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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2001
Although many people laughed at Amargeddon when the producers felt that they shouldn't have done- Space Cowboys arrives and has a good laugh at itself and the one thing Hollywood discriminates against: AGE.
Clint Eastwood plays Frank Crovin, an Air Force test pilot whose claim to fame is that he was replaced by a chimp! So he never made his dream debut on the moon. Forty years on- Houston has a problem and yes, you guessed it, they call upon Frank and his original crew (Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and James Garner) to help out.
Where this film succeeds in in its sheer ability to constantly take the mickey out of its concept. The geriatric jokes are good natured and often poignant as are the performances. And watching the fantastic four enter NASA headquarters dressed in leather jackets and wearing shades and strutting is worth the buying this video for alone. Yeah the premise is hokey and corny but Space Cowboys doesn't pretend to be rocket science, but it certainly splits the cinematic comedy atom. I was laughing throughout most of it.
Eastwood directs as well as stars and gives the film a steady pace and manages to coaxe fully rounded peformances from his co-stars. He also looks a great deal younger than his 71 years.
If you want to see a once in a lifetime cast take on the young 'uns with style, panache and gentle humour then you'll be over the moon with Space Cowboys. If the premise does not appeal then see Scary Movie instead and
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Clint Eastwood and James Gardner were stars back in the 50's telly with RAWHIDE and MAVERICK, and later many other vehicles. Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones made a big splash in the 70's, and have gone on to prove they are some of the best actors around today. But all are showing a little wear and tear on the leading man image, but they clearly demonstrate they are spark as tacks and still the best.
They are ageing ex-astronauts that never made it into space - a thorn in their sides. Eastwood went on to design guidance systems for the space platform. One of the communication satellite that used his system is decaying and, unfortunately, none of today's hotshots know how to fix it. So the old space cowboys get a second crack to make it into space.
All four leads give warm, funny and outstanding performances, backed by powerhouse William Devane and James Hampton.
You just cannot miss these old cowboys showing they still have the right stuff!!!
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on 18 September 2016
Just like the master filmmaker himself, Clint Eastwood, Space Cowboys gets better with age. I remember when this movie was released and going to the cinema to see it when visiting the local multiplex was a pleasant experience. Not like now when you run the risk of being sexually assaulted, stabbed or having to resort to restraining yourself from slitting the annoying persons throat in theatre who won't stop talking on their poxy mobile phone!

Space Cowboys was and still is a very different Eastwood film as it's full of special effects that he rarely uses on his projects. And let me tell you the special effects weather pratical or GCI are wonderful. The attention to detail and how realistic everything looks gives Apollo 13 a run for it's money. All the great set designs and intricate detail are down to long time Eastwood collaborator, production designer Henry Bumstead (RIP).

Even though some people think this film is a somewhat different Eastwood affair, it's actually not when you look at it more closely. Iike most Eastwood films, the main story sits in the background, focusing more on the characters stories. Space Cowboys in one half a pleasant and funny drama and the scond half a pretty tense action film set in space. It's all very believable and a typically well made Eastwood movie.

The story of Space Cowboys follows a group of young pilots in the form of Clint Eastwood, Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones and James Garner. It's the late 50's and our wanna be astronauts have their dreams of going to the moon shattered. Fast forward to the year 2000 and we have them given a chance to get into orbit to repair a satellite guidance system. There are other little twists and turns in the story that I won't spoil if you have not seen the film, but rest assure it's a very well told yarn with excellent performances from all. When you see Mr Eastwood in this it's hard to believe he was 70!

On top off all this we also have Eastwoods musical composer, Lennie Neihaus conducting a lovely score that tones everything down nicely giving us a consistently great Clint Eastwood picture. So much so I have ordered the motion picture sound track for my collection. The score is very similar to Unforgiven which is one of favourite all time films and soundtracks.

If you are life long Eastwood fan like me then you will probably have Space Cowboys in a box set collection of some kind but if you don't have the Bluray then order it now because the transfer is out of this world.
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on 14 August 2016
Trivialisation of a wonderfilled subject. Meant not to be taken seriously..I suppose... .but I have NEVER trusted America's biggest propaganda tool: Hollywood.

Notice the strategically placed "older looking" extras placed in the background,designed to de-age the quartet of "lads, adding credibility to a bizarre tale of cash plus celebrity equals longevity in American culture. Even in space.

I see this as a film about materialistic greed incarnate and deplorable. How such actors of calibre such as Garner were roped in I can't understand. Eastwood yes.
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on 25 October 2015
Great movie !! Love it. Nothing wrong with the movie. But the picture quality was not top notch. And most annoyingly, the English subtitles are embedded. They can not be switched off....!!??
The cassette it came in was super lightweight and very floppy. It's very easy to bend it and therefor breaking the DVD inside. A sturdier cassette would be nice.
The DVD was nicely priced, shipping was cheap and fast. Good service, fair is fair.
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on 29 June 2005
Never made as a film to take seriously, the whole point of this film is to watch 4 legendary names of Hollywood go to work on a hugely preposterous plot and just generally have fun with the wild idea of sending 4 geriatric airmen into space.
Putting together Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner sounds like an idea that just can't fail to work on paper. But what I think does make it work in reality is that the actors themselves don't seem to be taking the whole project seriously and because this transfers onto the audience, you can easily put aside the trumped up plot idea and just let the action unfold.
The film does raise the serious point of ageism though and does it in a nice subtle way. No ramming messages down the throat here.
As I say, just sit back and enjoy the film for what it is and don't try to hard to think about the story. Enjoy the wonderful sight of the four "Cowboys" striding up to the front doors of NASA resplendent in leather jackets and shades. Enjoy the lovely sweet romantic moments between Tommy Lee Jones and Marcia Gay Harden. Chuckle along at the witty old-dog one-liners from Sutherland and revel in Eastwood's macho posturing which is still as good as ever.
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on 23 April 2008
I have seen this film a few times and recommend it. Great fun and includes stuff in space, what more could you ask for? Clearly all the actors are having a cracking time in the making of the movie and this definitely adds to the atmosphere. The four grey haired actors, Clint Eastwood, James Gardner, Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones, who play the heroes of the piece are all superb, giving me hope for my old age!! It's a very enjoyable film, good jokes, exciting action, well acted and well shot.

As for the blu ray, some of the picture quality is top notch, especially those bits set in space. The rest of film however is not as visually impressive. Still very good, and better than DVD I think, but not true HD all the way through. Can't complain really.

Sound is also very good 5.1.

Well worth watching, and if you don't have on DVD, buying.
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on 24 November 2001
I expected a typical Eastwood film and had the opposite. The script at times was thin but the comedy and the acting of the entire members was good. On numerous occassions the comedy was very good. The humour crossed the American-British border and you was able to get and understand all the side remarks. Excellent, very enjoyable.
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on 13 April 2009
There nothing to add about the good quality of this blu-ray. A quiet interessting feature of this BD maybe for german customers the availability of german language (Deutsche Tonspur).
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on 5 February 2001
this film is just will make you laugh,cry,imagine and inspire you to do things you haven't done to your life.that's why,it's really recommended for young and old.i just love watching the film even how many times!And love is in there!young or old!!!
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