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on 8 March 2015
Okay, I've had these for a little over two years now so you might be thinking I've had my money's worth. Design, comfort and sound are all good so no issues there, however they have never been used outside and are always kept on a headphone stand inside. Also, I am a very light user and they have generally only been used a few dozen times. I used them today and needed to make a small adjustment and pulled one side down for a better fit and they simply fell apart in my hand, on closer inspection I saw the other side was also cracked all the way round and also on the point of coming apart. Check out the photos. For a premium product at a premium price I feel you should get more than a couple of years out of them. Unable to navigate Sony website to ask for help, couldn't get anywhere with that. Not even a "Contact Us" button
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on 22 November 2015
well after 2 years of use I finally can give a pure honest review about this headset. I been using this headphones almost non-stop, ride my bike everywhere with them listen to music at home, travel... And the list goes on. but finally i seen them brake in the worst place ever. I feel really Sony for this to happen since the sound quality is incredible but the build quality i sure was expecting a little more than just cheap plastic specially in this area. now unfortunately I'll have to move to maybe other brand or stronger headphones witch makes me very sad.
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on 20 March 2016
I really tried to enjoy these headphones, the comfort and fit was near perfect but the Bluetooth quality is hit and miss.

I found after a week of using these on my commute to work more times than not I would get interference causing me to give up using these and going back to my wired in-ear's. I also tried changing the Bluetooth settings as instructed in the manual but it didn't help.

Back to my trustee in-ear's for now.
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on 22 April 2017
despite charging it for hours, it only connects for a couple hours (if that) before disconnecting. Everything else is great though
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on 12 June 2017
Really happy with headphones, super quick delivery
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on 25 April 2017
Lovely headphone. Unfortunately I lost it on the TFL 3 days after having them.
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on 16 December 2014
I was in the market for some wireless headphones. I work nights and that pesky wire can seriously get in the way. I have already a seriously good set of Shure earbuds that I love, so I was looking at first for wireless earbuds. If you look into it there is actually limited choice. Beats do a set that look good but only 6 hour charge. (I work 10 hour shifts) LG do a set called Infinim however they are not available here??? So you can only have a Korean version with Korean notifications.

So I gave up the earbud route and resigned myself to having to have headphones as the battery is usually 12-24 hours of playback time. I then thought what better than to get a pair from the company that invented Bluetooth, surely they would have the most advanced headphones.

So after some research and reading of CNET's reviews etc I came across these headphones. They came a close second to the Beats wireless headphones. Now beats retail at over £300 these under £150 so it was a simple choice for me.

Now being new to headphones I thought they would feel big and clunky on my head but they are light and comfortable.

I put the volume up to the max and asked my partner if she could hear it and she couldn't.

The sound. Over Bluetooth it is good, but plug that wire in and wow! I could hear an orchestra lifting their instruments. You may think hang on, this is a wireless set and you are saying to plug it in. Well for general use, listening to music and podcasts it is good. If you want to put on the London Philharmonic Orchestra close your eyes and chill out to it for a few hours then it is epic.

Now I read some reviews that said the Bluetooth cut out when they turned their head whilst crossing the road??? All I can say is they must have a really poor phone or MP3 player. I have had my phone in another room and it has kept it's connection.

I can't praise these enough.
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on 30 October 2016
• I'm someone who appreciates *Sound Quality* and hearing a peice of music for how it was recorded - not lesser quality nor artificially enhanced or added Bass like the BEATS range produce.
• *Wireless* Bluetooth was a must but
• an additional *Long phone jack cable* was needed for those times when Bluetooth connectivity wasn't available like most TVs for watching films or playing XBOX.
• I wanted *Comfort* that I could wear them for hours whilst editing short films on my iPhone without ear burn, itching or hot ear.
• It was also important to me that my next headphones would *Block out sound coming in* whilst *Prevent sound leakage* that would be inconsiderate of people near me - even when loud!
• Of course I had done my research to realise that *Overear* was the only option to achieve the above rather than 'in-ear' or 'on-ear' but I still needed to select carefully.
• I needed *Long Battery Life*
• an *Affordablee price* around the £120-£220 mark. Any less would compromise the quality, any more could could not be justified.
• Finally, *Styling & Design* was reasonably important as I didn't want to look silly in public.

After much research and multiple trials i purchased my Sony MDR10RBT Wireless Overear Headphones. One year on, I can confidently say That these headphones by Sony are quite simply brilliant and tick every box on the list and more!

The High range, mid range and bass are excellent, even at low and high volumes. The general clarity is above average and performs well above its price bracket.
To find a better pair one would need to go and purchase a 'BOSE' however this would require an additional £150+ on top.

