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on 13 December 2008
Poor as the first,,
780 graphics??? Its only on PS3 so why not 1080p.
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on 9 November 2008
Great work Evolution Studios!!!!! They did an awesome job with this game. Normally with sequels, manufactorrs add tonnes of new stuff. In this, they've kept it the same as the original but added a few new things.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE NEW TO MOTORSTORM: This is probably the best racing game developed. Its 110% off road racing. You have loads of different vechicles such as Motorbikes, Quad bikes, Mud pluggers, Rally cars, Racing trucks, Monster trucks and Big rigs. You must choose carefully as each vechicle has its own ups and downs. Big rigs destroy everything it their path, Rally cars are super fast, Motorbikes are super agile. Not only that, you must choose the route you wish to go in a race. There are routes suited to light weights, medium weights and heavy weights. This is a supoer aggresive but purely awesome racing game

I love:
- The ability to choose your driver
- the ability to select a car model and skin in 2D with literally hundreds of choice (ALL of the cars from the first game are in this with llooaaddss more)
- The ability to race 4 player split screen
- Take your own screenshots.
- Different types of maps, Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
- More skill to boasting with Fire that heats up your engine and water that cools down
- Play your own music that's saved on your HDD
- The ablity to ram into people with L1 and R1 makes for some super aggressive racing and awesome crashes.
- 16 different maps...
- More game modes: Elmintaion, Wreck Limits, Checkpoints etc.
- No more time spent going the wrong way. Press 'Select' and it will automatically put you back onto the track
- Crashing is never the set back it used to be. Even if you crash you still remain in the 'pack'
- Supports trophies
- YOU CAN NOW BACKUP SAVED DATA. Make sure you get the update but you can now backup saved data (minus data from time attack) and if you (like me) are lucky enough to have 2 PS3s you can transfer data between each one...
- Lots to explore...7 months and I'm still finding new routes, learning about each vechiles...its great that theres plenty to keep me entertained.
- Online...very responsive...quick to get into games and seems pretty much lagless. awesome fun with custom, casual and ranked games!
- THE MONSTER TRUCK (enough said)

The only downsides I can see:
- Crashing is alot easier. So many small rocks which just make your car topple.
- Some routes are unclear. Sometimes you can ram through a barrier and onto a shortcut, sometimes you ram through a barrier and you go into a No Zone way - very confusing espically with the large array of scenery.
- All of the AI is attached to you by a little invisible elastic band. This means so matter how good you race the AI will always spring back for a neck and neck finish. This is frustrating at times as most wins can be down to luck...But I guess...no matter how good or bad you are the levels are the same difficulty for everyone...

In alll...this is an awesome game in which EVERY PS3 owner must have

Okay its been a few months and two expansion packs have been released!
They include:
- 14 NEW TRACKS (considering the game shipped with 16...they've almost doubled the amount of levels!
- BETTER DESIGNNED TRACKS Not often where the DLC tracks are better than the shipped ones is it? Darkfire swamp...racing through a dark and gloomy swamp, Reef Runner...a race across mutliple islands, Hallowed earth...an almost-underground-entirely map, quicksands...across a beach front and brimstone...eh...dont know how to describe this map....just AWESOME?
- 8 REMAKES...out of the new 14 maps 8 of them are remakes of existing maps and very nicely done. They've openned new sections of the map for racing and closed others making your favourite maps...even better!
- NEW SPEED EVENT - Race between checkpoints collecting time and see how much time you can finish with and see where you rank in the world...with an added twist: BARRELLS. kncok over green barrells to gain extra time red ones loose you time. mix your stratiegies to get the highest time!

In all....BUY THIS...but as mentioned before...this game is both frustratingly awesome and beautifully annoying....
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on 22 October 2008
As rubbish as the first, but now with poor collision detection. The engines damage and friction generation is purely make believe and has no bearing on what your vehicle is actually doing. Your off-road trucks are made of tin-foil whereas corrugated iron barriers will stop a three ton truck doing 60mph without a quiver. Airbourne handling is superior to ground traction. A slow roll on a soft verge and your wheels leap off before you truck rights itself!
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on 17 September 2014
Motorstorm: Pacific Rift takes great pride in its presentation; this is immediately noticeable through its slick menu system. The interface has been well designed and displayed over a variety of mouth-watering CGI videos. The tropical island is gorgeous, made up of a variety of different zones. The Earth Zone is home to lush jungle environments, Fire Zone welcomes you to its fiery lava pits and death defying slopes, Air Zone brings its stunning mountain regions and adrenaline fuelled jumps.

