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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: VHS Tape|Change
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on 30 July 2002
I didn't think it possible but Spaced series 2 has managed to improve on the first series. Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson continue to excel as twenty somethings Tim and Daisy and the decision to give extra screen time to Mike has proved a huge success as he manages to produce some of the funniest lines in the series (which takes some doing). edgar Wright continues to prove what an excellent director he is and Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson have continued to produce a flawless script and Spaced is now a programme that surpasses The Office and Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge. This DVD offers an interesting insight into Pegg, Stevenson and Wright during the commentary as they talk about how many of the jokes originated and also about other cast members who also make occassional appearances on the commentary.
As well as deleted scenes and outtakes this DVD also includes a Homage-0-meter which was excluded from the first DVD. This is very interesting as their is a large number of references that I missed while watching the series first time round.
Overall i would reccomend this DVD to anyone who has a sense of humour.
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on 22 May 2004
In reading about "Shawn of the Dead", I learned that the creative team behind the film had this show called "Spaced". Thanks to the miracle of Region Free DVD players, I ordered both seasons of "Spaced" and have to say that I have not laughed as much since watching other British shows that have been totally butchered in their remaking on American TV. Simon Pegg and the entire cast handle their characters with both honesty and a little over the top-ness that totally works and is never not funny or truthful. As a Jersey City, NJ native who grew up on Benny Hill and Dr. Who, and loved "Hawk the Slayer", and still does, I wish this show would end up here so others would be exposed to it. Now I'm hoping that "Shawn of the Dead" will be here in theaters before 2005. Awesome, awesome shows and highly recommended.
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Spaced is a little known (although it is gradually gaining a significant cult following) British semi-sitcom. I say 'semi' sitcom because, despite showing all the usual signs of being a sitcom, it is definitely a little unusual. Sure, it is about a group of friends and how their group interact, their loves, sorrows and losses, but you would be hard pressed to compare it to Seinfeld beyond these basic components. Each show is characterised by strange events, unusual characters, flash (but not flashy) editing, and a host a geeky fan-boy in-jokes, referencing everything from The Matrix to the old Kiora adverts (it's too orangy for crows!).
Being pretty serious geeks themselves, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson have made quite an effort with the DVD. It is unusual to see TV shows recieving such attention in this medium, and also quite refreshing. The menu screen are, as with the first disc, very cool, and consist of animated cartoony versions of the characters, and soundbites from the series.
The audio commentarys, featuring Pegg, Stevenson, the director Edgar Wright, is as strong as it was on the first series disc. Although they occassionally speak over each other, resulting in possibly interesting subjects being dropped, the episode commentaries remain informative and quite funny.
An unusual feature called the 'homage-o-meter' tells us whenever a film, tv show or comic is being referenced in the show. It is not as useful as I thought it would be, and is just plain text at the bottom of the scene whenever a reference is made. It is interesting though, and there were plenty of little references that slipped me by.
The out-takes are very funny, and often quite touching. The same goes for the raw footage, which proves to be an interesting watch. The deleted scenes are interesting, and are accompanied by a useful commentary. A couple of them are very funny indeed, but most were cut for obvious reasons.
Other features round the package off, making it one of the best television series dvds available.
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on 7 January 2002
Tim and Daisy are back for a second series as the mis-matched friends pretending to be a couple in order to rent a flat from the nymphomaniac landlady, Marsha.
The second season follows the format of the later first season episodes with references to everything from the Matrix to Robot Wars. The second season is even funnier than the first (no mean feat). With the characters well established, there are plenty of opportunities to play to play with ideas that were only touched on in the first season.
The best part of Spaced remains it's sense of familiarity. There are many moments when I caught myself chuckling and thinking "We do things like that". That is the best part of the series, it is the life that you think you lead with a sound track and perfect timing.
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on 25 January 2002
With more pop culture references than you can shout a cliche at Spaced is something we've been lacking for years - a great new British Sit-com. But it's much more than that. It's gorgeously filmed, not infront of a studio audience, as genuinely funny and has fully fleshed out characters you care about instead of dull 2d stereotypes that litter our TV screens.
If you've never seen Spaced then here's your chanve to catch up on the flatmates , especially as a third series is now in pre-production. If like me you're already a fan then the perfect DVD awaits! (And hey if you haven't already check out the Spaced soundtrack, the best CD i bought all year!)
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on 20 December 2002
Both series of Spaced are absolute gems, well written and performed chronicles of modern life for real twentysomethings, with a nostalgic eye on the past mingled with a surreal present. Unlike other `sit coms', Spaced has no contrived or bland plots and characters, everyone you see here is someone you know, or even you!
If you are of a certain age (18-35), you really should find this programme one of the most important comedy series of recent times. It can also be a real delight seeing moments of your favourite films (Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, The Matrix, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Terminator, and The Evil Dead 2 to name a few) making impromptu appearances in the most subtle of ways.
Funny moments are too numerous to mention, there is at least one worth bringing up in every minute of every episode. DVD extras are also pleasing including one of the best cast and crew commentaries I have yet to hear, as well as the usual TV trailers and biographies. There is also an option to see the exact reference on screen for every film/TV inspired moment featured in the series.
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on 4 May 2002
Once again, Pegg, Stevenson and co hit the bulls eye in this fantastic second series of what is becoming a cult classic. Barely a line is wasted throughout, every scene has the attention to detail you'd expect of a big budget Hollywood masterpiece and its all set in and around a road called Meteor Street.
The references to comics, films and television series have always been a pivotal part of the programme. They obviously feel a genuine affection for their references (although "The Phantom Menace" takes a bit of a battering throughout!) and they are all here: Bagpuss to Buffy, Robot Wars to Star Wars. Occasionally there is a feeling that the references are a little of the time (the interesting homage-o-meter seems to have a lot of references from 1999), but each one is relevant and generally well placed.
Lines like "I could murder a pint of the black stuff" "Don't be ridiculous, you couldn't drink a whole pint of Bovril" give an impression of the kind of direction Spaced is coming from - off the wall, out of left field but right on target.
If you are bored of run-of-the-mill sit coms, this is made for you. Can we have a 3rd series now please?
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on 25 January 2002
What can be said that hasn't been said before by the enlightened? Quite simply fantastic, hilarious viewing that makes a more than worthy follow-up to the oft-overlooked first series and perhaps should help bring it into the "Indie Mainstream" that has so far ignored it.
One of the best elements remains the film references, especially the 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'-inspired third episode.
Buy this now, roll on series 3!
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on 5 June 2002
Spaced is a great comedy series, up there with some of the best. If the entire population of Britain was between the ages of 16 and 30, it would no doubt have been one of the most successful sitcoms ever.
Take the randomness of Monty Python, the cool of the Matrix, the feel-good factor of Go, and the style of Lock Stock... that's as close as you're going to get.
Unique, brilliant, and as good as series 1 - buy it!
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on 5 April 2002
Having watched and loved this on TV, I looked forward to this DVD with much anticipation. And I wasn't disappointed. This is how these things should be done. The menu screens are thoughtfully compiled, both visually and aurally. The extras are comprehensive to say the least, one of the highlights being the episode audio commentaries. Simon Pegg, Jessica Stevenson and director Edgar Wright comment on all 7 episodes with other cast members chipping in on odd episodes. Although they appeared to be running out of things to say by the last two episodes, Jessica Stevenson's laugh is so infectious it had me laughing out loud along with them.
Visually, the quality is to broadcast standard and the overall impression is of a disc put together with love for the show and, more importantly, respect for the fans who are actually parting with cash for it.
I can't recommend this highly enough either to fans or to those just interested in fab telly. Well worth every penny.
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