Indeed the connectivity is very fast, the range allows one to walk around the house upto about 15-20 mtrs. Bearing is very straightforward and Canvey had multiple devices for use one time.

Yes it's comfy, battery life is simply amazing! Charging is simple using the micro USB means that not only can you charge it to using the charger provided but also any Samsung type charger , in car charges or the portable style. That said, with around 20 hours use or about one or two months if turned off , you are rarely left scrambling around for the charger all the time.

An additional feature that I was not looking for but found to be a very useful one is the hands-free use for making / receiving phone calls. Whilst listening to music if an incoming phone call comes in you can easily answer it and start speaking using the microphone built-in. In fact you will find yourself wearing them just to make a phone call and they are also great for making Skype calls using a smart phone.

I find it difficult to find fault with these cracking wireless headphones.

Perhaps if I were to say that due to the nature of being overear , the comfort obtained and the size of speakers required to enable this quality and depth of sound , does mean that these might not be the sort you want to walk down the highstreet with ? Then again they are not overly bulky, in fact they are surprisingly Compact and anyone who may consider the size soon be grateful and they realise that it is only you that can hear it.

One needs to remember when wearing headphones to ensure that the word Sony is at the back on each ear and learning what's the bottoms do takes a bit of practice without being able to see, but in reality you will find yourself mainly only using power button as you place them on your head or as you take them off.

Controls include : Power, volume , Play, pause, forward/backtrack answer phone / cancel phone , Side adjustable head sliders. There is a simple but clear LED light that is red when charging or low battery , a blue flash when connected and quick flashes when pairing etc, The design is a matte black with silver trim and a subtle but stylish red stripe. Ear pieces that rock 30 degrees and Pivit 45 degrees.... to sit comfortably, fit any shape and size of head as well as to enable them to life flat whilst on a surface when placed in a neat black pouch for safe transportation. It comes equipped with a long phone jack cable and is packaged and excellent presentation box suitable for any present at Christmas, Birthday etc creating a wow factor !!

In conclusion:

Having owned these for one year I can confidently say, These are excellent overear wireless headphones providing comfort, quality sound and build that look stylish and providing comfort, has a battery life that goes on and on ! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about sound or determined to get great value for money compared to everything else available. Absolutely brilliant!

[ if you found this review helpful, please give me the thumbs up]

God bless you.

Luke Murfitt.
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on 30 December 2015
After a year of use the headset is broken, I'm not sure whether it is a defective item or it is a design defect. My usage was moderate (2 hours/day for 6 months during travel to work). I could see cracks after 3-4 months of usage on one side and later it cracked on both sides. Really disappointed with the headset after 6 months of use.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Sony's new MDR-10R range of headphones builds on the reputation of their earlier MDR-1R range, and offers a similar range of models. The 10RC is the basic wired model; the 10RBT (this model) has Bluetooth, or wired connectivity, and the 10RNC also includes noise cancellation. Sony has re-imagined the concept of the MDR-1R range by making the MDR-10R smaller and more portable and also tweaked the bass up a bit to suit those who found the earlier range a little bass-light.

If you are considering either of these Sony ranges I will try to help you decide which may be right for you as I also use a pair of MDR-1Rs as my main home headphones. Firstly check the price - the MDR-1R range seems to be getting cheaper and the MDR-10R range is slightly increasing in price at the time of this review. You may currently get a good deal on a pair of MDR-1Rs and if you don't mind a slightly larger set of phones, and don't want an over-powerful bass, then they would just get my vote. Don't forget the BT or NC suffix for the model features you want though.

However, if you are going to use headphones on the go then the MDR-10RBT have a lot going for them. They are light and comfortable and can be worn for a decent period without discomfort. They also sound very good - but to be honest I found the bass just a little too emphasised on some material for my taste, but others will like it a lot; I prefer the bass of the MDR-1R range. The Bluetooth is easy to connect conventionally but I had trouble trying to use the NFC with a Samsung tablet - brings a whole new meaning to the TLA! The headphones do give a much wider frequency response when used with the included wire connector but the convenience of the Bluetooth outweighs this to a large extent. The onboard controls for volume and phone and music functions only work through Bluetooth.

You also get a USB power charging cord included - but no charger. The minimal instructions say to charge via a computer but I found using a normal USB charger works fine for me. The only other accessory provided is a rather basic carrying case which will protect against dust if nothing else! Sony has produced two very good ranges of headphones with the MDR-1R and the MDR-10R and I would recommend both. But if you want the convenience of Bluetooth and enjoy a bit of bass oomph the MDR-10RBT would be a very good choice for portable use - for those people I rate these headphones with a full five stars.
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