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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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I bought this for my baby daughter as my son was given one as a gift when he was born and even though he is a toddler now it is still one of his favourite and well used toys and anytime the baby would go to play with it he would get very possessive and snatch it back from her so now she has her own and there are no 'arguments'. I don't know what it is about this toy but babies love it and it is a firm favourite with both of my children. This one was gift boxed and I have kept the box in her memories box so that when she grows too old for Sophie I can pack it away for her as I will be doing with my son's Sophie too. When my son was little we literally couldn't go out of the house anywhere unless we had Sophie with us and there was quite a few occasions where we would be out shopping or somewhere and have to manically back track to search for a dropped Sophie! Sophie is made of 100% natural rubber and so is completely safe for your baby to chew and put in their mouths although please note that she can't be sterilised and so we use sterilising wipes on her. Both of my little ones love how easy she is to hold and squeak. A brilliant toy that has been around for many years and I think will probably be around for many many more.

EDIT 30/01/2016:-
After the massive success of Sophie with my two little ones (my daughter's Sophie is still out and about although my son's was packed away recently when he turned 3), I have just bought another one for my new baby niece in the new updated packaging and I have been told by Mum that she is already following it with her eyes when Sophie is squeezed and squeaked and I am sure she will love her as much as my two little ones loved their Sophie's. I can confirm that the old version and new version Sophie's are exactly the same and it is just the packaging that has changed. The new packaging also has a little card inside which can be personalised for baby with the date and time they were born, eye colour, hair colour, weight and length. I have added some pictures of the new packaging and one with my daughter's Sophie next to it to show they are the same. Still a brilliant toy and some lovely memories of my two with their favourite giraffe Sophie.
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on 7 February 2009
After seeing this rated as the best teether in a baby magazine I thought I'd give it a try. It is more expensive than other teethers (my husband was horrified when I confessed to the cost) but my son will not use any others and loved Sophie from day one. She comes everywhere with us. I did make the mistake of putting it in the sterisliser (wanted it to be clean before he put is in his mouth) and it hasn't squeaked since!
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on 27 May 2016
When I was pregnant, I promised myself "I won't buy into this whole Sophie La Girafe thing". Well, I broke that promise.

My baby is just hitting his for month old mark, and is going through some serious teething sessions. You know how it goes, drool everywhere, constant whining, everything needs to go in the mouth - hands, hair, toys, dummies - you name it. And nothing does the job. I have teething rings, baby keys, toys with teething accessories, silicone teething baby dummy clips. All of it. But because he doesn't quite have the motor skills yet, I have noticed he prefers items with a long, straight grabbing option. Like his wooden toy rattle (which, unfortunately isn't a great teething toy, as it doesn't fit in his mouth; along with him quite comically bonking himself on the head with it).

So I searched high, and I searched low. I searched the distant areas of internet shops to try and find a teething rattle like toy. That was soft, entertaining, and with a long handle for my son's easy grip.

And let me tell you, I couldn't find anything. So I bit myself, and found myself looking at Sophie The Giraffe. What is so magical about this toy? It's just a bloody rubber giraffe, for thirteen quid! But, hearing my baby struggle in the background with his fist in his mouth, I swallowed my pride and bought Sophie.

Sophie arrived to us the next day. Nicely wrapped up in her little gift box. I took her out of her little travel case and introduced her to my baby. His eyes instantly went to her. And after a short while, he figured out that he can rather easily get a good grip on her, and that yes - she fits in his mouth. I now had one happy baby gnawing on Sophie's face while she worked her magic.

What is it about this toy that children love? I couldn't tell you. But it made my son happy, and that makes me happy. I'm not even bothered by the price at this point. But if someone finds out what black magic this giraffe uses, please let me know. Maybe I can work it into something else!
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on 8 August 2013
Purchased this product for my little girl as was recommended. However item arrived and did not look right! I read the 1* reviews and could not believe what I saw! People were saying that these are fakes and can be dangerous!

I ordered another one from a well know childrens store and the difference is unbelievable!!!

Please do not risk this product. just pay a little extra for the proper item

I am currently in contact with Amazon as I can not believe that they would sell these death traps and asking for a full refund.
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on 27 January 2016
This tiny little giraffe has stopped many a screaming fit with my 5 month old. H e started teething at 4 months and this was recommended by a French friend who says all French baby's get one. I was sceptical but within minutes of giving it to him he was happily chewing away for hours at a time.

We tried all the usual remedies and gels but this is a drug free way to help him teethe and he loves to play with Sophie even when his teeth are not hurting him. Overall this is a must buy for any parent. Yes its more expensive than a teethin ring but the quality is a lot better and it will last forever.
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on 11 July 2016
I read other reviews which were mixed saying potentially fake goods some saying they weren't. My baby has had this for 5 weeks and the pattern is rubbing off and faded. I was suspicious of the quality when it arrived but having not seen another giraffe I could not tell how poor the quality was. The ears and feet are fading and are white already. Have had to take this away from little one as I don't know what she could be putting in her mouth, great shame because it's great for teething
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on 25 July 2015
Absolutely love Sophie the Giraffe. Absolute must have for all teething babies. They just love to chew on every part of her, and she's indestructible as far as I can tell. The bought a second one for baby number 2.
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on 16 July 2016
I've been going through teething hell with my lo I have tried everything without much luck. Came across this on the Internet and it looked like a great product. So many good reviews gave me a thumbs up that I should buy it. For the price it's very disappointing sadly it's just a toy giraffe. She has no interest in it whatsoever it's rubbery and light so I'm assuming it does nothing for her pain. As soon as I give it to her it's on the floor in seconds.
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on 4 March 2013
I purchased this product for my son as it was recommennded as a teething toy. As soon as i gave it to him i knew there was a problem, the black eyes started to run and my son had black ink in his mouth, i took it away immediatley! I brought another on from a well know childrens shop and I compared the two. The one I purchased from amazon is clearly a counter fit. It is slightly smaller, a slightly different colour, smells different and on the original the eyes dont run! I have contacted amazon to discuss this issue and i must say that i am very aprehensive about buying toys from my son from the site now. I have never written a review in my life but i feel so strongly that I had to on this occasion.
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on 25 November 2015
My 7 month old loves Sophie. It's the only thing she'll use for teething. It was originally bought as a gift and my baby instantly began gnawing it (she was 3 and a half months old at the time) However, she lost it on holiday and when she began teething again, she wouldn't use anything else so I bought this one. Concerned that she'd lose it again, I noticed a harness for it as a suggestion to buy with it by Amazon and it's great. I can strap it to anything (pushchair, car seat, sling/carrier and shopping trolley bar mainly!) and she can't lose it! Would highly recommend
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