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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis (Wii) with Wii MotionPlus Accessory
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: With MotionPlus|Change

on 21 August 2017
It tries to be a real tennis game on the Wii, which doesn't really work. That said, it is a fun game
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on 18 February 2010
I really enjoy this game, there's lots of acheivements / items to unlock and also being able to set yourself goals helps give the game longevity. Great as multiplayer too. As the Wii isn't capable of handing amazing graphics be prepared to see charactitures of tennis stars, not realistic looking models.

At first I found the controls a little difficult but this is because you need to be a bit more precise with your actions (unlike other wii games where flicking the remote in pretty much any direction will perform the required action) and I very quickly got used to the controls.

I found that you have to swing slightly early to get your shots, I don't think that this is lag. Its required so you can accurately place the ball where you want, apart from the occasional instance where it mistakes your change from front to back-hand or vice-versa as a swing and you miss your shot, though this isn't a huge problem.

So remember to swing ever so slightly early and keep solid, fluid motions and you should master it in no time.

Online play is also very good though there are a few issues such as lag and you will come across some online players which can serve and return at a speed that is almost impossible to react to. I'm not sure what that is about but you certainly won't see it in offline mode. Online play sometimes also has issues with recognising points and second bounces.

Despite those problems the game is very good and great fun. I'm not a fan a sports games but the Wii has changed that for me and this is an excellent example.
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on 22 June 2009
I bought this primarily as a good tennis game and for the motion plus as an afterthought. I was bored with Wii Sports tennis even though it was great fun and i wanted a deeper game with more shot control. This is what you get from EA GST!
I read the reviews of the motionplus and how its tough to get to grips with at first, so because i just wanted to play, i didnt bother with it. Its now a week on and i havent even plugged the motionplus in! Okay, i know this might be missing the point but i am loving the game by itself! The cartoony characters look great next to the (boring) other next-gen console type "realism" and now i can drop shot and lob when i want to. I can play flatshots, topspin and slice by swinging the remote like a real racket, which is an awesome feeling by the way!! Winning a set against Nadal or Federer is a great feeling and you can play as any of these players too.
I created my own player and have been taking him through the grand slam tournaments which are tough to begin with, but if you stick with it you get better and you get stars skills if you beat them in a match, (djokovich forehand and sharapova backhand is a wicked combo...). Not only that but you can use your 'made' character in the normal game mode too. Multiplayer games are fun as you would expect frrom EA but beware, doubles is fast and furious and its easy to mistime and overhit!
In short, its a great fun step up from the basic Wii Sports, with way more more choice and control (and more challenge) and ive still got the motionplus to look forward to. Excellent and money well-spent!!
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on 30 June 2009
I have played this for about 10-12 hours now. I have the Wii motion accessory. I don't have VT2009 and I haven't tried this game without the Wii motion.

All in all, it's pretty good. The interface takes a while to get used to (several hours). Basically a long swing across your body on either forehand or backhand is designed to take the ball cross court, whilst up/down translates to spin/slice.

This mostly works well and the game is enjoyable and fairly realistic (I do play a bit of tennis). However, I would note:-

Sometimes preparation for a swing i.e. drawing back your remote, is interpreted as a swing. For me, this means some of my shots end up with slice instead of the desired topspin, taking them out.

You need to play this game with the nunchuck. I gave it 5 mins without.

Despite best efforts, sometimes your player seems to suddenly swap from backhand to forehand (and graphics go a bit jerky) the result is usually not good for you!

Apart from this it works well and really is frustrating in a good way (like real tennis!). I do suspect that the placing of the balls is not 'analogue' i.e. there are 3 or so positions:- straight, slightly cross court, extreme cross court, so some repetition in rallies for me, even after quite short number of horus I have played, but I suppose it's as good as it gets with the technology available at the moment!
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on 30 June 2009
put fresh batteries in!

i played grand slam tennis for a couple days and found it pretty hard going even on easy. i played my friend, me with m+ her without, and didn't see any advantage.

had to put new batteries in today and suddenly its became too easy that i've moved onto hard. with new batteries, not dying ones, the m+ is more responsive and i can easily place my shots and do all the slices and top spin when i want.

its an enjoyable game. i would have liked more tournaments. and i really really hate those mini game matches you have to play in the grand slam. why cant i just play 3 exhibition matches then the tournament? i dont wanna play rubbish tag team tennis where the computer player keeps losing me points
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on 19 June 2010
I don't understand!! The game is clearly responsive and I CAN play it - EXCEPT there are certain periods of time where they CLEARY DO NOT WANT you to do well at it, and so suddenly they try every trick in the book to make it impossible for you to win, right down to having your character not even bother to swing at the ball!!!

This usually happens when the game gets 'harder', but I don't call not swinging at the ball 'hard', it is just infruiatingly impossible to win!!

Does extremely well at keeping you fit, and if you are willing to play through the periods where you CAN'T win, you will enjoy the times when they allow your character to actually translate your movements to the screen!
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on 13 June 2009
Having become bored of playing Eliza and Sara on wii sports I thought I'd check out GST and see what all the hype is about wii motion plus. To my relief GST didn't disappoint.

