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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Dark Natural|Change
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on 6 June 2011
Great Ukulele for beginners. Apparently the Ukulele is hand made, I believe this is not mentioned in the description.

I'm having great fun with it. At first you might have problems with the Ukulele going out of tune quickly after tuning it. The strings need about a day to stretch out a little. After that the strings are fine.

Although the strings are fine, you can't really expect to have great strings for a low budget Ukulele. So I would recommend that you buy a set of new strings. This can change and improve the Ukulele a lot and you can enjoy much better sounds for only a small price. Personally, I have purchased a set of Aquila Nylgut Soprano Ukulele (key of C) strings which are recommended by a lot of people. They sell them for around £6 on amazon.

Advice for the beginners:
Bob Marley songs are easy to learn and great fun to sing along to.
Don't bother paying for Ukulele tuners, if you have an Android or an iPhone, I'm sure you can find some sort of free tuner app. I use "DaTuner" on my HTC. Otherwise, there are tuners online. ([...])

For reference - Estimate string frequencies for a tuned Ukulele:
G String (4th) - 392Hz
C String (3rd) - 262Hz
E String (2nd) - 330Hz
A String (1st) - 440Hz
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on 14 January 2012
I hadn't noticed Paul had already done a video, but here's another one, hope you like it.
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on 25 December 2011
I got my Stagg Uke for my birthday but I had been looking at it anyway. It does drift out of tune when you first get it and i would suggest getting an electronic tuner if you can. I got this one and it was very good:
My Computer was making a horrible whirring song while recording and I made a worse one singing.
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Not going to repeat what other reviewers have said, except to say that I've been playing Uke for a few months now & this is a very good instrument. It's tons better than the majority of the other budget ukes out there.

Like most others, I also changed the strings but for a £6 upgrade it's well worth it. Couldn't see the point of bedding-in strings which were never going to be great. Now that the Aquilas have settled, I enjoy playing this all the time.

BTW, I'm the one who supplied the pics of the "cut-up" instrument. It's not bc I'm potty, just that I was making a mini, travel version & the fingerboard & gears on this instrument are better & cheaper than those available as separate items. While I was sawing it up, I thought I'd snap the pics as I figured it'd be interesting to show how it's constructed - something most folk wouldn't ever see...

Definitely recommended!
review image
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on 5 September 2011
well i like this little uke. it looks very well and once i got new strings and help to tune it it worked great. the strings will fall out of tune very often to begin with but just keep re-tuning and stretch them out and it will stay in tune eventually. this happens anyway with new strings.
the reason i only gave it a 3 is because of the a combination of the thin wood used to make it and the tight string tention has resulted in the bridge, which is only screwed on with two small screws, being pulled out screws and all. i think that if i just stick it was a good wood glue then that will be problem solved.
i would recomend as a beginers uke and knowing what i know now id also recomend loosening the screws a little and squeeze some wood glue unger the bridge and refasten the screws. it would definitly hold the tention there after.
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on 21 August 2011
I gave this ukulele 5 stars because of its amazing playability and low price. I have only used one other cheap ukulele before and its sound had nothing to do with this one. Sometimes it gets too loud for the body of the instrument. It took me about 2 weeks of playing in order to stay tuned but now the strings are just fine. Nato wood might be a bit harder for the fingers and it seems to get easily scratched but in my opinion it is a must have instrument for your vaccation, beautiful and ergonomic.
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on 15 March 2011
Arrived in great condition much faster than I expected. I noticed that there were a few ukes around for about this price and went for this one since I didn't feel the need for extras such as picks and chord sheets. (also I think it looks prettier)
The strings stay in tune nicely (after the first few hours) and I love playing it. Definitely worth the money. A great starter uke.
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on 17 June 2011
This is a great ukulele for the price, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. There have already been several good reviews of the ukulele on Amazon, so I thought I'd try to summarise some of the uke's good and bad points.

* The ukulele has a nice tone, plays well and stays in tune. There are no frets which buzz or fail to play properly.
* It has geared tuning heads, which I find easier to use than the basic non-geared ones.
* The colour and general appearance of the ukulele are very nice -- it's much less garish than those painted Mahalo ones
* It came with a good case
* It has fretboard markers (at frets 5, 7, and 10 -- different to the guitar, but NOT a mistake). These are simply paper stickers, rather than proper inlayed markers, but will still provide assistance to beginners. It doesn't look like all the Mahalo ukes have these.

* The strings look and feel quite cheap, but generally stay in tune. As already mentioned, better quality replacements are not expensive.
* The build quality of my uke feels OK, but the screw on the back of the G tuning head was rather loose. I found that the G string stayed in tune better after I'd tightened it
* The action (i.e. the height of the strings above the fretboard) is quite high. On my uke there is a 4mm gap between the strings and the top of fret 12. From what I've read, ideally the action would be a bit lower than this. I am considering lowering the action myself (instructions can be found online).

I got mine from Manns Music -- I ordered it on Sunday night, and it arrived on Tuesday morning.
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on 26 April 2011
A great starter ukulele, was surprised by the great sound it makes for such a small price, would recommend to anyone looking for a first uke.
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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2011
I bought two of these Ukuleles as my partner and I had decided to learn together. The Stagg US10 arrived very well packaged and come with their own nylon case. As other reviewers pointed out, despite the low cost, these instruments look like 'real' instruments rather than novelty items. The sound seemed good enough from the start, although I had purchased some replacement strings Aquila Nylgut Soprano Ukulele strings (key of C) as another reviewer said that they would improve the sound of the Ukulele immensely (they do).

I would also recommend purchasing a chromatic tuner with your instrument - I bought this one Tanglewood TCT1 Chromatic "Traffic Light" Tuner which makes life a lot easier, as the Ukulele goes out of tune very quickly, especially when the strings are new.

I also purchased First Lessons Ukulele [With CD] which, again, a reviewer had recommended. I found it a bit basic though, and since then I purchased Ukulele For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyles Paperback)) which seems to be a lot more thorough, despite being written in a very light, funny conversational style (like most of the 'Dummies' series book).

I would definitely recommend this Ukulele for anyone starting out - I'm no expert and I'm sure that there are better models out there for people who can actually play, but if you are a beginner and just want to try it out, you cannot go wrong with the Stagg US10.
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