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on 13 February 2015
I have just started to make a claim using this, I am now being told that I have to pay a £50 excess for my claim! The terms and conditions have changed since November. I was never alerted to this change, nor has this page even been updated to reflect this. I paid for 2 years cover, in advance under the terms and conditions set. They have voided our contract.

The whole reason I went for SquareTrade over others was the zero excess, they have changed this and I am now having to pay as I need my item fixed. But I can assure you that I will not be going with ST again, who feel that they can change the terms freely whenever they want. What if next they remove the accidental cover aspect, or they increase the excess to £100, £200...

As they have voided the contract I am entitled to a full refund, but as they never told me abou this when it changed, and I am only discovering when I need their help, I am at their mercy. A simple mistake I think not, I believe that they are fully aware of what they are doing. If I had known, I would have gotten a refund when my item was not broken and took my money elsewhere. Now that my phone is broken I am stuck with them!

Absolute disgrace!
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on 7 September 2015
The reason they only get one star is because, I've now had some issues with the touch ability of my phone, battery life and other problems. I rang them and they asked me if I had the means for them to take £50 off me before getting it fixed. The last time, I did not have to pay and they said I did in accordance with their terms and conditions. I checked, they were correct and I was prepared to pay it were it not for the responses on the phone. I rang and asked whether I would be given a receipt for this £50 for 'excess damages', I was told they don't do receipts as such but I'd get 'verbal confirmation over the phone' . Sorry, what? I then persisted and the customer service assistant mumbled something about sending me an email to confirm, but no receipt per se. So I would be required to provide payment details over the phone, get no receipt and then afterwards trust that they will email me the paperwork to send off my phone to them? Sorry, not falling for that, sounds like the makings of an easy scam to me. What a ridiculous way of doing things.

I used them once in 2014, they told me for a week they'd sent my paperwork for me to send my phone, it was only after 5 phonecalls someone actually bothered to send me the email. When they took my phone, it was sent back to me within a reasonable timeframe. They did fix it, but when I asked for the specifics of what had been done, as is my right to know, I was not given any information, no information came with the phone. It worked better than before, still had a few glitches but never resent as couldn't be bothered with going through the whole thing.

Conclusion: there are better providers out there who operate more transparently, I'd give this one a miss, save yourself the uncertainty and concerns about any dodginess.
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on 25 September 2013
Bought an iPod from Amazon for a Christmas present and thought the right and safe thing to do was to buy a warranty including accidental damage. It was very straight forward to purchase and ok to file a copy of my receipt online.
However, after dropping and cracking the screen by accident in August 2013, making a claim has been nothing less than a nightmare. The iPod slipped out my hand while taking a photo, I rang and submitted a claim the same day, first of all they said that even though I had an acknowledgement from them back in December 2011 they said they didn't have my receipt, so couldn't proceed until they received it. So I emailed it to them over 10 times before they replied to say they had received it, anyway, I had to print a label and forward to their repair place and after five days they emailed to say they had received it and today I got it back, when opening the wrapping I have cut my finger on the glass on the iPod screen, looks like a trainee has repaired it. It is a poorly fitted replacement screen and the corner of the is damaged(from the accidental damage) but they haven't bothered to replace the back. Can I face calling them again? And risking going without my iPod another five weeks? Do not waste your money with this company is my advice, silly thing I have this policy on another two items bought via Amazon, what a waste of money!
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on 9 June 2015
I would urge anyone thinking about Squaretrade to think twice about trusting them to insure your expensive products. If you own an apple product, use Applecare, these guys cannot be trusted to look after your item in the event of an accident. My ongoing experience with Squaretrade has been terrible.

Having attempted to take my iPad out of its case, i accidentally dropped it screen down onto my tiled kitchen floor, smashing the display. Filed a claim online with Squaretrade, arranged for a courier to collect the item for inspection, and waited. 4 days later, received a phone call from the repair depot (greenbridge.co.uk) telling me the repair was complete and they would ship my iPad back to me next day. So far so good i thought, until the next day i opened the box containing the ipad to find what i can only describe as a third rate repair job. My finger no longer glided over the screen, it felt rough and didn't appear to be a genuine apple screen. The edges of the ipad were full of chips and holes and jagged bits of black plastic. Worst of all though, the iPad now had a number of noticeable scratches to the aluminium back casing. This "greenbridge.co.uk" company that had carried out the repair, appeared to have done so with less than careful handling, carrying out the screen replacement on a dirty workstation and in the process scratching the back. I immediately sent an email to squaretrade to express my disappointment with the quality of the repair, and the damage that had occured to my iPad whilst in their possession. I was called by Gillian, who was very apologetic and expressed a real desire to get this resolved. She arranged for the iPad to be "reworked" and so the Ipad was collected once more. Two days later, i receive an email from Ian at Squaretrade informing me of the following -

"The depot have inspected your iPad.

They say that all parts including glass used by them are official Apple parts.

With regards to the scratches, they say that they use suction cups to remove or add screens.

They also say that the scratches were present before the repair.

Because there are no issues found with your iPad, it will be returned to you unrepaired, as cosmetic damage is not covered by your warranty."

