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Sony MDRZX310W.AE Foldable Headphones - Metallic White
Colour: Metallic White|Change
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 4 May 2017
Really love these headphones. I wanted something for under £20 as they are only being used at work. They noise cancel fairly well at low volume, they're very lightweight, and I can comfortably wear them for a full 8hr shift. The cable is shorter than I expected, but its pretty thick and seems well made and doesn't tangle with itself which is a bonus. The sound is sweet, so while I'm no audiophile, these do just fine at low to medium volumes for most music.
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on 30 November 2017
For the price of them I'm really impressed by the sound quality, when I took them out of the box and saw the speaker I was skeptical about them being good or not but they're actually pretty crisp and have a decent bit of bass to them also.

Very comfortable and has a surprising amount of noise cancellation considering they're on ear headphones. Absolute bargain for what they are.

I'd definitely recommend these headphones to anyone that's after a cheap but good quality pair of headphones. I tried them while gaming also and they work very well, better than the earbuds I was using previously.
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on 6 November 2017
I bought these mainly for taking on holiday to Croatia since my big headset wouldn't fit in hand luggage and I watch Netflix shows on the plane. They're amazing. Very light but that doesn't mean cheaply made despite their price. They fold really flat and the colour is great (Mine are a really nice blue).
Since they're so light, they are probably the most comfortable headphones I've owned in years. I let my mum try them, someone who historically hates wearing headphones because she hates pressure on her ears and she said she could easily wear them.
They connect to your devices using an L-shaped 3.5mm headphone jack so unless you have the dongle you won't be able to use them with some of the newest phones (iPhone 7 on and Google Pixel 2 devices for example) but they are only £15, I wouldn't expect bluetooth and good sound quality at that price.
I did at least get one of those though because the sound quality is excellent. I have been using these to listen to music for my dissertation and the detail and clarity in everything from the quietest pizzicato double bass to a high pitched flute melody is astounding. They demolish my JVC earbuds that are admittedly tuned for bass and I didn't expect to be good for treble but I had not expected these to be as good as they are. The headphones also get very loud without distorting the sound to any noticeable degree but never have I had anyone complain about noise bleeding.

If you're looking for a great looking, well built, great sounding, lightweight and amazing value pair of on-ear headphones then these are, in my opinion, perfect
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on 23 February 2017
A good basic pair of headphones for the price (£15), comfortable to wear with a closed design to keep out street noise. I previously had a pair of Sennheiser px100 mini phones which retailed for £40. I would consider the sound quality of the Sony phones to be almost on a par with the sennheisers apart from their slightly more overblown bass, all this for less than half the price of the sennheisers. The midrange is quite detailed and the treble is slightly rolled off at the extreme top end. I like the cable as it is not a really thin cable and has a 90 jack plug so I am hoping it will stand up to the tugging that usually occurs.

These phones fold small enough to fit in a jacket pocket so are quite practical and will comfortably fit a full grown adult.

One minus is a bit of shell noise as you move but this is only noticable when wearing with no sound, I get this from phones cosing far more than these so.

For the price these are a good purchase.
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on 6 September 2017
Decent value at first glance, but they are not comfortable.

I have pretty small ears, and so I was really surprised to find that the cups don't even vaguely cover them. This means that they're resting on the cartilage of my ears, and thus being quite uncomfortable. If the padding was softer, maybe this wouldn't be such a problem.

They also allow a lot of outside ambient noise through and makes for a pretty poor audio experience.

Pros: look great

Small cups cover only a small part of the ear
Poor audio quality
Hard padding isn't comfortable

I returned these to Amazon, who luckily have such an amazing, pain free return procedure!
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on 4 December 2017
Very happy with these. Already own an identical pair which I've had for several years (not from Amazon) and these were for my dad to use with his tablet. I think they sound great. Obviously never gonna sound as good or feel as plush as Beats or Bose but you're not paying anywhere near the price either so my review is partly based on value for money rather them being the best that money can buy. Plenty good enough for listening to my tablet and fit perfectly. They don't sound at all tinny and have a good solid, well rounded sound to them and they feel ok. Not uncomfortable but not the most comfortable either. Perfect for occasional use but if you're gonna be wearing them for hours at a time you may wish to invest in something better. Build quality feels quite substantial. If I wasn't 100% happy I wouldn't have bought these again.
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on 20 May 2018
I bought a pair of these headphones for my Son for Xmas 2016 and he loves them, saying they are comfortable and sound great. He didn't need them to fold but they were a good price and had excellent reviews.
My wife borrowed them and quickly asked for a pair for her birthday later in the year. Again, she loves them.
So, when my older, heavier and more expensive 'phones started playing up I gave theirs a try and decided to order a set for myself. Wish I'd bought some sooner. They really are comfortable, even with prolonged use and sound brilliant whether listening to music, audiobooks or games. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or buy them again.
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on 25 July 2017
Whilst I appreciate these are not top end headphones in an audio sense I was not expecting them to fall apart after two weeks of use. Whether i had a faulty pair is irrelevant as i now am unble to return and have paid for a piece of rubbish.
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on 8 December 2017
Ever since the heady days of the Walkman (I had a yellow one), Sony have been the cause of much joy in my life. I strongly consider them a 'safe pair of hands' where audio kit is concerned, and at the measly £14 that I paid, these cans are great. The sound quality is good, there's even a nice level of bass there, so no complaints there. My only real concern is the folding action, it does feel a little flimsy but only time will tell if they last. Having said that, my 13 year old boy has had a pair for almost a year with no breakages...So maybe an unfounded concern. To sum up, You're not going to beat these for the price.
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on 5 September 2016
Love these headphones. Purchased for use on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, they are very lightweight and the folding design makes them super easy to transport. I've just put mine in a freebie make up bag to take to work and they take up very little room and don't weigh me down. The sound quality is adequate for my needs and I think they are great value. I've also purchased the same in metallic red for my son who sulked the moment he saw mine. Last night, my partner borrowed mine and he sulked too, he absolutely loved them and wants his own now! Looks like I'll be ordering another pair. If I can convince my daughter to try them to, then I may find I don't need mine at home anymore, I will be able to just sit back and enjoy the peace haha!
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