Track design is exemplary, there are a number of branching paths available, some may give you an advantage, where as other routes may not be so suitable. The beach type tracks aren’t so simplistic in design; there are palm trees, narrow paths and dangerous obstacles standing in your way. The lighting works very weil to present the environments at different times of the day; morning, midday and afternoon settings help to fresh up the surroundings. The vehicles are very well designed; there are many different types and plenty of colour options available. The monster trucks just look awesome, towering above the opposition and crushing anything in front of them. Vehicle damage has been vastly improved; you can completely dismember your car from a serious crash.

Alternative track routes need better signposting, as they can become obscured by the scenery.

Before you begin you must choose a driver, there’s a male and female option available. Once that’s done, we can move onto Festival Mode, which is essentially the campaign mode. There are a total of 16 tracks available, not all of them will be available from the start. As mentioned earlier, there are four different zones to choose from, each containing 24 events. There are three event types: race, eliminator and speed. Race events are straightforward, take on 15 other drivers and attain the best position you can. Eliminator events can be trickier, racing against 11 drivers you have to ensure that you are not in last place at anytime, if you are then you better change your position quickly! Speed Mode requires you to take on a specialised race course involving checkpoints, pass through each one and add time to the countdown clock. As you complete events throughout each of the four zones, you’ll unlock newer events and increase your overall rank. Increasing rank will unlock new driver costumes and give you access to bonus material.

All of the vehicles generally handle very well; there are eight different categories to choose from. Within that category you can choose alternative models too. The ATVs are nimble, yet speedy through the bends. Rally cars slide with grace and rocket down any straight. The monster trucks are beasts of pure carnage, dominating track width and leaving any opposing vehicle as a scrap of junk in their wake. You can’t simply choose any vehicle for a Festival event; choices can be restricted, which encourages you to diversify your vehicle preference. The boost function is your best friend, over use it and it becomes your nightmare. The great thing about the boost ability is that it can be cooled down by going through water, certain tracks will have water scattered about, so it’s very wise to keep a lookout for these areas.

There’s no such thing as a racing line here, taunt the opposition, take those conveniently placed jumps, and boost until breaking point. The Al is extremely hostile towards you, they want to put you six-feet under, consistently attempt to sway you away from desired track routes and just generally try to make your race experience very unpleasant. Wreckreation Mode incorporates the online, free-play, split-screen and time trial options. The split-screen mode is excellent, up to four players can race at once, and I must say it’s a total blast.

It becomes painfully clear that the A.I. holds certain perks. If you go into a 50/50 collision, it’ll certainly be your vehicle that’s destroyed, which is sure to cause many frustrating moments. The frame rate does occasionally drop, but I guess it’s to be expected if the game engine has to render 16 cars on-screen at once.

Pacific Rift has now become one of the PS3’s finest racers. Visually it looks great, the tropical island is gorgeous, the track layouts are insane and the vehicles have been vividly created. There is bags of content here, the campaign is challenging and will keep you going for quite some time.
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on 21 November 2008
The GOOD is the greater variety of tracks and vehicles and it is a lot of fun. I enjoy the offline multiplayer, a good addition. There are new physics which will annoy some people, I prefer Motorstorm 1 physics, but I am adapting.

The BAD; you cannot backup your save data and there are some major bugs, some of which corrupt your save file. So you will lose everything either through a game bug or when (not if - PS3 gamers know where I am coming from) your PS3 breaks down and find a lot of frustration when achievements go unrewarded.

It is potentially a very good game but I would avoid until EVO get some updates out, or accept that all that hard work could be undone or unrewarded in an instant.
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on 24 December 2017
All good.
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on 11 June 2017
OK game
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on 23 April 2017
Very good!
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on 5 May 2011
Received Motorstorm;Pacific Rift:PS3 yesterday.

Disc case was not shrink wrapped, disc was scratched in multiple places; without any doubt was used, and not new as stated.
On attempting to play the game, loads ok, but soon after gameplay starts, picture locks up/blank screen/freezes the PS3; tried game on two PS3's, both the same outcome. All other CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray's and PS3 titles plays ok, so it's down to a faulty disc.

If the game was advertised as used, I would not have purchased it; why not be truthful reference goods description.

Still awaiting reply from Amazon/B68 Solutions.

May have been an error, but unlikely to use B68 Solutions again.
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on 29 March 2016
ggod game
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