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on 7 March 2013
I have bought cheaper high capacity batteries for my Sony camcorder on ebay and many of them just don't work, or lose their charge badly.

This one is a lot of money, but has worked flawlessly with my 3D Sony camcorder. Worth spending the extra for complete peace of mind (long life too).
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on 11 January 2011
I bought this battery because I do a lot of filming at sporting events and needed something that would last for several hours at a time without having to worry about changing batteries at a critical moment. Fully charged, my battery gives a nominal eight (!) hours of use but in reality, when I film (with a lot of zooming in and out) a realistic time is nearer to five hours. Cold weather is the enemy of all batteries but this one has held up very well in terms of retaining charge in low temperatures.

In terms of performance, I can't fault this battery at all but from a practical point of view, I'd advise any casual video photographer to avoid buying it. The battery is quite large and heavy and if using it with the latest generation of Sony HD camcorders, it will make the camera feel unbalanced in the hand. I use this battery when my camera is attached to a tripod so for me, this isn't an issue.

I'd suggest that anyone looking for extra "oomph" to supplement the tiny battery that comes as standard with a Sony camcorder should go for the FV-70, which is a much nicer size when using the camcorder in handheld mode (and provides more than enough shooting time for a casual photographer). If you're looking for a workhorse to use for extended periods of filming, this is the battery for you!
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on 13 March 2011
In this review I will draw a short comparison between the Sony NP-FV100 and the EX-Pro equivalent

Brand:...............SONY NP-FV100........EX-Pro NP-FV100

Battery Power:...3900mAh..................2200mAh

*Charge Lasts:...7hrs 40mins (Ave)......2hrs 20mins (Ave)

Charge Time:.....4hours......................3hours


* Charge Tested using HD setting with LCD screen on and NOT using the viewfinder, although using the viewfinder doesnt really seem to lengthen the charge time by that much (Ave 30mins)

Although the SONY product costs more, I would most definately recommend getting the SONY and NOT any equivalent (inc. EX-Pro)
With the Sony you will not have to worry about the charge running out, but with other makes you so will....! Be warned. It gets 5 stars, because I do love it. I love the fact that you do not have to worry about your charge not lasting...cos it will.

Pro's.....It's a SONY product
...........It lasts and lasts and lasts.

Con's....The price is about all I can say on ANY negative issues.
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on 13 May 2013
The battery worked fine for the first five times that I used it. Then it went completely dead. The fault lies with the battery because the original battery that came with the camera continues to work perfectly. So my experience echoes those of several other users.
I reported it to the problem to the vendor i-connect, but they have failed to respond despite my writing to them three times. I am having to pursue them via Amazon.
There does seem to be a problem with the reliability of the battery, which is surprising for a genuine Sony product. Unfortunately you often need a battery of this size for long shoots. I hope that the matter has been reported to Sony and does not just sit on the pages of Amazon customer reviews.
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on 24 September 2012
Avoid avoid. I purchased this NP FV100 battery for £37.50 a month ago as a back up for my Sony camcorder and thought it was a great price. BUT the battery was FAULTY and wouldn't work in the camera after charging: the camera powered down after a few seconds with a message saying to use 'only a Sony compatible product'.
Now, seeing as the battery came in Sony packaging I believed it to be genuine but just faulty or damaged in transit (these things happen) and contacted Total Sellers to arrange a return and replacement: simple.

BUT after 3 EMAILS and NO REPLY FROM THIS SUPPLIER I had no option but to FILE A CLAIM through Amazon (on their advice) against Total Sellers to get any sort of response from them. Only then did I get an almost instant authorisation from the seller for a replacement. Hmmm. I'm still waiting to see if Total Sellers will refund me fully including the total of £15 odd postage back and forth for the 'pleasure' of doing business with them, but this remains to be seen...

I would give NO stars for this product and this provider so, if I have to give one star it should go to Amazon customer services (who deserve 5 stars) for advising me and endeavering to sort this pain out as soon as possible.
In this day and age with so many products and so many authorised online sellers it's best to avoid ones like Total Sellers who think that if they ignore their customers they'll get away with shoody goods and bad service.

My advice: there are plenty of other deals for batteries online - go find them and avoid this one.
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on 31 December 2013
Well I bought this top power Sony battery alongside an NP-FV70 from another buyer.
Now I charged this one via the Camcorder and it went to full charge and even stated so on the LCD screen - all battery bars full to 100%.
Now the time for standard definition stated 360 minutes (6 hours) but as not used my camcorder yet will wait for an update to this review.
It is a Sony product so should hold its own.
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on 15 May 2014
The capacity of the battery is very long, extended battery life for long time shooting, recommended using original charger and exchange able Handycam like VG10E, VG20E and full frame Handycam.....most handycam with handheld also nice but look so big at the battery holder...
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on 18 August 2012
If you want to have a piece of mind when travelling and doing a lot of shots ... go for it !

And whats more .... excellent service ... I have asked to anticipate delivery terms and it has been done instantly.
Great job !!!
Thank you.
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on 3 July 2013
We got this battery not long ago, but it seems very powerful last long and expectations are met.

It appears to charge to 100%. The battery supplied with the camera charges and this one should help filming hours :)
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on 8 August 2011
This was exactly what we wanted as we didnt want to keep charging our smaller battery for the wedding we attended, did the job just grand!
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