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on 21 December 2015
This watch cannot be set up unless your smartphone has the APP downloaded onto it first. Even so, I had difficulty setting it up and needed help. I still don't really know how to transfer additional applications from the phone to the watch. It has 2 very good Vibration alarms, which repeats if you do not turn it off, which is great if you use it for waking you up. It has a countdown alarm and a stopwatch. The face is made of glass so should not scratch easily. I have downloaded a different watch face onto my phone, but cannot transfer it onto the watch. Nothing is logical, so I will need further expert help. It does show your text messages, but after 2 weeks It still shows the texts that I had 2 weeks ago, so it doesn't seem to update automatically and I haven't a clue how to make it update. I was hoping that it would vibrate when a text came into my phone, but maybe it is not meant to do this. The write up of this watch shows that it can actually control all the functions of your phone, but I would not need this facility. The stainless steel strap is made to fit the largest of wrists, so I had to have links taken out professionally costing £5. The advert shows a bright time display, but you only get this when you press the button on the side, which gives the bright display for a second, otherwise it is always very dim and not self illuminating like a normal LCD display. Most people looking at the watch on your wrist will only see a black glass screen with no display.
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on 30 January 2016
Suspect mine was faulty as it worked fine but when ever I received or made a telephone call using the built in hands free in the car while wearing the watch the reception was very poor. I did try this in all 3 cars we own and the results were the same so I suspect either the watch was faulty or it has a major technical / software issue. Due to the above problem I returned the watch for a full refund and will go back to a normal watch as I found a smart watch OK but to be honest also nothing special and for sure I would not pay over £100 for a smart watch having tried this for over a week. I will say the battery life on this was easily 3 days and that even though I had watched reviews about the screen lagging etc I never noticed any issues, having said this what do you expect for £70? I found this was a very nice watch that other than the problem above worked very well but unfortunately due to my job Bluetooth in the car is a must so due to the issue I had it was the watch or the Bluetooth and I think it is clear which I chose.
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on 5 December 2015
This replaced my old 'normal' watch and I'm very pleased with it.

As a 'watch' its light and comfortable. When I started wearing it I often forgot I had it on as it was so much lighter and more comfortable than my old watch.

Its got a very clear display, very readable in any lighting conditions I encountered. Its got a several watch faces, an alarm, calander etc. Its also 'waterproof' so no worries about rain or handwashing or dishwashing etc. Last but not least it has an excellent battery life with 3-4 days use, then only 20-30 minutes to fully recharge.

I don't really use it for anything 'smart', That said, it was very easy to pair and sync with my z3 phone and maintains a very good connection, It vibrates away happily as emails and other notifications arrive - and if I really want to read them the screen is fine to do it, as I found out one day when my phone was in my car and I was in a building about 10 yards way.
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on 28 April 2015
This watch works well, but remember to use head phones otherwise you will turn on the loud speaker of your phone.
Easy to operate and download the apps you like especially if you use the NFC DETECTION UNIT on the Sony Phone which I have, battery last about 6-7 days on 1/2 hr to 40 Minutes charge brilliant, if you use it constantly 3- 4 Days Max.
For under £100.00p this is brilliant.
This watch very solid and well put to together, only negative points are it has a matt finish which would look better polished from my opinion, but try it out first and if you do not like it you can always send it back.
I know there is a later model but suits my needs well.
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on 17 August 2015
I've had the SW2 for a couple of days now and I've been really impressed. It works exactly as described, this is not an iWatch though, if you are looking for a smart watch that looks great and shows all of your notifications, the SW2 is a very good and cost effective option but the advanced functionality of a 'top level' smart watch isn't what the SW2 offers - apps are limited and it is lacking in several features offered by the higher end alternatives.

That being said, it does everything that I want it to do. Aestheticly, it looks good, the weight is nice and the size is pretty much perfect. For what I use it for the speed of the processor is adequate and I haven't had any issues with either poor performance or crashing (I'm currently using a note 3 just for reference)

I have amazon prime and the delivery was little slower than I expected (around 5 days) but when it arrived (on a Sunday which was a nice surprise these days...) it was very well packaged.
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on 12 July 2014
In constant use since it was purchased I love my Sony Smartwatch! Yes it is pricey to start with by it is a good investment and with the ability to reject calls after the 8th sales call of the day on my mobile it's awesome to simply be able to reject!

Works with any android phone, although obviously you get 100% from it when connected to one of the Sony Xperia range. You won't miss out on very much at all with not having a Sony mobile.

Battery life for a 'smart' product is excellent even when under heavy usage. At the moment I am getting around 3 days between charges on it so no complaints there at all.

Yes I would have liked the Pebble smartwatch as it is comparable with my iPhone 5c but I really have no complaints about the Sony offering.
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on 8 December 2015
Shall update this review after Christmas as it's purchased as a gift for my husband. The appearance of the watch looks smart and as the image shown, personally I'd change the strap but he may keep it, own individual taste. Hopefully it'll live up to my husbands expectations and that it actually works. Only 4 stars as I've not seen it working; so shall update after Christmas.

Update: 5 stars as it's working well, a few hiccups but that was due to my husband leaving his phone out of reach, the watch is most effective when your mobile is nearby or carried on you. It meets all his requirements thus far. He's pleased with the item. Win, win!!
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on 13 August 2016
I guess it's OK but it doesn'the do the step counting and relies on its connectons to your phone. A lot of functionality is weak with my Samsung S5. Lots of app's don't work. Including Facebook notifications Faces were unstable regularly require watch to reboot and phone app was high power usage
Now sits in my drawer after 6 months and spent the money I should have at the start on a Garmin vivoactive he with GPS. Which does so much more and everything better. Save your money and get a bether spec product.
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on 15 June 2015
Disappointed: I should have read up more on this product before I bought it. I was expecting it to do a little bit more than it was able to do. This is more or less a read only device . You can read emails and text and read twitter , no app available for whatsapp. You can not reply or post because there is no keypad. The watch faces are very limited and very basic. There is no microphone to make or receive calls . So as you can see compared with newer models this is a very limited product. Good points : Price , water resistant , vibrate notification , size and weight. Bad Points: Very Limited. Amazon have been fantastic with a no quibble return and refund .
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on 11 May 2016
Very nice watch, not too bulky and not too heavy, the strap was a bit poorer than the picture but that could be changed. Screen was a decent size. I couldn't see anything other than a request for data. Unfortunately, returned this watch as I couldn't find data compatible and wouldn't work with my mobile (Nokia Lumia 960). 3 stars because it was actually really nice.
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