So now i am left with a poorly repaired iPad, with cosmetic damage that was not present before the repair, and as a result of my warranty claim, now own a product of significantly less value than the amount i insured the product for, and the potential for selling my iPad in the future non-existant in its current state of post-repair. I am left with a feeling that i have been cheated, and i am upset with myself for trusting Squaretrade to properly handle my accident claim. Therefore, i am urging everyone who owns an apple product and wishes to insure it against potential accidents to seriously consider Applecare+. It may cost slightly more, and there is a £39 excess fee for accidental damage, but you're left with the absolute peace of mind that your repair (if they even bother with repair and don't just straight swap it out with a new/refurbished) will be carried out professionally, by apple certified technicians and with genuine apple parts, and not by some dodgy third rate IT company that will lie when presented with a genuine complaint. What Squaretrade are offering is simply not worth it, if they will insist on sourcing out repair work to these kind of companies. To so easily dismiss my complaint, and trust the outright lies of their repair depot, smacks of a company that couldn't care less about me. As far as they're concerned, a new screen has been put in, my claim is complete. They couldn't be operating any further from the promise on their website "WHEN IT BREAKS, OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOU GOOD AGAIN."

I'm not "good again", i'm worse off and left with a scratched, poorly repaired iPad, and left feeling totally cheated and angry. Please please, if you own an apple product, use Applecare+, these guys are simply not worth it. If you don't own an apple product, seriously think twice about trusting Squaretrade to "make you good again".
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on 24 December 2014
Dodgy firm, this warranty wasn't for my Lumix GH2, the one for that I used when I dropped my camera, they got it fixed, but I was unaware that the cost of the repair is knocked of the amount it's "insured" for, they also didn't inform me how much this was when camera was returned, it broke again a while later, how I don't know hardly been used as I bought the GH3 when the GH2 broke, I informed them it needed repairing again & they told me I only had £70 pound of insurance left, it cost £730 to fix the first time, the camera only cost £739 two year earlier with a lens, they could've given me a new camera without a new lens for about £400/500, so they basically said it cost £200/300 more than the camera cost to repair it, logic fail I'd say, not at all happy, should've got a solicitor invoked, but dealing with this kinda thing makes me feel sick.
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on 12 December 2015
Be careful! I have bought squaretrade warranties for years, and have often added them with mobile phone purchases via amazon. ALl of a sudden Squaretarde have edited their listing to state "This warranty is not for Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets or TVs."
So despite the fact I have bought this exact cover for phone, and it was integrated with amazon at time of purchase, suddenly mobile phones aren't covered by this warranty.
I intended to buy another warranty with a new phone, but seeing "This warranty is not for Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets or TVs." hidden away in the listing I wont bother. I searched for ages and there are no smartphone or mobile phone plans at all any more, only tablets.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 September 2011
I had just bought a new Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and I was reminded by Amazon if I would like to take a 3 year warrenty for accidental damage and general cover.. Having looked in to it and had other insurances before from other major companies.. these people beat their prices by far.. The cheapest I could find was £2 a month and that was only for breakdown..NOT accidental cover too like this one... There was no contest really..
On receiving the email document (remember to keep it safe and backed up somewhere) I noticed the start date about 8 days in advance and was concerned about this,so I promptly rang the company (Free Phone) and they said everything was fine and my camera was covered.. They do this to make sure you have the product in time to cover it.. I'd actually had mine a week anyway...Just to mention.. this insurance cover is for ANY electrial product up the the value you ticked at the application screen.. in my case, Up to £250 (give a penny or two)...Remember also to keep the original receipt for your camera or whatever it is your insuring as this will be the first thing they will ask you for
I have given 5 stars because of the contact I had with the company and the ease in which it is to set up.. but I might report otherwise depending on any repairs I might have.. but this will apply to any other reviews on here about the policy..but if your looking for a no frills insurance at a great price for 3 years look no further.
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on 20 July 2012
I bought a Kindle to take with me on a two month visit to Australia. Took out SquareTrade Warranty + Accident Protection while in Australia, hoping I would not have reason to use it; and wondering whether the claims the company made might just be too good to be true. About a week before returning to UK the Kindle was knocked from a bedside table to a carpeted floor; and it stopped working. On return to the UK, I rang Square Trade as per instructions received with policy. Operator I spoke to was polite and helpful. That was at 6.30 p.m. on a Friday night. By 11.00 a.m. the following morning (Saturday) a replacement Kindle had been delivered. By 11.00 a.m. on the Monday my original (now defunct) Kindle had been collected by Courier. This insurance policy really does do exactly what they claim. Cannot recommend it too highly.
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on 25 January 2016
Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, what a frustrating outfit.

My moto g phone, stated it had "No sim Card", even when present. I contacted squaretrade on the 20/12/15. It's now 25/1/16 and I still have the same problem. I had to chase them 3 times to say "where is my return label", even though it was promised 3 times. Then when it was "Repaired???" it was returned to me without its screen protector, or sim card tray, still saying "No sim Card" - which ever working sim card I used.

I've now had to chase them another twice, for a promised email arranging return for a repair, yet to be seen.

The telesales staff always seem pleasant and helpful, but what use is that, if a Squaretrade policy is worthless.
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on 8 October 2013
It may be unclear, but the way this service works is that say you spent £550 on an item and get this square trade warranty on it. If the device becomes faulty or you break it within the 2 (or 3) year period, and you send it to them they will fix/replace the item. Over the 2 (or 3) year period the maximum amount of money they will spend on fixing/replacing your item will be £550. (the initial cost)

I used this for a phone I bought from amazon. I had the phone for about 6-7 months no problem. Unfortunately I dropped it in a canal (by accident).
Obviously I couldn't fish it out, and I explained the situation to a square trade representative over the phone. She said that as I wouldn't be able to send the phone in, she would have to get special permission to replace the phone. Luckily they allowed it, although they made it sound as though this is an exception, so I wouldn't count on that usually. If I had been able to fish the phone out, then there wouldn't have been any problem at all.

They reimbursed me the initial cost of the phone and so I have bought a new one and will buy another square trade warranty. I think it's a great service and works well. It's good to know that if you or a mate break your precious item, it's covered.
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