about 10 turns every morning and evening and it has performed perfectly. I think it may have lost a few seconds in 2 weeks but for a mechanical watch this is very good indeed. So far it d I am very prone to scratching and knocking watches. If you only ever buy one item from china this should be the one.
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on 24 January 2015
very impressive looking watch did remember to give it 20 winds to start it ......hope fully that will keep it going when wearing it being an automatic ...any way time will tell............price very reasonable .....well packed didn't have to wait all that long for delivery........
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on 3 June 2015
For the price you can't complain about this watch. It's a bit shiny out of the box which I'm hoping will dull down with a bit of wear and tear. The strap that comes with the watch is a bit cheap looking, I spent £20 buying a nice looking leather strap and it has totally lifted the watch. It could easily be confused with quite an expensive watch. I was worried that a cheap watch that didn't require a battery would lose time within minutes but has been lasting easily a whole day, taking it off at night when going to bed has seen it lose time on occasions. However, my colleague spent £2k on his watch and it doesn't last any longer. Overall very pleased, wish it was a little less shiny as it's already quite an intricate design but for the price it's a steal. * When I went to change the strap the guy in the shop didn't believe how cheap the watch was and went online and bought one there and then - either a good sign or maybe we both have bad taste?
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on 4 April 2016
I am happy with this watch, it keeps time well so far. However, after a couple of days the buckle on the strap has failed which means I cannot wear the watch at present and must purchase a new strap to fit. If it were not for the strap failure I would give this a 5. As it is it's a great buy at the price and I am grateful that I'm no longer at the mercy of lithium batteries and damaging the environment. A few windings on the watch are free for all time.

The styling is nice, everyone who as seen the watch agrees that it's good looking and stylish. I recommend it highly but with the caveat that you may need to purchase a new strap. (Although I may have been unlucky with this).
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on 31 March 2017
If I could give zero stars I would!
When the watch arrived it looked great. The only problem was the crown which was impossibly tight! I couldn't set the time and had to forget about winding it. I set it aside until this past weekend (daylight saving) and after breaking a nail in an effort to open the crown, it broke off. Sent 2 emails to the seller including a photo of the obviously faulty watch but got no response. Amazon won't give me a refund either. A total waste of time, effort and money!
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