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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
Size: 4GB|Colour: Blue|Change
Price:£57.46 - £118.95
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on 10 July 2014
I used to have the predecessor of this model, the NWZ-W273, which I loved but they were unreliable and after Amazon replaced 3 pairs under warranty, they eventually gave up and gave me a refund.
I then bought this version which has some subtly but welcome improvements. The instructions are better, it supports itunes (although it also supports drag and drop - my preferred option) and the big difference is that they now come with 2 sets of rubber earplugs (in 3 or 4 different sizes): either set can be used for swimming, but one set is spefifically designed with a membrane to keep the water out of the player. This makes them a little quieter, so you just turn the volume up one click... This membrane makes a huge difference to the resilience of the unit when you use it. It is true that if you get an earfull of water, the sound will go, but now it is a lot easier to clear your ear and then the player works perfectly again, without having to tap the water out of the player.
They stay in place fine if you use your goggle straps to secure them.
I swim 40 lengths front crawl 3-5 times/week, moderate pace, push and tumble turns.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions .
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on 16 January 2016
I bought these after discovering waterproof headphones with speedo (who have subsequently discontinued their stock)
Was a little worried because it's quite a bit of money and these things can be a bit hit and miss with sound quality - but went for it and took them on holiday, where I struggled and struggled to get the headphones to stay in my ears, even after trying multiple bud sizes and when I finally did get them to fit, I could not swim very fast before they fell out again. Even as a avid swimmer, who wears a swimming cap, these things would not stick in my ears, even when placed under my cap.

So... next came a little inventive DIY - I had a spare pair of Bose QC 20 earphone tips (p.s any sports people out there who have trouble keeping headphones in your ears whilst working out, forget Beats sport and their lousy noise quality, get yourself a pair of Bose In ear Quiet comfort headphones - noise cancelling is incredible and they never fall out when running ect definitely worth every single penny!!) you can buy the tips online, some look slightly different but I recommend the ones that look like the link below - you may be able to find them cheaper on ebay.

Anyway, out the generic buds that come with the mp3 player and superglue the rim of new Bose headphones to the plastic MP3 player....the little in ear plastic grooves, which fit in your ear, really hold the walkman in place when swimming and the sound quality is amazing.... because they are ACTUALLY in your ear properly!


Have fun with your new and improved headphones!

6pcs - 3 Pairs: S / M / L Noise Isolation with Extra Layer Comfort Earbuds Eartips for QuietComfort 20, QuietComfort 20i, QC20 and QC20i In Ear Earphones
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on 30 May 2014
This product is great and apart from the odd minor tweek here and there i cant fault it as a whole!

the setup/connection to pc/file transfer/charging is really easy, i think technophobes would even be at ease with it.

the usage: so far ive used it in the gym (resistance and cardio training), in the pool (breast stroke) and on 4k trail runs.

The headphones stay in place very well and are extreamly secure in all activities. I have noticed that if I do about one full length completly submerged in the pool, water tends to seep into the earcanal and obviosly affects sound however this is due to the fit of the earbuds not the player. The swimming earbuds do tend to reduce this however you sacrifice overall sound quality and volume. I haven't learnt how to dive with them in without them becoming waterlogged and disloged though but the product instructions do adv not to do this due to the pressure on the eardrum anyway.

No complaints with respect to the gym and running, and its great being able to move about with out a wire flapping or tugging and pulling or even headphones being ripped out or becoming dislodged at inconveinient moments.

The sound: From what ive read in the many reveiws on here, i was fearing the worst. i was expecting something like a cupped loudspeaker of an old mobile phone playing the dreaded tinny music of teenage years for the duration of my workout but then i thought, this is sony, it cant be that bad!

I like my music loud and i like it with alot of bass. Im not so keen on to much treble but i know it needs to be there to provide balance in the music i love. Im definatly not dissapointed with the sound production/quality of these, and the volume contrary to others opinions, is absolutely fine, especially whne it comes to drowning out the one direction playlist thats on in the gym. I think that the headphones give a decent balanced sound to most tracks.

Its got 13.5mm drivers and the speakers themselves are from the EX Series headphones which provide 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency again not too bad a product - certainly not the best sony have produced and sure they dont rival my skull candys heavy medal plugs but theyre adequate and do the job they were designed to do.

overall, a good product, that does what it says on the tin, looks good and is satisfing in the sound department.
recommended to all :) feel free to ask any questions
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on 20 November 2015
I bought this for my wife earlier in the year but have never managed to get it to work despite trying all the different measures advised by Sony. After eventually admitting defeat and deciding it must be faulty I contacted EU Digital for a replacement/refund and they told me that, as it was over a month since I purchased it, they would not accept responsibility (despite it being well within the 1 yr warranty period) and advised me to make contact with Sony. Sony advised me that, as it was an "in-warranty exchange" EU Digital were obliged to replace it and advised me to ask EU Digital to contact them directly if they still refused. I fed this back to EU Digital and they still refused to accept responsibility and they keep responding with the same message that they do not accept responsibility for the product after 90 days. Sony have repeatedly insisted that EU Digitalare responsible for the full warranty period.
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on 15 August 2014
I was looking for a mp3 player for going to the gym and accidentally came across this all in one water proof mp3 player from Sony.

First of all, the sound quality is good. Not great but if you are in a gym or in a swimming pool there can be a lot of ambient noise that would prevent you from appreciating really high quality music quality.