I can sympathize with some of the reviews on here and after an hour and a half last night I would probably have written something similar. At first motion plus doesn't seem all that responsive and the ability to match movements 1:1 appears a bit of a bold claim. Instead of dismissing it though I read a few reviews and realised the first trick is to hold the remote correctly with the buttons facing the ceiling. This is different to how I played wii sports but makes the world of difference.

Secondly give yourself 10 mins against the ball machine and just practice hitting left and right instead of just returning the ball. The learning curve is steep but once it clicks it is very satisfying. When you get the hang of this you can actually control rallies and hit winners.

I think most gamers are used to picking up games and very quickly working out button combinations or shortcomings to allow quick progress. GST isn't like this.

my tip is to allow yourself to get immersed in the game. change the match settings to full 6 game sets and play a game of tennis and you'll soon see what EA have done is nothing short of brilliant.

The programming isn't perfect and sometimes the game does make mistakes with backhand and forehand positioning but just play through your shot. It might not be the exact shot you wanted but the game seems to compensate and at least it will return your shot allowing you to get into position for the next shot. Follow through is also key. If you're using motion plus a flick of the wrist no longer does the trick like in wii sports. Instead follow through and angle your shots and rotate your wrist to get top spin or slice and suddenly this game comes to life. Cross court winners or down the line passes are possible and they're very satisfying when you make them.

Due to the motion sensor glitches you can lose the odd easy point which is frustrating and over a 3 game set (default match length)you'll probably lose at first. But over a best of 3 sets you can come out on top.

grand slam mode builds you up with basic warm up short matches against legend or current tennis stars to learn different styles of play. For example McEnroe does come to the net forcing you to learn lobs and passes, while Serena Williams hits backcourt powershots so you have to learn to place your shots, stay in rallies and work the angles. After these warm ups you're into the tournament and thats when the fun really begins.

An hour and twenty later I've beaten Michael Stich 2-6 6-2 6-3 in the last 16 of the Australian Open with most games going to deuce. The satisfaction comes from deciding to serve and volley when facing break point and making it work along or from nailing that top spin cross court shot having played your opponent into a corner. This is all possible in GST and thats without using the nunchuk.

The graphics are cartoon like but work in hiding some of the programming faults and certainly doesnt detract from gameplay. Ultimately this isn't the sort of game that you can pick up and suddenly be the next Roger Federer. I'm pretty average at tennis in real life and I'm pretty average at this but GST has managed to bring the fun and energy of playing for real to your living room. After a 3 set match you'll be sweating and i'm sure my arm will ache but I'm already thinking about how to beat Leyton Hewitt in the next round and know that i'm weak on my backhand and have to work at it. That's ultimately the magic of the wii and motionplus because your weaknesses cant be corrected just by pressing a button you've got to learn how to actually play the shot.

Well done EA Sports and hopefully this will encourage people to stick with GST a little longer.
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on 10 July 2009
Initially rubbished by many reviewers, Grand Slam now seems to be gaining some acceptance as many people 'learn' how this game has to be played.

Check out the youtube 'guides' , the key is positioning the wiimote back into the same position after each swing.

Try out the controls , with/without Motion+ , with/without Nunchuck.
For me wiimote+motionplus only is the way that worked for me.
I found the tethered nunchuck a hindrence tbh (maybe a wireless nunchuck solves this :-) )

The cartoon like graphics are excellent, the menu system simple.
Very short lag when starting a game which is nice.
Music limited but fun and comments by pat cash are good and not excessive. (all adjustable via the menu system btw)
The crowd/judges and umpire are however very static lol , but this doesnt detract from the game at all.

Start off on the practice court learning the controls.
Interestingly the game defaults to 'Medium' level out of the box.
The single player mode is fun up to a point. Once you've done one Grand Slam you are just repeating...

Getting online is very quick, and lag free (the game appears to hide lag through software)
before you know it youll be thrashed by someone several thousand miles away lol Repeat matches are simple, although many now have got wise and disconnect from a game if they are gonna lose!

I have chosen from the very start to create my own player and use that in single player and online games. You can however use any player you want.
You build up skills and stars as the game progresses.

Currently on 2 1/2 stars and going through my second grand slam.

A well thought out,playable tennis game that sets new levels of user experience. The M+ is a success , EA should be proud to have released such a top notch product ahead of Wii Sports Resort.

Game is highly recommended for single or multiplayer and online. There are many hrs of fun here, just dont expect it to last forever.
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on 26 June 2009
With the arrival of Grand Slam Tennis we have a completely new way to play tennis. Having been a long time fan of tennis games I've always been looking for one that really captures the excitement and drama of the sport. In the last few years we've had Virtua Tennis and Top Spin, both of which are pretty good and fun, but not truly great games.

Well, let me tell you, GST is going to blow you away. There is simply nothing like squatting down on the baseline and preparing for your opponent's serve, then lashing out with the wiimote and smacking a great return down the line. For the first time in over 20 years of playing tennis games, I actually have the feeling that I'm involved in a tennis match, not just a video game. There can be epic baseline rallies, short serve and volley points, booming aces, nice little drop shots that barely make it over the net. All great stuff. Balls go out and hit the net with great frequency, something which hardly ever happened in lots of other tennis games I've played.

