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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2009
I was searching for some good value earphones to replace these Shure Se210 Sound Isolating Earphones- Black (my review of which explains why I wanted something different) and found the PL30s. I did some further research and found that the SoundMAGIC earphones have been raved about on Asian and American forums for their incredible sound for the money. I was still a little dubious as they are a little known Chinese brand, but for the money I thought they were worth a try.

Ordered them from HiFi Headphones (based on Seller Ratings) on Friday afternoon and received them Tuesday morning. The packaging is good, looks a bit dated and the manual is just a sheet of A4, but you get plenty of accessories and the earphones themselves look good. The cable is thinner than the Shures, the same as most other earphones, but I've found that this does not necessarily mean it is inferior (again see SE210 review). The earphones themselves are well built; the strain relief and bass knobs both feel good quality. The over the ear guides are softer than I thought they would be and are comfortable, even worn with glasses, they also do an excellent job of stopping microphonic noises, which (like any In-Ears) are loud otherwise. The tips are decent quality; there are small, medium, and large in black and grey (subtlly different) and one size foam and double flange. It didn't take long to find the tips that fit the best (double flange in my case). The PL30s are light and very comfortable and provide decent isolation, although definitely not as much as the Shures (which are very good for this).

The PL30s are quite easy to drive and straight from the box they sound good; the soundstage is much wider than any other In-Ears I've heard and the separation is excellent. Initially the highs are a bit harsh and the bass is a bit weak, however after about 20 hours burn in (I left mine running some pink noise one night and then a selection of music for another) they really start to sound good. The Shure SE210s are available for £70 and have a RRP of £125, but the PL30s sound much, much better. On the Clear Bass setting, that they come supplied in, bass is just right (not too heavy or bleading into the mids) and is lovely and crisp. The Extended Bass setting makes a noticeable difference, although it is less clear (unsuprisingly), and if you can crank up the bass on your equalizer the PL30s can certainly deliver. The mids are probably the best part of the sound; very clear with brilliant separation (acoustic guitar sounds fantastic) and the highs are nice and clear too. Overall the sound quality of the PL30s is way above the price point, I've read that other reviewers have found them as good as Shure SE310s which have a RRP of £210 and I can easily believe it.

I did not expect to be this impressed with the PL30s, I also didn't expect to have to transfer all my MP3s to my player again; the PL30s highlight the short comings of my previously excessive compression (I'm even picking up some clipping on a couple of albums, which I hadn't heard with the SE210s at all).

In conclusion, the PL30s are amazing value for money; although they don't just sound great for the money, they sound great fullstop.
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on 9 July 2009
I took a punt on the SoundMAGIC PL30 and to be honest I wasn't expecting much. How wrong I was! The PL30 is very well made and sounds like an earphone that costs a lot more (I also have some higher end IEM earphones, e.g. UE 5 Pro and Sennheiser IE8).

With the earphones in your hand you would be mistaken for thinking the PL30 is manufactured by one of the big name earphone brands, e.g. Sennheiser, Shure, etc. SoundMAGIC have also just released the PL50, which looks very interesting.

The SoundMAGIC PL30 is a really nicely made earphone with good strain relief on the cables. The over ear cabling system works very well and keeps the earphones securely attached even while running.

The PL30 is a great earphone for the money. Highly recommended!
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on 12 December 2009
These earphones are terrific, absolutely to be recommended. Nothing I have heard at anywhere near the price can look at them
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on 3 February 2010
I've had these for a few weeks now and thought they were pretty good to start with- they only slipped out of my ears occaisionally when I was really going for it at the gym and with my last headphones I would spend almost my entire gym session trying to ram the buds back into my ears- it was a nightmare.

