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on 9 March 2010
Had this laptop for a week, and I am extremely satisfied with it. The price, in my opinion is totally justified because this laptop truly is an exquisite piece of technology. It looks awesome and is a headturner. The high resolution screen is a pleasure to look at, the touchpad is different from most other laptops, in that the surface is rough, but I love it now. The speakers aren't the best but I have a decent speaker system to plug it into anyways, but my absolute favourite thing about this laptop is the keyboard. It is probably one of the best keyboards I've ever used, it's just like the Mac one that Apple nicked off Sony Vaio and it's still probably the best keyboard. Also, unlike most other laptops of this size it possesses a number pad, a nice extra bonus! The instant web feature is also really useful. After a week and after adding 90 gigs of memory off my old desktop to it it's still super fast and hasn't slowed in the slightest but you might want to remove Vaio Gate because that is the one application that is really slow, otherwise everything is extremely fast! The HDMI is a nice addition and has been really useful. Looks great on the plasma! Oh, and Windows 7 works extremely well with the specs and operating system. Would definitely recommend, very happy with it, will update if anything goes seriously wrong with it in the future.

-The screen is bright and colourful and very nice to look at
-instant web feature is very useful to get surfing in around 30 seconds
-best keyboard I've ever used + number pad
-looks absolutely fantastic!
-doesn't burn your lap like a acer, and doesn't really heat up at all except for slight above room temperature at the vent
-completely silent

-Battery life isn't the best, lasting about 3 hours tops
-speakers aren't the best but probably a bit louder than a macbook

If you're looking for a new laptop and £500 is your budget, I couldn't recommend a better buy!
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on 25 June 2017
Was my first Sony and had exactly same problems than my friend with his. Low quality computers that overcharge only because of its brand. The power connector had to be changed with not much use (expensive). Actually very expensive computer for what it offers.
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on 27 May 2010
Wanting to replace my 4-year old VAIO with another VAIO, I bought this one. The price is great, considering it's a Sony, so no complaints there. I've had it for a few days now and so far am happy with it. Just a few issues which, while not necessarily negative, do tend to annoy me. For one thing, the power button is right on the edge on the right hand side. Since I usually sit with the laptop on my lap, I tend to shift it around a bit every now and then holding it by the edges. I'm getting pretty tired with accidently hitting the power button! I find that the touchpad isn't sensitive enough, no matter what settings I use. Sometimes when I tap it lightly, instead of clicking what it's supposed to click, the mouse just jumps around. The touchpad itself has a grainy texture. Personally, I quite like the feel of it, but my husband doesn't like it at all. Another thing that bothers him and not me is that the part in front of the keyboard, where your wrists rest while typing (sorry, I don't know what it's called!) is a glittery white - too jazzy for him! The lid is a beautiful silver, not white as it states on Amazon. As far as the performance goes, I have nothing to complain about. The Quick Web Access button is great - boots the lappie to internet-ready state in less than 30 seconds on a Wifi connection. Battery life is under 2 hours from fully charged, which is not great (especially if compared to a Dell Mini which lasts for more than 6 hours!) but I knew about this before I bought it. The fan seems to be working fine at keeping it cool. For regular use, this laptop is perfect, especially if you're a Sony fan. Amazon delivery was super quick (as always!).

UPDATE (7 June 2010): There appears to be some problem with the adapter. When the laptop is plugged in, it gives an electric shock! This is a known problem with VAIO adapters (Google it), in fact this was one of the reasons I replaced my old VAIO. However, since that one was quite old, I didn't think too much about it. But the same problem in a brand new one is rather annoying. I have emailed VAIO support and will be calling them up tomorrow first thing in the morning. Will post an update when I have this fixed.
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on 1 May 2010
I bought this middle april through Amazon and am very pleased with my purchase. Arrived next day due to Amazon Prime well packaged and documented. Laptop is quick to start and feels well built in terms of components.

East to setup and battery life is good and works well as an office and development (Visual Studio) machine - i3 performance is comparably better than my 2.2 Core2Duo work laptop. Onboard graphics card is fine for Windows 7 Aero, but by no means a sturdy games machine, but you'd get a WII/PS3/XBOX if you want a shiny graphics games platform.

Only downsides I can see are:
1. Too much rubbish preloaded (Norton, Mcafee, Office trials), but easy to remove/uninstall
2. Screen is LCD and not backlit LED so not good in bright conditions but fine in normal ambient circumstances.
3. No firewire (...cheapskates, Sony).

I considered a Dell/HP/Samsung machine when looking around for a laptop, so would recommend you have a wander around a high-street store first to see what feels right.