As far as the motionplus controls go, you are definitely going to have to practice to feel like you're in control the game, and not the other way around.

Yes, this is definitely not an easy game and you're not going to master it after 5 or 10 minutes like Wii Sports Tennis. It's going to take you a few hours just to get the hang of it. Getting good will take much, much longer.

You need to be highly conscious of how you're holding the wiimote and concentrate a lot on your player's position relative to the ball and also the timing and depth of your swing. The type of shot you can play will depend on whether you're returning a topsin or backspin shot, so sometimes you really will be forced into making a defensive flat shot rather than playing to win the point. Playing with the nunchuk and wiimote is the best way to play, to have full control over player movement and shots.

Controls are not 1:1 and I'm glad this is the case as otherwise the game would be impossibly difficult. That said, the game is not perfect controlwise, I still get the odd mess up on a shot here and there, but mostly I can get the ball to do what I want. It is very important to make sure the wiimote buttons face the ceiling and to take well defined strokes. Overall, the implementation of motion is pretty good but I'll be looking for further improvements in next year's version (if there is one).

The single player mode is rather shallow, offering only the four grand slams and a few other mini games and challenges. Online play has been great - easy to connect and with fast and smooth gameplay. I would certainly recommend going online and trying your skills out against other players.

The bottom line is that this is a good tennis game, with a very high learning curve, that has implemented the motionplus controls pretty well. Be warned that patience is required. At first it will seem like motionplus is broken but eventually things start to pull together and the game makes sense.

In terms of feeling and immersion , however, this is the best tennis game I've played in over 20 years of game playing. There's no way I could go back to playing tennis games using a standard controller after playing with motionplus.
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on 24 July 2009
The one thing about this game which I think people are beginning to "get" now, is that it is not an easy game to first play like Wii Sports Tennis for example. I loved Wii Sports Tennis and was eager to get my hands on a full-featured tennis game - a genre to which the Wii is so obviously suited.

When I first played the game I played for 3 solid hours without winning a game, let alone a set! But then, it all clicked! You have to forget what you have learnt from Wii Sports Tennis, gone are the days of quick flicks of the wrist. Instead you must be patient and prepare for each shot. This is a game that truly rewards those who put in the effort.

The tips that I read that really helped were to return the remote to the central position pointing at the TV between each shot. Keep the remote with the buttons facing up and your finger and thumb over the A and B buttons respectively. The side of the remote is the side of your racquet.

The key is to set up for your shot as soon as your opponent returns the ball. So if you want a forehand shot, move the racquet/remote out to your forehand and then swing for the shot. You MUST follow through on your shots across your body and remember to use a smooth motion.

The Motion Plus is by no means perfect, but for it's first outing this is spot on! You can easily target your shots, the type of shots and amount of power. If, like me, you watched all the EA promotional videos with Thomas Singleton showing off "true 1:1 motion sensitivity" you may be a little disappointed! If you play really slowly the actions are mirrored more closely, but generally they just trigger a range of pre-defined animations. However, 9 out of 10 times these do match your movements.

With the actual content of the game, it is brilliant! Single player, doubles, party games, career mode and online are all there. Plus some little extras like the ability to build your own player and track your fitness. The Grand Slam Career mode is a shade "light", but depth is added to this with the ability to increase your created player's stars and earn abilities from the pros, plus un-lockable content like new clothing and power-ups.

For me online is where the real fun is and I would love to see Wii Speak implemented in the next version. The online experience is fantastic and usually lag free. There is a points and rankings system, but seems a bit random to pay too much attention to. Much discussion has taken place on the EA forums about online play, the different tactics people employ and whether you should use a pro or created player.

At the end of the day it is down to you to play whatever style you choose to get the most enjoyment out of the online games. I love playing as my created player against the likes of Samprass or Federer - and beating them! Or even when you come across the "tactical" (ahem) baseline lobbers, you can easily find a strategy to dispatch them.

As an over all package, EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is perfect for the first Motion Plus release and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The music, done my superstar DJ Paul van Dyk is subtle, yet suits the pace of the game perfectly. The commentary by Pat Cash is somewhat limited in places, but isn't that frequent so doesn't become to much of an annoyance.

Finally, and this was the biggest selling point for me, the graphics. Much has been said about the "cartoon" and "childish" graphics, but when you see them and play the game you realise that they are awesome.

The subtle character animations, the shadow movements that map your character's movements, even the stadiums complete with all the official sponsors. Even the different courts from grass to clay, as well as looking different, also play differently, affecting the bounce of the ball in different ways. I'm not at all bothered that the crowd are "cardboard cut-outs", half the time the depth-of-field is quite shallow so you don't notice this. I would love to see the umpire and/or ball boys and girls animated though.

I must also congratulate EA Games on their spot on timing of the release to coincide with Wimbledon. I religiously followed Wimbledon this year because of playing this game! Game, set and match Grand Slam Tennis.
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