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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Not quite unmitigated junk, but not far off. What might happen if you mixed Lethal Weapon and Alien together and took away 90% of both budgets.
The scenario is pretty decent; a monster stalking a semi-submerged future London; a traumatised, trigger-happy cop partnered with a college-boy detective; a series of gory murders which might be supernatural...
But none of this hangs together as the plot progresses. For instance, the killer sends the cops an ice-packed half-eaten human heart. Later in the movie, it's obvious that the killer couldn't possibly have popped into a Post Office to send a parcel. Victims are mercilessly ripped apart - or not, if they happen to be the hero's girlfriend, in which case she gets barely touched, or conveniently kidnapped.
Plot holes everywhere, dodgy script, dreadful effects, a monster which owes everything to HR Giger (but apprantly they couldn't afford the moving jaw).
Best watched very late at night, after a long drinking session.
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on 1 June 2017
A guilty pleasure of a movie
Rutger Hauer at his best.
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on 14 June 2017
Weird but quickly with some humour
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This is a fantastic movie, great acting, good plot very English humour. While I admit it may not be Oscar material its well worth the watching, its a classic grizzled veteran cop with smart educated unwanted new partner. The serial killer that killed his partner is back and of course they are out to get him. The cast is good with a whole host of English talent on display. I think that this film is great, while it may have its tongue firmly in its cheek (it has that dark miserable Bladerunner feeling about it) as well as some beautifully crafted one liners. Sit back and enjoy. Unlike others I don't care about the lack of extras, I buy the DVD to see the movie not watch loads of tat relating to it, and as the film wasn't a huge success on release and its going back a fair way then there probably isn't any extra material available anyway. Buy it and enjoy it.
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on 30 August 2015
I’m going to say now that I enjoyed ‘Split Second.’ Partly because, as I alluded to in the title, it’s an underrated B-movie, but also because I saw it as a child and I am looking at it with a deep sense of nostalgia. It’s probably not as good as I say it is!

Back in 1992 pretty much all B-movies/monster-munching fun was set in America, so the sight of London flooded in 2008 (hey – it was a long time in the future when I first saw this!) was quite a novelty, let alone a beastie who runs around ripping people’s hearts out and leaving them for the police, or at least one particular police officer – Rutger Hauer. He got attacked by the killer a while back and, even since then, has been experiencing visions and is psychically-connected to it.

Now, the monster is in London and Rutger – while totally hooked on coffee, chocolate and pretty much anything else that’s bad for you (except alcohol – he quit that!) teams up with squeaky-clean copper called ‘Dick Durkin’ (*snigger*). Therefore you kind of have a ‘buddy cop’ movie with the end of the world at stake.

You may notice my slight titter of laughter at the character name ‘Dick Durkin.’ I don’t feel too immature for that reaction, as the film is kind of tongue-in-cheek and knows that it’s hardly on a par with Shakespeare. It’s a B-movie. Therefore, don’t expect much in the way of a budget. And, when I say ‘budget’ I basically mean the monster itself. You don’t really see it all the way through, so if that bothers you this might not be your cup of tea (or coffee in Rutger’s case). Plus the other downside is the script itself. It really does let the whole thing down. The atmosphere is great – dark and foreboding and the characters are fun, making the film good. It’s only some of the lines which sound as if they’ve been written by a work experience kid that let the whole thing down. That and the lack of visual sight of the monster, obviously.

If you’ve see Split Second before then you’ll probably be happy to give it another go. If you haven’t and you’re into B-movies, then make sure you’re in a forgiving mood and don’t expect too much in the way of special effects and you mind just find it an undiscovered little gem.
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on 14 August 2015
I like the film, but this is an appalling Blu-ray transfer! I have DVD's that are, not just better quality but MUCH better quality, than this! Really disappointed, it looks as though no effort has been made at all to clean up this film. A very poor Blu-ray. Maybe wait until a better version comes out or buy it on DVD, at least you'll save some money that way! Also the disc comes with absolutely no special features whatsoever.
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on 12 May 2017
SPLIT SECOND on blu-ray another Rutger Hauer classic
the new 1:78;1 HD transfer is Good but not excellent 6-7/10
the sound quality is the same Good but not excellent. 5-6/10
so what's missing for this new blu-ray reissue which should be worth buying
a new interview with Rutger Hauer would be Great or new interview with Kim cattrall or new interview with the films Director
tragically 101films didn't make that much effort to get interviews
all they did was add the original theatrical trailer and add 5 min of Deleted scenes from the Japanese blu-ray that is it.
101films also reissued the film on dvd aswell with the same theatrical trailer and 5min Deleted scenes
so probably best to buy the dvd version and not fork out lots of cash for the blu-ray which i think is waste of money
3-4stars for the film, 2 stars for this new blu-ray, 2 stars for the dvd
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on 20 September 2002
...Rutger Hauer plays a seriously on-the-edge cop who lives on coffee and chocolate (and BIG guns). Having had one partner disappear while searching for a grisly serial murderer who then vanished, he is given as a replacement one Dick Durkin when the murders start again 12 months later.
Dick is a clean living ex-college graduate who runs every morning, and then has sex with his girlfriend, (except Sunday, when he skips the run!)
Hauer's character was clawed by the killer, and this has created a link, where Hauer can 'sense' when and where the next murder is going to happen. It is this that has put him on the edge, and made him a laughing stock amongst fellow officers.
There are some great scenes, especially the 'conversion' of Dirkin to Hauer's point of view. This film has some laugh-out-loud bits, and also some jump to the ceiling bits as well. Also, watch for the cameo appearance of the late and very lamented Ian Dury.
This is a great film, only mildly spoiled by the SFX of the killer at the end of film shoot-out in an abandoned waterlogged underground train station. Probably Hauer's best film to date.
A little known film that deserves a much greater audience and appreciation than it has so far received. There was talk of a second film, but alas, that never went anywhere.
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on 28 November 2015
Lovable enjoyable trash that is near absent in today's climate.
Great setting in an outdated near future London and a monster similar to Alien running amock; taking people's hearts out.
Anyway I always rated Rutger Hauer and he delivers well on the action front.
In my opinion great early 90s Stella/Tikka Masalla nostalgia.
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on 22 July 2015
In a futuristic London 2008, the rising sea levels mean that large areas are under water. Rutger Hauer plays a cop who previously lost his partner to some strange creature. Now the creature is back and its after him.

This is a great sci-fi classic with plenty of great looking scenery and sets, cool action mainly in the form of bloody shoot-outs, cool cast, Rutger Hauer was a great actor back in the 90's, also stars Kim Cattrall and the great Pete Postlethwaite in a small role, good soundtrack too, the movie has a hint of blade runner and alien and predator 2 all in one, great effects too, cool looking alien, certainly one to pick up, great to see these little gems getting new releases.

Blu-ray picture is 1080p HD looks good, a slight step up from previous releases.
Features include a short 4-min reel of deleted Japanese scenes.
Region B only, 91-mins, 1991.
Filmed entirely on location in London England.
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