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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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The designers at Sony have got this little Bluetooth speaker just about right. It is truly portable as it will play for up to ten hours on a single charge – and I found this to be quite an accurate figure. It is small enough to be easily carried around and even has an eye for attaching a karabiner if required. It is splash-proof – not fully water-proof though! – so it can be used near water fairly safely. If connected to a Smartphone you can answer calls from it and use it as a speakerphone as it has a built-in microphone.

The Bluetooth connects easily by conventional methods - although I had no luck using NFC from a Samsung tablet. The first time the speaker is powered up it goes into Bluetooth pairing mode and after that you can press a button to connect additional devices. There is an aux-in via a 3.5mm jack socket for connecting any non-Bluetooth device that has a headphone socket, and a 3.5mm jack socket for audio out. These are accessed via a waterproof flap that also covers the power in socket. The speaker comes with a power adaptor for charging but the connection is not via a mini USB – this is the only thing I would change as this would have made charging from a laptop or in the car possible too.

You can press a button and the speaker will tell you its state of charge, it also has a few other phrases used at other times too! The same button will also change the language if you are not careful! If that happens keep pressing it until it says “English”. There are two audio modes which are changed via an internal gravity switch – in normal mode the speaker is more directional for small groups directly in front of it, and on its back the sound is more diffuse (surround sound mode) for larger groups in a wider area.

The speaker is available in a range of colours – mine is bright red – and is an attractive and functional design. The build quality is excellent, the sound is very good for its size and it doesn’t rattle at volume. Highly recommended for portable use when away from mains power – five stars.
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on 24 April 2014
I brought it around £40. It exceed all my expectation.

I initially brought Cambridge Audio MINX GO Bluetooth Active (£99.95). The sound is really muddy. I have no choice but to return it.

The SRS_BTS50's sound clarity is very good. Detailed highs and punchy lows. It is loud enough for any medium sized room.

Even at the current price I will still buy it. I have a Sony SRS-BTX500 as well. It cost me £150. It does sound better and louder but no way near 2 times better. I would say this one is best value for money.

Good signal/connection, water proof and good battery life etc are all extra bonus.

But you should not expect it sound as good as any decent HIFI system cost 300+ - it compare well with any other bluetooth speaker but it is a bluetooth speaker after all.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 January 2014
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Comes well presented in a plain card box with a glossy Sony sleeve. Inside is the actual speaker, charger and lots of paper instructions (that were not needed). The speaker is an odd shape, like a glasses case that has been expanded from the inside, although not heavy, it's not something you'd really want to hand carry around - it does have a clip on it for attaching to bags and so on. Surprisingly there was no charge at all in the speaker, but after a quick 30 minutes it had 70% charge. There is a steel switch on the side to turn on and several buttons - volume up and down, telephone, pairing and battery. Hidden away in a waterproof flap is audio in and out and power. A charge and connection LED round off the compliment of features.

What I didn't expect was the voice - pressing the pairing button announces the fact, and pressing battery tells you "about 70% remaining" in a female voice. It's actually quite useful and made pairing a doddle. It's a nice touch that provides a good user experience.

In use, it's pretty decent. I used via Bluetooth with an iPhone 5, and the quality was okay - generally good but occasional lag and break up and the volume is okay in a house, but if used on a beach or at a party I suspect it won't be able to output at loud enough volume to be heard. One useful feature is that if used with a phone, you can answer calls via the speaker by hitting the button on the side of it. This could be good if the phone is hidden away in a bag and it's also convenient as you don't have to go looking for the phone.

It's supposed to be splash proof, and while I didn't test it, there doesn't seem to any reason to doubt that - the waterproof flap and the rubberised case seems to be quite resistant to water. There is also a red Sony fin on the top of the speak that doesn't serve any purpose other than to advertise the brand.

One of the features is the accelerometer that changes the angle of the speakers to provide surround sound when moved. Supposed to apparently, I fiddled around with this for ten minutes trying to hear the change but couldn't tell any difference but that might just be my old ears. Battery life is claimed to be ten hours, and this seems to be reasonable. I've had it playing for a couple of hours now and seen the battery level drop accordingly.

It's not the cheapest of products, and you could get something similar for around half the price, but this is a nice speaker, with a nice touches that move it from an average product to an excellent one - the ease of setup, voice notifications and excellent build quality. It reminds me of the quality products that Sony made a few years ago

Highly recommended.
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on 6 June 2015
I bought this to plug into my electric piano to act as an external speaker. Unfortunately at the upper and lower end the unit struggled and the sound was distorted. Also it lacked any real bass when used as a portable speaker and didn't feel any surround sound as was claimed. Price was good, but if you want really good sound quality then I would recommend paying more to get a Bose or Sonos.
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on 3 July 2014
Good build quality. Too chunky to stick in a pocket, but fine for a rucksack.

I bought it to provide better sound when watching movies on an iPad Air, which it does quite well.

However, when using it in Bluetooth mode the movie sound is about half a second late in reaching the speakers...which means voices etc are noticably out of sync...I suspect most BT speakers do that. So rather than use BT I connect the iPad to the speaker with a 3.5mm jack cable, and that works fine.

