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on 8 June 2011
Bought this for myself as needed a little extra sound in my room to accompany the purchase of a projector...WOW! This is one of the best things I have ever bought! You'd expect quality for Sony, and as always they have delivered. I had this unit shipped to my neighbor (who I might add is 86 years old) as I wouldn't be in - perhaps a mistake, as this thing is HUGE! As dimensions aren't given on here, I'll let you know;

The left and right speakers are (WxHxD)235mm, 365mm, 210mm.
The central unit is 235mm, 365mm, ~410mm.
The sub-woofer is 265mm, 365mm, 320mm.

So as you might see getting your tape measure out, this thing is a little on the large side, but it all comes in for good reason. When I set it up, the first thing I did was connect my iPod and play a few bassey songs...WOW! Before messing around with any of the settings, on level 15/30, I was already amazed with the quality. Went on then to play with some effects and preset EQ's (which is all nicely explained in the supplied manual) and was having a rave! Don't think lightly if purchasing this unit, as it is primarily supposed to be used for its bass, as even without the woofer, the speakers have two mini-woofers included. But anyway, thats the bass...moving on :)

There are 4 different inputs for listening, CD, Radio, USB's and PC.

CD is brilliant, what I love about it is that you can put 3 CD's into it (via the shuffler), and change them round at anytime without disrupting the one playing, very nice :) There's also the option to display track, artist and album information for MP3 CD's which is also very nice :)

The radio has RDS ability which I have noticed, though haven't seen DAB yet, but I'm not too fussed for this anyway. The frequency and signal strength is very good though, considering the FM cable is not too long, the AM being much longer.

The two USB's provided are fantastic. Plug in your phone, iPod, PSP, Memory Stick, Hard Drive...whatever, and chances are this thing will detect and play them! It also acts as a charger which is useful, as is the ability to record and copy files from one USB device to another.

Finally PC, though not technically that. This is two RCA (L/R) ports on the back which can be used by many different devices. Currently (using a splitter box) I have my Freeview, Xbox 360, Wii, N64 and PC going into this, playing Command and Conquer has never felt so boomy haha :)

Theres not much more I can add really, expect saying why are you waiting to buy this? It is truly amazing. As a tip though, if you don't want bass for whatever reason, the sub-woofer can be switched off at the press of a button on the central unit which is a useful feature, especially at night. If on the other hand you want as much bass that your ribs can take, use the Z-Groove feature and Rock Preset EQ, you won't regret it! :) Theres a link to this system's manual on Sony's website, so look there if you want to see some of the other features, too many to list here.

AMAZING bass and crystal clear sound.
Perfect for iPod.
Multidisk changer useful for uninterrupted playback.
RCA input.
Sub-woofer can be turned off without affecting the other speakers.
Beautiful display and illuminated front dial with range of patterns.
Compatible with pretty much any USB-MP3 device.

Feels a bit plasticy, tough to be honest, that's not what I feel the most from this thing! :)

Sony, I love you <3
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Sony calls this Hi-Fi a mini system. It is only 9" wide but a whopping 16" long and along with the three speakers buyers need to be aware of their available space. Also, the speaker wires are short meaning they must be placed close to the unit.

The system is supplied with an AM loop antenna and FM lead and automatic tuning will find all available stations. The 3-disc changer is noisy and consists of three trays which need to be manually pushed back and pulled forward. I preferred the older rotating disc changer. It is possible to record music from a CD onto a USB device although a USB cable is not supplied. The audio format is MP3 but when transferring from USB port A to B it is possible to transfer WMA and AAC files. Compatible USB devices include the classic, touch and nano iPods and all Sony Walkmans and Walkman phones. The Sony PSP is also compatible. These devices can be operated from the unit or its remote. Using an audio cord (not supplied) it is also possible to connect a television to the system.

There are several sound presets but none of them aid the listener who prefers Puccini to 50cent. Thankfully the user is able to customise the sound to their preferences. There is a very useful surround effect and the Subwoofer can be turned off. Certain high street retailers are selling this system at over fifty pounds more. At such a low price this system is a must buy.
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on 24 October 2010
Well it arrived in a massive box at my university and its been brilliant ever since! the base is strong but the main sub can be turned off which comes in handy with my flat mates upstairs :)
one not so good point is that it takes a bit of time to load a CD, but in the world of iPods this doesn't really matter.

Buy it and you wont be disappointed but make sure you have the space for it cos its a little chunky!
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on 6 July 2010
Good first feel !

I have been thinking of buying a good hi fi for quite sometimes. Have been doing some look around into hi fi market and finally decided on this Jumbo over the Monster big brother Sony MHCGTZ4I.CEK. Honestly cost being one of the deciding factor

Ordered on Thursday and received my Hifi immediate Monday.I am quite impressed with the first looks and the feel. "First impression is the best impression" - I am one of those guys. I should say it hardly took me 5 minutes to get it up and running from the box. The display panel is colorful and has few options as well. The biggest Yes is for the sound clarity and the Groove effects. Even at level 4 (30 full volume I guess)the music is pleasantly audible. Havent explored the USB & PC options yet.