Overall very pleased with laptop so far.
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on 14 March 2010
Very impressed with this Vaio. Normal Amazon fast delivery. Very quick to boot up and an instant on web browser that does not require the computer to boot up. No idea how they do that but it works well. Lovely keyboard, with a number pad - unusual in a laptop. Crystal clear screen. The only down side is the mostly usless software that Sony loads onto its machines. Highly recommended!
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on 13 April 2010
I have owned this laptop for a week and I am really pleased with it. Having done a lot of research, this was, in my eyes the best laptop for the money. Good processor and plenty of memory, it will cope well with my general use. It looks stunning - although I was a little disappointed that the finish is not all white - the lid is silver, but in all a nice-looking laptop. Having taken a big leap from my old Dell laptop, I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the graphics displayed. Regarding negative comments on the laptop's speakers - they really aren't that bad - especially compared to a new Samsung laptop recently purchased by my partner for more money. The touchpad is a really nice feature and is very responsive and the webcam is of a good quality too.

Sony appear to have good customer support thus far and the laptop does not come loaded with lots of useless, irratating software. Oh, and Tesco are selling the same one for 35 quid more, so another Amazon bargain!
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on 24 May 2010
I usually buy extra memory when I get a new computer, to ensure it runs faster, but this time I didn't and I'm glad. The Vaio is fast whatever the application. I'm also pleased that I didn't have to upgrade my home network: the laptop works well on a an 85 Mbps Home Plug mains ethernet. The keyboard avoids slipping fingers, and screen is clear and bright. Sound is tinny but who cares - I didn't buy laptop as a hi-fi and when listening to anything important I attach external PC speakers. I've had the laptop for about a week and haven't had a problem with the battery though it's probably too small and light for a biggish computer. I take the battery off when it's fully powered and use the mains to prolong battery life. Detaching the battery couldn't be easier. I use it as a desktop and have a netbook as a portable. The Quick Web access (accessing the web without booting the laptop) works only on ethernet cable - not on wi-fi, perhaps because Quick Web doesn't boot the machine and so there's no opportunity to "see" the wi-fi connection. It's rare to buy a computer that does what you expect and more. Probably the best computer I've ever bought.

Update 24 June 2010 - Wireless stopped working. Switch on the front was in the "on" position but the wireless wasn't working and there was no green light on the wireless switch. Nothing would get wireless back on until I backed up all my data and did a full recovery which wipes the C drive and restores all the factory-installed software.

This did the trick. With the wireless switch in the "on" position, the green light is on and wireless is working. I've had the machine about a month. The full recovery is a great facility. Though it's time-consuming taking all your data off and reinstalling applications, it beats returning the machine.
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on 14 May 2010
Had this laptop just over a week now and I am extremely happy with it! Words cannot describe the way windows 7 works so well, everything just works instantly and finding the wireless router and printer is effortless even in a 400year old stone cottage. Computers and laptops ive had in the past, ive had to spend hours if not days getting the printer and wireless broadband to work, with the Sony, you just switch it on ask it to find and sync, so straight forward. If by chance there is a problem, windows 7 is able to figure it out and fix itself within seconds. I did alot of looking around before i bought this laptop, I was always leaning towards the Sony but you always shop around first, for the price and level of equipment you get not to mention its a Sony (speaks for itself) this is an excellent buy. The only reason i've not given it 5 stars is because of the battery life, its okay but not brilliant, but nothings perfect in this world! Well worth your £480, choose amazon prime free trial and get it next day for free! Bargin!
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2010
I have had this laptop for a couple of weeks now and have been very happy with it.

I think it looks absolutely fantastic and seems very very fast.

Windows 7 is definitely a great improvement on vista and I see the AC adaptors have changed to a smaller model.

The new straight to web feature is fantastic and saves so much time!

My only gripe is the mouse being on the left confuses me a little sometimes as does the keyboard!

A must buy!
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on 1 April 2010
Got the laptop 2 days ago...To be honest I was expecting the laptop to be full white, but actually the lid is silver...Also I was expecting the laptop to be more slim...

I will explain the pros and cons, in my opinion.

Core i3
Nice keyboard
Good price

The screen is not LED which is a major drawback in my opinion!
The graphic card is quite low, the videos are not that great on the laptop
The laptop is not that slim!
Battery life is not very great.

The laptop actually worked normal for 1-2 days, because after that I started to have problems with it. Strange things appearing on the screen, like the graphic card would be faulty, which you don't expect from a new laptop. Returned the laptop back to Amazon because to me it's unacceptable to have this kind of issues after 1-2 days.

I think Sony can do much better work than this!
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