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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Day-One Edition|Change
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on 3 March 2014
Great game with some forgivable technical hiccups.

The best description for the feel of the game is somewhere between Dishonoured and Deus Ex. The stealth mechanics are competent and work well, but I was expecting 'something more' given the franchise's reputation.

There is no XP system within the game, so every improvement you gain and all your new equipment comes from the rewards of your thievery. This starts to become worryingly compulsive as the game goes on, and does create a 'quiet thrill' when you're trying to snatch your objective from under the enemy's nose.

You can bludgeon your way through the well realised city streets, but if you do this game will quickly become dull: it's not about first-person violence, it's about knowing your surroundings and how to manipulate them to your advantage. Once you get the knack of how everything interacts you can turn potentially hairy situations to your advantage, and it's an empowering feeling.

Sound is good, graphics and surprisingly good on the PS3 (I expected that most of the effort would have gone into the next-gen versions and that this would be a significant downgrade) with nice effects, good resolution and very strong art design.

There are lots of strong medieval and gothic elements mixed in with a little sorcery and electricity.

The game suffers from a few too many loading screens, occasional detail pop-in, and very occasional framerate stutters but it is running a modern game on last generation hardware. It was never bad enough to affect my enjoyment of the game.

Better than Dishonoured? Probably not, but Thief is still well worth getting stuck into.
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on 30 July 2014
I finally got around to finish this game and decided to make a review.

This game is by no means unplayable, but it has a number of issues that makes it difficult to enjoy. Furthermore the fact that Square Enix are willing publish a game in this scrambled state can only be interpreted as a sign of disrespect towards their customer base.

The game has a number of major issues and if you cannot look past those you will not find any enjoyment in this game. So let's get started:
1) The sound system is broken: The first few minutes I played the game, the sound kept dropping in and out during cut scenes, and that turned out to be a recurring problem throughout the entire game. Sometimes all speech will just vanish and the only indication that someone should have been talking is the rapid flashes of subtitles at the bottom of the screen. The loudness of footsteps and voices almost never has anything to do with how close enemies are to you. Sometimes you cannot hear what people are saying right in front of you because of another conversation taking place behind two walls, down on the street, around the corner. Enemies will often start a new sentence before they are finished with the first. There are MANY more small issues with the sound but let's just say that the sound is broken.
2) Almost everything you can do is animated and contextual: Whenever you interact with the environment the game will take control away from you for a few frustrating seconds while you see the same animation over and over again of Garret grabbing something or opening/closing something. This became really infuriating when the game gets confused about what you want to do. Sometimes I would try hitting a wall/crate close to guards in order to create a distraction, the game assumed I was trying to hit the guard on the opposite site of the wall and would transport me straight through my cover, into a lit room so that I would hit the guard, alerting everything close by and forcing me to load an earlier save. Sometimes the guards have to wait until the animation is done before they can do anything, so they will stand idle by, while their friends gets taken down by the over long take-down-animation. Furthermore all jumping and climbing are contextual and done with the same button that allows you to run. This means that even though something might look climbable it most likely is not. You can only climb and jump on the places where the designer intended you to do so, so whether you will jump off a ledge and onto the platform in front of you or just plummet to your death is something you will learn through trail and error.
3) The quality of the characterization, the story and the writing is embarrassingly poor: Don't play this game if you want a gripping narrative or engaging characters.
4) You cannot have multiple save files and the game is filled with points-of-no-return: You can only have one save file and the auto-save function use the same file. Sometimes you will be scouting around for loot and by accident happen upon a point-of-no-return and the game will then immediately auto-save and prevent you from going back and picking up any loot you might have missed. Your only choice is to replay the chapter.
6) The game is very linear: I don't need an open world, but I would like some freedom in a game like this. The game feels restrictive and you don't really get the sense that you are making any decisions, just following the intended path.
5) The game does not seem confident in its own concept: *SPOILERS* This became clear when I found myself in a empty, haunted insane asylum. Here I had to pick up a lot of notes and journal entries about how scary this place is and all the awful experiments the doctors performed on the patients. Wheelchairs would move around on their own, I would hear voices and sometime see bodies on the floor, that would vanish the next second. It felt out of place and I got the feeling the developers were desperately grasping at straws. This became even more evident when Garrett would speak in a deep growling voice (yes like Batman) to show he meant business. *END OF SPOILERS*

If you can look past the design flaws, the inane characters, the stupid plot and the outright broken aspects of the game (I don't blame you if you can't) then you might still find some enjoyment in this game:
1) Some of the stealth mechanics are great: The way lightning and shadows work are fantastic. I love how you can really use the environment and the shadows to your advantage when you sneak around
2) Close combat sucks: Some might think this is not a good thing but in this game I think it is. Garrett is not a soldier, assassin or mercenary, he is petty thief who pretty much just steals anything that looks shiny. Garrett is not supposed to take on heavy armed, well-trained, professional soldiers. If you have to take on enemies your best chance is to shoot them from a distance or sneak up on them and take them down from behind.
3) When the game manages to let go of its stupid plot it becomes almost fun: When the game is just about some guy sneaking around in buildings, stealing almost anything he can get his hands on, then the game becomes almost enjoyable. Unfortunately this is only a small part of the game and not really the primary focus.