Mind you this is a true Jumbo in its size, box weighs 26 Kg, I ended up puncturing POP wall while moving it up the stairs. Lesson learnt in a hard way. Also you could end up being an NOISY Neighbour beware of the sound... Also it seems too plastic.. which I dont mind....

Overall I would definitely tag it under "Worth Buys" and once again SONY hasnt disappointed in the sound front.
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on 30 May 2012
When I received this item I thought great looking and looks powerful. I opened it up and set up the unit. Being a bit of a gadget man I hoped it would be versatile. I was pretty disappointed. Plugged in a load of USB sticks into the slots, got not detected errors on most. If you put in USB sticks that have anything but mp3's on it, the system will not read it. I still haven't been able to get the system to play anything but MP3's even though it states that it will play AAC format. The main reason I got this device is for the USB and playing AAC files. Also there is no bass and treble settings.You only have basic equalizer settings and I have never been able to get as much treble from the speakers as I would have liked. Also if you have first Generation Ipods it will not detect them. My misses was not happy about this. Speaker leads are short so leaving the unit in the house and putting speakers in the garden is practically impossible. It is powerful though and bassy. My main gripe is the AAC. I know my files are in format 44.1khz so it should read them. Anybody knows any reason why it does not read AAC format please let me know.
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on 26 January 2011
After trekking to different electrical shops searching for a decent mini system and testing them out in store, I came across the Sony Mini System with Super Woofer. I knew I wanted a system that prodcuced a good bassline so I ending up buying the Sony Mini System via Amazon for my chrissy pressie and I am happy to say that for the price I paid, its worth every penny. The sound is fantastic especially when you want to drop the bass by activating the Superwoofer. It produces a great sound - no need to hire a DJ to play at your house party! This is 400watts and loud enough. It has a superb design - lovely lighting and also has a three CD changer which is ideal if you want to listen to music back to back. Now I hardly watch tv and constantly use my system as entertainment.

I wholeheartly recommend this product for anyone to buy. My brother who DJ's actually thought I got a decent product too and wants one himself!
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on 24 June 2010
Bought this as a present for my mother, not only is the sound crystal clear, the bass is magnificent! Very good capabilites with an ipod dock which is really useful when my friends come over.
This product is deffinately well worth buying.
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on 27 May 2012
Firstly I always find it rather strange how the majority of the reviews on so many products are by people that have only ever written one review, the origin of such reviews is highly questionable and in doubt.

I'm very disappointed in this stereo, firstly it's very big, now ordinarily that wouldn't be a problem as I'd just put the speakers up on the wall as I did with my speakers for my old Hi-Fi but that is where it goes wrong. The wire for each speaker is no more than about 1 1/2 metres long, an absolutely pitiful length that is of no use whatsoever if you want to spread the speakers out, and get them out of the way as I do. You may think that you can simply attach an extension to the end of the wire but you can't because these wires do not have wired ends, they instead have a Sony proprietary plug that plugs into the back of the system, now you would think that if they are going to provide a pitiful length of wire, especially on large speakers, that they would have a standard wired end so we can effortlessly add an extension to it, but no, Sony didn't think to do the obvious and be helpful, instead they opted to be immensely stingy with the wire length (are Sony that hard up they can't provide a decent length of speaker wire?) and idiotic by providing a proprietary plug. Now you may be thinking well I'll just contact Sony and see if there is an extension you can buy, well don't bother because I did that and there isn't. So the only option you have is to cut the speaker wires and add your own length of wire that way, of course doing this invalidates your warranty, oh how helpful Sony are. I did ask Sony why they provided such a pathetic and useless length of speaker wire and needless to say they ignored my email, no surprises there, typical arrogant giant corporation.

The sound quality I would describe as average at best, yes it's loud but I doubt very much it's 400 watts, my previous Hi-Fi was 230 watts and this Hi-Fi certainly isn't louder, I suspect some marketing creativity has enabled Sony to come up with the 400 watt claim.

The remote control is very basic indeed, it doesn't even have a mute button, I honestly thought the wrong remote control had been put into the box given how basic it is, but no it is the right remote control and it's very poor indeed.

The features, such as USB ports for MP3 players and PC connectivity, are pretty standard nowadays and nothing to brag about. Not sure why they called the PC connectivity option PC when it will enable any device with RCA ports to connect to it, I've done this with my projector without a problem.

In summary this is a basic Hi-Fi with questionable claims on sound volume and quality, ultra basic remote control, basic features, and ridiculous and utterly useless length of speaker wire, needless to say this is going back. This is the first and last time I buy a Sony product, yes it really is that disappointing.
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on 6 July 2011
Very nice but very big.Having tried the sub-woofer,i disconnected it and put it away,its far too booming for a flat.
Sound quality is very good,too many pointless flashing lights,though these can be dimmed.
I would reccommend this hi-fi,but its big and powerful,flat dwellers beware!,complaints are guaranteed.
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on 31 October 2012
This really is a lovely music system. I particularly like the 3 CD play system, very compact and works well. I also like the two USB ports to play hours of your recorded MP3 music. The sound quality I think is excellent, although I'm not a real hifi enthusiast, I just like listening to music. I have not been able to turn up the volume over 10 because I do not want to annoy the neighbours, it is very powerful.

One downside from me is the radio presets, with no numbers on the remote control to just select its a bit cumbersome.
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