Getting music on to the mp3 player is really easy. Just plug it into your computer and drag the songs you want into the music folder. If you use iTunes, you can drag and drop from that as well.

Before working out, going for a run or swimming, it’s important to make sure you are using the appropriate included ear buds that give a snug fit or the unit can fall out or let water into your ears. From a safety/convenience perspective, it is great not to have wires dangling from your ears while exercising. This all in one idea works really well in my opinion.

Using the mp3 player (by the way, can Sony come up with a better name than NWZ-W273S? How about Waterman or something?) is straightforward. I would have liked the ability to fast forward through songs but that hardly a show stopper. After a few minutes, changing the volume/songs is second nature.

Its only 4gb so if you have a large music collection you won’t be able to get it all on. However, it would be a nightmare to try a navigate through thousands of songs on a device like this (although you can have playlists).

Overall, I was torn between getting this or the iPod shuffle and I am very happy with my choice. The Sony is waterproof and there is less risk of loose wires getting tangled up or caught in anything.
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on 29 July 2014
This is the best waterproof mp3 I have had, I have had 3 finis swip3 and 6 speedo aquabeats but this one is the best so far it doesn't move at all,earplugs stay in place I swim 64 lengths in a 25m pool 50 front crawl 14 breast stroke I wear my hat on top of it so don't no if that helps stopping it move or not. The only problem is sometimes ithink i have knocked it off and it hasn't gone off so when I go to use it next time it's flat but that's my fault and have started double checking now.
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on 8 May 2015
Great for running. Always used iPod or phone on armband with wired headphones previously and this is so much better and less cumbersome. Am still experimenting with the different sized ear plugs and device tightness as not competently comfortable to wear yet. Controls are intuitive on the go and the initial set up was easy and fast. Pleased so far.
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on 7 July 2014
One of the main reasons that I've never done more swimming is because I soon get bored of swimming laps. I only really swim breaststroke and you have a lot of time just plodding up and down without much to occupy your mind. However when my boss signed me up for a 3k swim I agreed only on the basis that he bought me one of these so that I could train happily. I wasn't expecting anything fantastic, but the chance to try one our for 'free' was too good to pass up.

I put a lot of time into researching the different waterproof MP3 players available and it seems that most have differing reviews. I was heading towards the Finis (or whatever one it is that rests on the cheek bones) but was put off by comments that the sound changed depending on whether your head was underwater or not. I also discounted the waterproof iPod nanos as being too expensive.

In the end I decided to opt for the Sony on account of it being a decent brand and having largely decent reviews (although there doesn't seem to be a waterproof MP3 player out there without mixed reviews). I'm absolutely chuffed with how it works and how easy it is to operate, swimming is now an absolute joy instead of being tedious.

It does take a bit of getting used to and you may also need to play around with the sizes of ear plugs that come with it. I find it easiest using different sizes for each ear, it's unfortunately just a case of trial and error. It's also a bit better to put a bit of vaseline on each one before you put them in. As long as you've got the right size plugs the headphones stay in fine, at least they have for what I do. This includes going underwater for a bit, although I suspect that tumble turns might cause an issue (no doubt you could get round that if you where a swimming cap over them...but this would cover the controls).

Sound quality is okay but don't expect Sennheiser type bass or high volume. You can also occasionally get a bit of water in your ear which plays with the volume, not a great deal but makes it a bit quieter out of water. Again, I wasn't expecting them to be up to standard for a real audiophile (certainly not at £60) so wasn't disappointed by this and it's really not enough to bother me. Only worn them 4 or 5 times (about an hour each time) and quickly picked up how to skip track or get onto shuffle. There is a playlist mode but at the moment I've only got one playlist on it and can't completely work it out, just needs a bit more time for me to play with it.

Only really marked down due to volume being a bit quiet and also having to put up with all the weird looks that I get!
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Garbage. Doesn't do what it is supposed to do - be able to listen while swimming.
First problem, everything sounds very faint. Digging into the manuals I found it's limited by design to some sort of EU standard for low noise.
Secondly, to use it in the water requires the use of the swimming buds which cover over the earpiece, muting it further. this made it inaudible in the water when I stayed absolutely still and impossible when I breathed out making bubbles.

I then raised the volume of my mp3 files by 15x (yes, an insane volume increase). It was able to be heard while swimming today, but only if I held my breath so no bubble noise was generated - I'm not going to hold my breath for a full 3.6km ironman training set!

Plus, when I turned at the end of the lap it fell off, twice before I threw it into my swim-bag in frustration.

So, totally useless as a swimming earpiece.
Maybe it's possible to use as a running or general sports earpiece, but it's not sold as that nor did I buy it as that, hence the 1 star.
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on 8 April 2015
I was very exited to get my hands on this product as a friend from the gym suggested them. They look sleek, simple and most importantly gym-friendly. No more benching or squatting with wires dangling on your arms/legs causing a mild itch. The MP3 delivers on what it promises, providing a water-proof and wireless MP3 player. I used the device at the gym, whilst swimming and just as a general MP3 player, I was generally careful with the product but unfortunately the right speaker stopped working completely after 3 months, I soon reported this issue and received a new one. I have read up on similar issues with the device and it seems to be a problem with the device, however I love listening to music when I'm exercising and feel it adds to the experience. The issue I had was resolved and if it happens in the future I will continue to resolve it with the company until I find a better wireless and efficient product.
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