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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 December 2009
This is an amazing book which for me explains why our ego based world has many problems. This book gently explains how to be with each other and especially nature, how to work with it and never against it and how to be with others in order to attain inner peace.
Highly recommended for anyone who has been hit hard by todays life styles or pressures, this book will reveal a higher way of thinking.
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on 23 July 2009
A beautifully written and beautifully made book that was hard to put down. Satish conveys the concepts in this book with simple clarity, and warns of the threat we may all face unless we start respecting nature and living by more spiritual values.

All in all I would recommend this book to anyone interested in living a simpler, better and ultimately happier life.
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on 20 August 2008
This book offers guidance for living in the modern world using age old Indian/Jain philosophy. It should be read slowly as some of the concepts may not immediately come easy to a western mindset. I found it a great read and dip into it frequently.

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on 5 April 2010
This is simply a gem. Its one of those few books though you've read it through the library you need to have your own copy. Why? Because for me though this book has only been with me for a few months it is already inspiring change in my wife and I's outlook on life. It has been for me a paradigm shifter: and I've read a lot of spiritual and religious books and have remained pretty stubbornly unmoved! Kumar looks in simple and straightforward depth at the three Ayurvedic principles that we all have in us and in our actions and desires: Sattvic: the way of nature, a more natural and balanced life; rajasic-the proud, the taste, the power, the show and razz ma tazz (sound familiar-just switch on the telly!)Then there is the tomasic- the unnatural, good is bad-bad is good, the addict, the stagnated, the violent....
I'm not usually a fan of categories: I hate putting people into convenenient little boxes: we are too complex for that! However the simplistic beauty of the three qualities in this book has got me really questioning my aspirations, my behaviour and even the manifestations of my religion.
I would n't describe myself in any way New Age, my spirituality is at its core Christian. I accept that religion can become too much about institutional maintenance and even power: the rajasic quality. The trick for me is not to jump ship but to keep coming back to the Sattvic begginnings: the glorious and wonderful insights and creativity of the founders (for me Jesus....)
On the other hand Kumar is exactly right we cannot divorce leave spirituality for the monks and priests and nuns...for the local minister ("into his Bible"!)We all can and must awaken to the beauty of nature and the joy of a more harmonious life with it. We are nature: not passive observers! This book is a breath of fresh air. The case for simplicity simply and convincingly expounded. Let it influence and guide you!
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on 15 April 2008
I hate it when people say "everyone should read this book", but ... everyone really should read this one! It is beautiful, elegant, inspiring, life changing and very very important. Please, read it!
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on 15 June 2010
This book opens up your mind to the reality of life as it is now.The feelings it gives are that all possesions need to be eliminated and a life with earth as it should be can begin. I hope I have the courage one day to do just that. An excellent and must read book.
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on 2 July 2013
Satish Kumar's book describes the three states of mind that we may find ourselves embracing. Sattva for creativity, Rajas for energy and Tamas for inertia which are also known as the three "gunas". The first is good and the other two not so good and so we should all try to become "sattvic".

The book contains some nice ideas but is very unrealistic, even in rural India I doubt if it would be possible to go out into the countryside, build a house and start growing vegetables. In Britain it would certainly get you noticed by the authorities so I am not sure who the book is aimed at.

There are numerous references to Ghandi quoting some of his ideas and also some other famous people in ancient India such as King Janaka who did not own his Kingdom but was owned by it, a bit like our own Queen really.

The book deals mainly on how society should operate, how multinationals should conduct their affairs etc. I doubt if they will find the time to read the book so it is all rather academic.

Satish Kumar explains how we are ruining the planet with our modern way of life pointing to the simple Indian way of life as the answer. I have never been to India but I understand that there is considerable industrialisation taking place and that the population of India will surpass China in a few years. Mr Kumar does not address this problem nor which of the three "gunas" is responsible.
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on 17 March 2012
Another masterpiece from Satish Kumar. Written with inimitable clarity, insight and infectious enthusiasm for the "sattvic" (optimal) way of life, this book offers a more profound understanding of the Ayurvedic tradition than I have ever previously encountered. It is interesting, practical and inspiring, and has important messages for us all, whatever our religious or spiritual background might be. It is a handbook for living.

Whilst other books offer a lot of detail, which can be very useful, this one imparts an intuitive understanding of the underlying philosophy which is indispensable.

In reading this, your inner wisdom will be illuminated and brought to life, creating space for deeper understanding and positive change in your life. If you want to understand yourself, others, society, life the universe and everything, this is the book to read.
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on 3 July 2013
After reading "No Destination" and "You are Therefore I Am" this is the ultimate guide to a better you and a better future! Have passed previous 2 books on to Family. However, I need my 'compass' to guide me!
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on 13 July 2013
I think this should be compulsory reading for all human beings! Without being at all religious it shows how people should relate to each other, nature and our planet in a respectful and loving way.
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