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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2000
This album is the follow-up of Saturday Night Fever. And it does not disappoint!
The Bee Gees show off their wonderful talents on this album. With Barry mostly on vocals and excellent music as the accompaniment, these songs have alot to offer. This is the album that brought classics like Tragedy, Too Much Heaven and Spirits Having Flown to the music world.
Tragedy, the first track from the album, is a fast, upbeat song that the Bee Gees penned in an afternoon of experimenting- the same afternoon as Too Much Heaven, although this was released a while afterwards- with sounds. It is beautifully written, the lyrics keep pointing back to TRAGEDY! A song in which every corner you turn, tragedy will strike!
This marvellous album is a must-have for every one. If you don't like the Bee Gees- apart from being crazy- I can guarantee that you will do after sampling it!
This is an outstanding album, if, as Barry puts it, 'you can stand all the falsetto!'
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In the difficult position of having to top "Saturday Night Fever", the Gibb brothers surpassed themselves and created their biggest hit studio album of their careers, including three more #1 hits, making six #1 hit songs in a row! "Tragedy", "Too Much Heaven" and "Love You Inside Out" were all top hit singles. "Spirits (Having Flown)" was a large hit single overseas. All songs are Barry dominated vocals and he is at his falsetto best. However, "Stop (Think Again)" is a tad long and a little bit tedious, but the following tracks go right back to their upbeat best! Succeeding in avoiding any dance songs (disco), the Bee Gees out-do themselves. These songs are truly funky "R & B" numbers, a solid match for any rythym and blues band. "Until", the closing solo track may not be equal to their earlier hit "Words", but Barry's voice accompanied by the electronic harpsichord makes for a delicious ending.
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on 18 October 2004
When I bought this album upon its release on vinyl I thought it somewhat poor value. Now, a quarter of a century later I have had to reconsider. The tracks which formed the first side of the LP are truly brilliant. The rest are little more than fillers.
That said, the album is still good vfm. The chance to hear the title track or Love You Inside or Out in remastered form is worth the purchase price alone. Anything else that takes your fancy is a bonus!
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on 4 December 2011
I recently purchased this CD from Amazon hoping to get a remastered version of this album.
I own also an older version - AAD edition manufactured by POLYDOR in Germany (Code: 827 335-2).

It turned out that this new CD was manufactured by REPRISE, not by RHINO.
It contains the same 2-page leaflet without lyrics and no information about remastering of the
original recording.

Frankly, I cannot hear a noticeable sound improvement for the REPRISE's version compared to older POLYDOR's one, so will keep looking for a genuine new remaster.

My score is:
5 stars for Bee Gees for their music.
1 star for Amazon for incorrect product information.
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2007
'Spirits Having Flown' is quite probably the one Bee Gees album that divides listeners more than any other and it all comes down to whether or not one is appreciative of the Bee Gees excessive use of falsetto. Falsetto was certainly nothing new for the Bee Gees as by the year of 'Spirits Having Flown's release in 1979 they had been incorporating it into their sound for the past four years (including 'Saturday Night Fever'). With 'Spirits Having Flown', however, they take it to its furthest extreme which although effective more often than not nevertheless makes the album a little hard to swallow for some listeners.

Falsetto aside, 'Spirits Having Flown' is a fine album with a number of highlights particuarly in the first half of the album ('Tragedy','Too Much Heaven', Love You Inside Out', 'Reaching Out' and 'Spirits (Having Flown')) which really does represent the Bee Gees in their prime. If the second half isn't as successful that's not necessarily to say it isn't good. 'Search Find', 'Living Together' and 'I'm Satisfield' are still solid tracks even if they are comparatively slight and 'Until' is a rare ballad sung in Barry's natural voice. It's only on another ballad 'Stop Think Again' where Barry's falsetto begins to sound like a serious misstep and the only time in my opinion when some of the mocking impersonations seem, perhaps, slightly justified.

'Spirits Having Flown' is really more pop influenced than disco. Nevertheless it does also represent the closing of a chapter in the Bee Gees history which had opened with 'Main Course' and ran through 'Children Of The World' and the frenzied 'Saturday Night Fever'. In many ways it marked the end of the 'fever' period as a backlash was beginning to develop as Barry, Robin and Maurice began to look for other ways to express themselves which usually meant writing and arranging for other artists.

Whatever its perceived faults, 'Spirits Having Flown' remains a fine album.
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on 12 December 2002
This was the bee gees music which I danced to in Capetown, South Africa; and Nelson Mandella was still on robin island in 1979.
If I was to recommend just one Bee Gees CD; this is the one to buy. I've always enjoyed these tracks, but it brings back the times when I was in South Africa, Puerto Rico and Chile; rocking and rolling all around the world - while I worked on Greek ships.
A must for anyone serious about the music of the 1970s
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on 4 July 2006
These reissues are NOT the remasters we've all been waiting for. These are just straight reissues with the Reprise logo slapped on them and sound exactly the same as the previous issues. According to Rhino the proper digital remasters will begin to be issued at the end of the year and these reissues will form part of this. This process will take a number of years and might not be in chronological order but will feature bonus tracks and improved packaging artwork. Still five stars for the album itself!!!!
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on 24 March 2015
Let me start by saying that I am a massive Bee Gees fan going back over four decades. To me they represented the best in song writing artistry that in their latter years set them apart and way ahead of their `60s pop contemporaries. The somewhat unfortunate unintended association with `Disco' in the `70s that heaped so much disdain and unfair criticism upon them sometimes masked the brilliance of their achievements in that era.

That said, I always felt that Barry Gibb's discovery of his falsetto although subsequently marking them out as having an instantly recognisable vocal sound, grated on me regrettably. For the most part when looking at their singles output, the reliance on his somewhat screechy delivery seemed to be kept sparingly in context as `Night Fever', `Jive Talkin', `How Deep Is Your Love', `Nights On Broadway' to name just a few, spread their vocal style in various directions. Most important of all however was the great blend of sibling voices softening that falsetto.

`Spirits Having Flown' although a great commercial success spawning a number hit singles, was an album I hadn't actually purchased till recently. Retrospectively it throws up a number of issues for me. The heavy over reliance on what must have seemed to Barry Gibb at the time to be his gold mine vocal technique is taken here to uncomfortable extremes. The album has track after track in his falsetto lead vocal style and is most notable for what is obviously a lack of vocal contribution by both Robin and Maurice. Barry Gibb's voice is clearly overdubbed countless times on some tracks resulting in a rather samey sounding texture three different voices would have improved. Aside from the hits the remaining so-so songs are pleasant enough, being well executed by the best session musicians of the day, with high production values typical of the Gibb camp. But it remains very much a Barry Gibb one-man show. The album for me doesn't stand the test of time as a standalone entity but being blessed with a couple of classic hit singles undoubtedly ensures its place in the enduring Bee Gees legacy.
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VINE VOICEon 9 July 2010
I never understand why artists place all of their singles on one side of an album. However good the album may be; the opposing side will always appear inevitably 'weaker' as a result. However; despite The Bee Gees having fallen into this trap in this case, it doesn't really make that much difference - but then again; that might have something to do with the fact that they were 'masters' of their trade!

This was the number one album from the boys, after hitting the charts massively a couple of years earlier with the Soundtrack 'Saturday Night Fever'. The Picture might have been [], but the music was definitely great! This album followed on like a storm, featuring hits like; 'Tragedy', 'Love You Inside Out', and 'Too Much Heaven'.

A great album that you'll want to play over and over again!

Great stuff!
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on 30 March 2009
I think this work should be re-evaluated. Great class in the arrangements with some gems like the title-track "Spirit having flown" and "Living together".
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