These have gone up in my estimations since I took the time to expermeint with the numerous earbuds it comes with and also the detachable ear grip loops. I'm now using the "double buds" that resemble the ones that come with Klipsch headphones (which were actually the last set of earphones I owned till one ear packed up) and I've put on the removable ear grips and now understand why these earphones are called SoundMAGIC. The sound is up there with makes like Klipsch and Shure- in fact I would say I can hear more subtle elements in songs that I've never heard before and they are a FRACTION of the cost. Admittedly I did purchase them from somewhere else which had them much cheaper than here. And these in ear headphones actually stay in your ear- like magic. I've NEVER had earphones feel so secure and so comfortable.

I'm converted- I don't think I'm ever going to buy any other earphones. It puts all those expensive brands to shame and are WELL worth the small investment.
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on 20 February 2010
I've gone through a number of in-ears and cans in my life and these have got to be the best value of any of them. I used to use Shure E4cs, which were great but very "honest" and flat. These are much more listenable phones with fantastic separation. The low end is convincing in a way which I've not experienced before with in-ears. It used to be that if I was going somewhere and wanted good sound quality, I'd take my Sennheiser HD25 cans with me, and if I wanted portability I'd go with the Shures, accepting that I would not get anywhere near the same bass response. These 'phones have changed that - I only want to take these out and about with me. They're comfortable, they sound amazing, and they're cheap as chips. It's a no brainer really.
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on 3 November 2011
I'd researched long and hard to find a good pair of earphones for the gym. My iPhone earphones are pretty useless if you sweat and lets face it if you're not sweating in the gym then you're wasting your time! I'd had a pair of Sennheiser earphones that cost me a small fotune, I forget the model, but they were so bad I used them for about 7 or 8 .....minutes then gave them to my wife. The sound was so awful I couldn't bear it. Now I'm no professor of audio and I'm not a DJ or one of those pretentious baffoons who sometimes review these products claiming "dreadful mid range and high end treble distortion", whatever that might mean, but like many people I just want a pair that sound good. And these sound just fine.
They come with a pair of ear wrap arounds you have to instal yourself but that's not difficult, and a selection of silicone and foam buds to suit most ear sizes.
Once the ear wrap arounds are in place (I wasn't sure if they have a left and right earpiece but it didn't seem to matter) you just wrap them over your ears and the buds will sit naturally over your earhole. Just push them in and they'll fit naturally into your ear.
Have used them in the gym on the bike, airwalker, treadmill, weights and the rest. Sweated like a hog roast and never had to push them back in at any time. They stayed in perfect with the sound quality never dropping.
Cable is a good length without being too long to get in the way. Plug is at a right angle so it doesn't protrude too much out of the top, side or wherever on your MP3 player and like I sound the sound quality is just fine when you're in the gym and concentrating on your workout and not the treble, bass, mid range or whatever.
The exterior sound blocking qualities are OK with the sound on my iPhone turned up mid point I managed to block out the gym stereo which was quite loud and that annoying instructor who always seems intent on telling me I'm doing my straight arm press wrong!
If you're a sound geek then these might disappoint, so go and get some Bose or Dr Dre earphones and spend a monthly mortgage payment on them, but if you want a pair of good quality earphone perfect for the gym, running or leisure at a really good price, then these are just fine.
Why 4 stars and not five? Because there were no instructions with mine and I can't figure out what the little dial on the side of the buds means!
review image review image review image
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on 28 January 2011
First off, I just have to say that for the price these earphones are just fantastic!

The PL-30's are very small and light and have a good fit with the right tips. If I could wish for something, I would like them to have longer throats so that they would go further in the ear canal. That would also mean that they would isolate better. As they are now, the noise isolation is so-so,
The over the ear cable design has several benefits. Firstly, they STAY IN PLACE almost no matter what, making these ideal for sports. Secondly, the design makes them unsensitive to cable noises/microphonics which is a huge advantage when moving.


The earphones themselves seems reasonably well built with no obvious flaws. The bass adjuster knob is very firm at first but losens up with use. The cable is of rather good quality and not too thin and flimsy. The rubber terminations seems good which is vital as that is normally where the cable fails and one or both buds go quite. The connector plug is very well constructed, sturdy and it's angled which I like. One odd thing is that the actual plug seems to be a fraction bigger in diameter than normally which results in a very tight and firm fit when you plug it in - GREAT! There is a carrying case included which is a very nice and sturdy design - well over what you would expect. There are about 7 pairs of ear tips included so finding one that fits good for most shouldn't be a problem.
All in all, the PL-30's have a good build quality, especially considering the price.