At times I get the feeling this game desperately wants to be Dishonored, which is great! Dishonored is a good game and taking inspiration from what other people did right is a wise strategy, and it's only fair considering how much Dishonored borrowed from the original Thief games. But it seems the developers have no idea what it is that makes Dishonored a good game. Thief is in many ways an insulting game and I guess it should be infuriating. But when I finally finished the game I had long since stopped caring. I would not recommend this game to anyone, simply because there are other games out there that does it better.
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After having played the previous three Thief games on PC, I have to say, this version feels somewhat genuine to the franchise. When you're playing, it does feel strangely consistent with how the originals were (only the graphics have improved dramatically).

Some aspects of the game are quite enjoyable, I will admit. The challenge of sneaking around in shadows and hiding in dark alleys, crawling through sewers and trying to keep out of sight while speedily working to unlock safes and grab loot before you're caught is still there. Combat is just as awkward as it always was (which is intentional, as Thief isn't meant to be a 'fighter' game, it's meant to be a stealth game). It feels just as it always did with the original franchise, with your score reflecting how stealthy you can pull off a heist or get through the entire level without being caught/spotted.

However, a lot of the original lore is missing from this "reimagining" of Thief (such as the factions), and a lot of the Steam-punk element is also gone so a lot of what made the world of Thief so interesting is now gone mainly. The characters have also been degraded to be less interesting and substantially there is far less dark humour than there was in the older games (you'll probably miss the way the guards used to talk to each other, or the random things you'd hear wandering NPCs say to each other and themselves). You can also feel how "Americanized" the game has been made (there were more British accents and undertones in the previous games), and it feels wrong somehow, it doesn't quite fit with the British-Victorian looking world they've created.

Navigation and the game world created here is the trickiest I've played in some time. Sometimes as you're moving from place to place in the levels, you feel like you're playing a dark Victorian-era Assassin's Creed. You spend more times on ledges, rooftops and climbing through windows than you do finding secret passages or tunnels and getting to where you need to be. Only, unlike Assassin's Creed, you don't have the same "freedom" as an open world usually provides, and there's so many dead ends and one-way areas you get so lost. There are normally tricky systems to get to the streets you need to get to; it isn't a case of walking around a corner and along a pavement but rather getting to a certain street is about having to cut through a building by a window and out another window, then through yet another house or sewer, it's confusing and not very cleverly done if you have a memory like a sieve and can't remember what path you took when all the streets start to look the same (especially if you've put the torches out, lol).

The mapping system in this game is by far the worst I've encountered. Each time you hit a different floor in the game, it changes the map to accommodate you which makes moving around to get from point A to point B incredibly tricky (imagine you've climbed onto a ledge outside, the map changes even though you can only go from one end of the ledge to the other...very unnecessary at times). It doesn't show where there's a good passage to get to one street from the next, and you spend time going in circles, climbing rooftops to get to one street only to find you're going to have to backtrack and go through two or three houses just to actually get where you need to be. Even if you can get to the roof on some places, there are only certain ways you can get down and if they aren't available, you're stuck backtracking.

The storyline wasn't that compelling and I felt it was completely unnecessary. A game like Thief doesn't NEED a storyline, all it needs are well written heist scenarios, some 'evidence' to find (such as letters that contain safe combinations, or secrets to be found') and some clever puzzles in awkward places to get to without being caught. Think of games like the Hitman series, where there isn't so much a storyline so much as just a mission where you're told where to go, who to kill, and given a number of different alternative methods of doing it. This is what this game needed to be (without the killing, obviously).

If it weren't for the awkward mapping system, I would probably play it again to get all the trophies but I'm not into self-torture. It got so confusing that I was spending more time wandering around aimlessly like a forgotten orphan in a Dickens Novel trying to happen upon where I needed to be rather than actually playing the missions and getting the loot. It was frustrating. The deeper you get into the game, the more complicated the mapping gets and so it gets more annoying and trickier to navigate. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of the game and that's why it gets a three instead of a four.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 March 2014
This game definitely owes something to the likes of "Dishonored", "Assassin's Creed", Resident Evil 4, etc.

You are judged at the end of each "chapter" by how sneaky you've been in achieving your goal.

- "predator" - death and destruction lies in your wake.

- "opportunist" - you mix sneaking around with a good bit of head bashing.

- "ghost" - virtually unseen, your presence might raise suspicion every now and again but you rarely have to brain someone.

You would think that "predator" would be an easy achievement and to a degree it is but the guards are tough to beat right from the start and that means that you will get the old RE screen "you are dead!" and have to endure several restarts from the last save point.

Which brings me to another issue with the game - it is load screen heavy. You move from one area to another - load screen. You force open a window for a little robbery and ... load screen. You pick the lock of a door and, you guessed it, load screen. There are so many load screen points that it did become invasive and broke up the enjoyment of the game for me.