It's a shame there isn't a setting/app on the iPad that can delay the movie picture by half a second to allow BT speakers to keep in sync...or is there?...anyone have any thoughts on that?

Playing music files won't be noticably affected by the BT delay.

The Sony has much better sound than the likes of the more portable Music Angel Friendz and the XMI MiniAngle (I've got both).

Overall a decent effort by Sony.
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on 28 February 2015
This I bought for a friend's 60th birthday present, I unpacked it and checked it's functionality and I'm seriously impressed! Put in the context of it's low wattage the sound it produces is clean, decent bass response and similarly so in the treble frequencies, the handsfree capacity worked well with a Sony Xperia M and once the NFC Easy Connect had been down loaded from Google Play also with the Fonerange Rugged V8. Before buying it would be worth going to the following page to check the bluetooth functionality of your phone against the speaker
So many reviews have I read where it is user lack of understanding than poor product that causes so disappointment and frustration, is it not better to go in fully forearmed than rely on potluck?
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Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Out of the box, this compact speaker (it's 16.5cm long by my measurements and a little under 7cm deep) is simplicity itself to use, pairing via either bluetooth or NFC. I was surprised when I first got it that it didn't come with a cover or anything other than the charger but it doesn't really need any protection as it's solidly made. The case is hard and also the outer mesh is splash resistant. It looks and feels a bit like a glasses case; bar the power on button, volume, a charge LED and the inputs/outputs for audio and the power jack (these are hidden under a protective rubber door), there's little else to this bar a hook on the top I personally never use but which could be good for attaching to a belt or the like. I really love the simplicity of the design, it looks and feels like a quality affair and befitting the Sony badge. It really is a case of charging up the speaker and then pressing the input pairing button on the base of the device and you are good to go for hours of use. I'd say the manufacturer's claim of 10 hours is about right - in any case you can check how charged it is again by just touching the button charge button, and a pleasant computerised voice will tell you how much battery remains. I've never had any issue using this speaker or experienced it dropping out, it works perfectly with whatever audio I throw at it.

Sound wise, it's pretty good. I find the volume sufficient for my use, it's certainly better than the ipad integrated speakers and copes well when for example I'm streaming a film for viewing whilst using my noisy steam iron (I know, livin' the dream eh?). It doesn't sound tinny at all and though a purist may want a bit more bass, personally I find clarity good and a nice feature is the fact that you can vary the sound to directed or surround by standing the speaker on its side or on its bottom. Putting in this latter position does give a rounded sound quality that is well suited for playing audio to a group of people, eg on a beach or picnic. You can change the volume via buttons on the device or from whatever you are using it, as you would expect. Some may want a little more volume but at top whack the sound is not distorted and though you wouldn't fill the Albert Hall with it, given its small size and weight (400 gms or so) its excellent.

Overall I'm really pleased with this speaker and use it often. There are cheaper speakers available but I'd say this one is worth every penny and I would recommend it for sound on the go, it's a great little speaker.
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on 4 February 2014
The speaker is quite compact, feels robust and the sound quality is OK.
I find the volume a bit lacking but I don't doubt it is as specified. The sound is quite clear and good. Perhaps too bright in "surround sound" mode and a but dull in "normal" mode. Sometime the bass can be a bit rough at higher volume.
Battery life is good.

Operationally, it is easy to set up and can handle both bluetooth and attach by standard audio cable (not supplied). The volume control, feels a bit sluggish.

Where it irritates me is the volume of the "Hello, I am here" and the "Bye" sounds. I also don't understand why lady announcing bluetooth connection needs to shout quite so loudly.

I picked this up in a lightning deal and so a bit cheaper than the normal (or normal Amazon) price. For the price I paid, I'll happily give it 4 stars. Would I recommend it at the normal price? Not so sure.

Given most people will not pay the lightning deal price, I'll award 3 stars. It's OK and there probably are other options you should consider.

Update a year on:
The speaker still works and is used most days. The power switch is beginning to fail (it's coming loose and sometimes difficult to engage). All in all it has been a good buy and easy to live with, though I won't raise the rating. I'd prefer something just a tad more volume. I constantly find I am driving the speaker just beyond where it is comfortable.
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First, the sound quality is good but not great. But don't let that put you off, almost everything else about this speaker is perfect. I particularly like the voice that tells me when I need to pair my Bluetooth device, and speaks the batter level to me. I also love the built-in mic and hands-free mobile phone conversation feature. I honestly didn't expect to use it, but when you get an incoming call, it's so simple to take it just by pressing the pick-up button atop the speaker and the quality of the call is excellent. The size and weight are good for portability - I was able to easily pack it in a briefcase for a business trip. The two downsides for me are firstly that the speaker requires its own special charger (not a USB charger) and secondly that there's no feature to charge my mobile phone via a USB output. If this speaker had both of those features, I'd give it 5 stars.
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on 1 January 2014
I managed to get a bargain (in my opinion anyway) as this speaker was a Lightening deal at almost half price. I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker that had NFC capability and this fitted the bill. Very easy to connect to my Xperia Z and my iPad. I bought if for work really as I work nights but I have used it in our living room as well and I have to say that I'm mightily impressed. Thee are probably better speakers out there but for the price I paid I consider this to be a real bargain!
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