The first thing that struck me when plugging these in is that they don't have that overemphasised, shouty treble that many iem's have (Etymotic, etc) but they are rather relaxed in the high end. Not that they are particularly dark but just not that "shouty" and tiresome. However, there are lots of iem'sout there with higher resolution in the treble so if that's what you're looking for these might not be for you. For me the treble is nice enough and I would rate it a 7 out of 10.

The midrange is warm ans nice and voices sound just right with these. Resolution is good, and the mids are neither over or under-emphasised. I'd rate it at 8 out of 10.

The bass is excellent and the earphones go deep with the right material. Its a rather dry and well controlled bass. The level is on par with the mids and treble and it's not over powering but has plenty of power if its in the source material. I'd rate the bass as an 8.5 out of 10.

In sum, these earphones sound absolutely fantastic for the price asked and I think it will be very hard to find better ones in regards to build and sound quality for this money. There are many iem's out there that ars better but then they cost a lot more, most likely double the price or even more than these. For their price I have to rate them 5 out of 5 stars, so all-in-all - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on 26 May 2011
I previously had bought some Ultimate Ears earphones but soon realised that I must have quite small ears as I was forever adjusting and re-inserting them whenever I was at the gym, so after reading countless reviews I sent off the the SoundMagic PL30 (they arrived within 48 hours !!). I tried the tips that were on but they were too big as were all 3 of the other silicon ones but then tried the biggest of the compressible foam tips and they fitted perfectly. I have been to the gym twice since then and they are secure, very comfortable and the reduction in background noise is impressive. As for the music quality / bass reduction etc etc I really have no idea as I only wanted them for the gym.
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on 13 April 2011
I mostly bought these because I was sick of ruining expensive earphones while walking/at the gym etc. I read several of the reviews and thought I would take a punt as by all reports these little babies punch far above there weight. I will never pay for overpriced rubbish again, these are quite simply a game-changer. They are such high spec and well built for the price that Shure and Seinnheiser should be quaking in their boots

They have the richest and most full sound I have ever experienced in all my 20+ yrs of using in-ear headphones, I'm hearing things my home stereo isn't capable of reproducing - so much so I'm considering re-ripping all my mp3s at a higher bitrate to really give these beauties something to bite into.

The huge range of plugs means that you will be guaranteed an air-tight fit, giving you the best from these already above average phones (personally I opt for the earplug style double plugs which isolate so much noise I feel the need to take one out when crossing the road).

The over-the-ear configuration for the leads takes a while to get used to but the almost complete lack of rubbing noises traveling through the wires makes it a great little innovation you'll never want to go back from. Add in a neat carry case, useful wire and ear-clips, speaker drivers of a quality usually found on high-end products and all at a price that won't make you cry should you lose them.

Highly recommended, add them to basket now.

You heard me. NOW!
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on 15 October 2010
I bought these with high hopes because they seemed to get fairly good ratings and positive comments. I found them to have a fairly good sound though they were a little lacking in the bass (the bass switch didn't seem to make any difference at all).

The reason I only rate them as a 2 is down to comfort and build quality.

wearing them over my ears just didn't feel natural, and after a while I just gave up with it and wore them like a normal set of headphones (it left the wire sticking out a bit but still perfectly wearable and didn't put any strain on the wire).

My main problem with them is that they broke after 3 months. a fairly big problem, I'm sure you'd agree. The sound just stopped working in the right earphone which of course forced me to opt for a different brand.

My advice is look around for reviews, you always see at least one person complaining about things breaking, maybe this time I'm just that unlucky person and maybe they don't all break after 3 months.

I hope this review helps, fortunately I'm happy with my new earphones so a happy ending after all!
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