The game is very much in the shoes of Dishonored but it lacks the fascination of Dunwall and the story which went with it. Unfortunately it looks like a toddler has gotten into mummy's high heels and make up.

As with "Dishonored" you are in a steampunk-type city ruled by those who have only themselves. Here you play "Garrett", a professional thief for hire living in a city where the ordinary man, woman and child is subjugated by those in power and by the all-consuming "gloom". Yet rebellion is brewing in the downtrodden populous but this won't help Garrett as he is not seen as one of them and will turn on him just as quickly as the city guards would. These rebels are following a man who may or may not be the saviour that they think he is.

Hmm, where I have seen that story line before - dark steampunk city, corrupt officials, plague, saviour(s) who may not be so good, only one man can reluctantly save the city ... Dishonored anyone.

So we climb up buildings and run along rooftops (like with Assassin's Creed); we solve problems (Resident Evil, DIshonored), we sneak past the guards to reach our goal (Assassin's Creed, Dishonored). Yep it's all been done before, and done better - and yet this is still an enjoyable (if not frustrating) game.

The only way to advance your weaponry is to steal items of value and buy them from a Merchant (not quite as creepy as the one in RE4). There are no experience points for upgrading items which is a shame - it's just a case of rob anyone if you want goodies from the weirdo merchant man.

The game is full of sneaking and/or fighting along with mini puzzles and lock-pick puzzles and it can be a good way to pass the time. It won't be in my top games but I will play it again when I need a change.
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on 5 December 2014
Thief it's a really good game to play, very good story that will keep you busy to managed the quest to earn money. if you like to earn more I recommend to do the side quest to get more items for yourself and to build up with your abilities. The graphic is well done for this city and it feels good in this game. I normal don't like a game where I cannot see myself, but the Thief have change a bit of my opinion more or less to read reviews that helps always a lot before I go ahead and get it.
The only negative part I have is the Map, it's not easy always to find your way because there are NO signs or Names of the streets only if you pass a gate, that shows you where you going. At the start i was walking around like crazy to find all the locations, where you sometimes need to find the right window again or need to get pass some boxes. That is the only thing there have could done better, but still a good reason to buy the game if you ready for some hart challenges, if you play the hart mode :) have fun.
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on 9 April 2014
It was well thought out. I enjoyed the aspect of being able to chose what type of strategic path you would follow and the equipment you had at your disposal. The story was great but could have been more detailed but other than that it was an amazing game.
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on 9 March 2014
It's seemed to a lot of us that this long-awaited game project was stuck forever in 'development hell'. That it's made a release at all is remarkable. It bears all the hallmarks of a project that has been jerked around all over the place. Perhaps the stunning success of 'Dishonored' provided the electric shock necessary to bring this corpse of a game back to life.

Like a lot of big name games that have suffered in this way it's not totally awful. Just very, very disappointing. The initial feel of this offering seems encouraging. Some really nice visuals along with a bucket full of high hopes raise expectations which are quickly dashed by the rather crappy execution. There are bad decisions everywhere. The developers have upped the specs of this game almost unrealistically whilst still delivering a game that looks like it should really be on Playstation 2. It actually feels a bit insulting. Ever get the feeling you've been ripped off?

There's clearly some considerable talent on show here but what good is it when so many other parts of the game are so shoddy? I'm sure there are a few very frustrated people at Eidos Montreal right now. Imagine working your heart out on this thing and finding that on completion the game should be let down by such bad audio, bad mechanics and a limp dead dog clunker of a story.

It looks like a project that was mothballed and then given a vigorous pimping in order to get it out there.

Thief represents a massive missed opportunity. A loyal and faithful fan base (including myself) for a terrific franchise with some excellent previous titles would have ensured a respectable longevity for this title.

But the worst thing of all is that this game will bury Thief once and for all. That's it. Dead and gone.

And that really is tragic. Since the old games are not playable on modern systems the Thief franchise is destined to be just a fond memory. No matter how much Garrett has stolen in his previous incarnations, his crimes are nothing to this.
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on 26 June 2016
Good game but i would say that it is far from being one of the best games in PS3. I feel game relies on collectables to make the game last a lot longer what it actually is, anyone would be able to breeze past this game in a few hours if they missed the loot, otherwise if you tried to collect everything this game would last around 12 hours. If you are looking for a good stealth game I would recommend Dishonoured as it is better in all areas in comparison to Thief.
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on 27 June 2014
This is a real rarity, a game so compromised that it should never have been released. It's buggy, sound frequently drops out altogether, but worse the map is practically unnavigable. A few of the individual missions are nicely designed, but how a product got to market in this sorry, virtually unplayable, state is a real mystery. One can only suppose hideous management interference at eidos since no self-respecting dev would let this out of captivity. Avoid.
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on 8 April 2014
I don't normally buy new PS3 games when they come out but when I seen the trailer for this I thought I might get it to give it a try. When I got it I have to say if you like games like Dishonored and Assassins creed then you will love this game.
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