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on 16 October 2001
Quite simply this game is a MUST for any Muppets fan. There are 18 Muppets to find in amongst the labyrinthine courses laid out for you to play. Everyone thought MarioKart was cool but every single race game pales into significance compared to this little gem. The tracks have a nice range in difficulty, the handling of the many different cars is nicely varied, and the settings are nicely done, but, as with anything to do with the Muppets, it's the characters that make it. This game will have you in stitches.
Listen to Bobo bear when he wins for instance. Pure henson genius.
The tracks are set into different groups - all relating to the different Muppet movies and with clips to boot!
This basically takes all the best bits from every race game ever made - challenges, battles, different characters, cars and skill levels and puts a Muppet take on them all.
Nothing left to sday except go buy it - you won't be dissappointed - young or old.
May the Muppets live forever - and with products this good - there's no reason why they shouldn't.
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on 15 January 2009
Well what can I say, this is the best game I've ever played and grown up with, I am a huge muppets fan and I do enjoy Mario Kart clones, but this game is legendary for adults teenagers and kids alike
The reason I feel this beats clones like Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart, is its playability, there is so much to do in this game and it never gets old!
There's a total of 25 muppet characters ranging from Kermit the Frog, to the Swedish Chef, and you begin with just 8, so you'll have plently of fun trying to unlock your fellow muppet buddies, theres a total of 24 tracks from the first 6 Muppet flims, like Muppets in Space and Muppets Treasure Island, along with hidden ones, they consist of a typical race, an intense battle mode, much more crazy than the likes of Mario Kart, and unlike any other game there is a stunt mode, where you try to guide your muppet through a series of courses, such as a fun fair and the infamous muppet labs.
As if that weren't enough, there's even more game modes, adventure mode, where you room the individual tracks on your own, collecting the various pickups, collecting the pickps result in unlocking more game modes like chicken chase and battle race.
This game is approaching its ten anniversairy I believe, and it's truly a rare find, as many retail shops and even ebay don't seem to sell it, so buy this cult classic before it's too late, you wont be disapointed
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on 26 August 2000
A suberb mix of great graphics, good variety of tracks and the Muppets, this game is not only very easy to get into, but very difficult to complete. 14 varied tracks, 7 battle zones and 7 stunt zones, plus 25 muppets, each with their own vehicle, and 9 bosses will keep you playing this for ages. Great tunes too. You really should own this.
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on 31 August 2012
Racing games weren't rare on the Playstation 1 and there's still no shortage of them lying around on shelves unused and unpurchased. The Muppets Racemania however is a game that stands out though with its amazing fast-paced racing action and hilarious array of item pickups and maps! The game will last you several hours and has huge replayability, and with its forgiving difficulty and some challenge along the way, you can expect your kids to like this too. The visuals aren't what you'd call stunning even back then but the game plays with a smooth framerate and has some great animations. As for the soundtrack, it's got that lively style music shared by the official theme.

The Verdict:

7 out of 9 - does loads of things and excels in most, failing in nothing miserably. A worthy purchase for any PS1 racing game collector:

Recommendations: Crash Team Racing, Kotobuki Grand Prix, The Muppets Monster Madness.
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on 9 October 2001
Who ever thinks that this game is for children then he is mistaken. It is an excellent game with wonderfull graphics and scenarios that will give the player a wonderfull feeling.
Race tracks featuring funny cars with the muppets as drivers will take many hours of your time!!!
I highly recommend this game!!!!
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on 16 August 2003
Before I bought this, I'd never really played a racing game, but I love the muppets and have done since I can remember. I was not disappointed.
The graphics are brilliant, the gameplay is addictive, and when you've completed the whole game you get a chance to have random races which, although there are only twelve courses of the twenty eight that it chooses from, is always fun.
Me and my partner spend hours 'chickening' each other, and find the battles great fun, especially when I need to get back at them for beating me on a tournament!!
It took me months to complete this game (Bill,Gill and Jill will give you nightmares!) and when I did the extra levels at the end made it feel satisfying.
The only minor (and it is minor) problem with this game is the fact that when playing in two player mode there is only three of you racing/battling. I like getting as many people as possible.
Even after owning this game for years, its still fresh and I still love the Henson humour in it!
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on 6 October 2002
This is a brilliant game and NOT just for kids. It's got so many different characters, cars, races, stunts and smashes to play and win and the graphics are brilliant. It's totally addictive and I would recommend it to ANYBODY
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on 14 May 2011
Would reccomend this game its easy to play and fun, my son likes it and wasnt dissopointed if you buy you wont be upset with the content.
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on 13 January 2014
My son was delighted to receive a new copy of his childhood favourite. Some games just keep on delivering the fun!
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on 18 October 2012
Is this compatible with Ps2? otherwise I will buy it this is a very good item to play in your console :D
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