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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2013
I like to think of myself as a bit of an "Audiophile" My music HAS to sound good. My DJ speakers are FBT (at around £2000 a pair), my home speakers are Bose Acoustimass, and my headphones are Sony MDR-XB400. Yes, you read that right. Make no mistake, these Headphones are INCREDIBLE, and I don't even have to add "for the money" in that statement. I found these by complete chance in my local TK MAXX store at a mere £34.99. I'll be honest it was the Green and Grey colour combination which caught my eye, and I thought "I could do with some new DJ headphones" so went ahead and bought them.

I would have to say that my musical taste is eclectic to say the least. I listen to an awful lot of classical music, jazz, House, Drum and Bass, and these headphones do not disappoint on any level. The clarity and separation on softer passages are a delight, and when you turn them up, you're in for a real treat with the Bass response.

I actually carried out a side by side test with a Pair of Beats Solo Headphones (which I must stress are OVER 4 TIMES THE PRICE you can pick these up for) and was very pleasantly surprised to report extremely little difference in quality. It is a different type of sound, but I can honestly say they are on a par with each other.

In summary, if you want to go out and spend £150+ on the headphones which are "the in thing", look good, and are probably far more likely to catch a thief's eye, by all means buy a pair of Beats by Dre, however if you want to buy a quality pair of headphones which not only look good, but sound incredible, I can honestly say you will not be disappointed with these.

If I have to be hyper critical, the lead length of 1.2m may be a little restrictive if you are DJ'ing, but if you are simply looking for headphones to plug into your mobile device . . . . . I STRONGLY advise you to sign on the dotted line :)
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on 22 November 2013
I love these headphones as the sound is great and they are so comfortable!

The only negative thing I could think of is maybe the lead is a little short.

Easy 5 Stars!
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on 15 October 2013
This was an impulsive buy. And I only bought it because my friend showed it to me, and I simply fell in love with it. Sleek looks, soft on the ears, and huge headphones that completely covers my head and cancels out most of the ambient noise. I have been using this for around a month now and the music is just awesome. This is best for listening to thumping beats.
For those who complained about the XB400 not good for anything else apart from bass, here's my suggestion. Use an equalizer. I use the free 'Music Volume EQ' app on my Android. This way you can compensate for bass, and get good treble too. I have listened to subliminal meditation tracks and they are more audible than on my previous headphone.
The headphones are so light that I have worn them for upto an hour, and I haven't felt any weight either over my head or against my ears. The ear cushions are the best that I have used. Extremely comfortable.
Another thing is the tangle-free cord. Like the name says, it never gets tangled, because of the ribbon like shape as against the common circular cross-section shape.
Overall, an excellent value for money at the price. Go for it.
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on 4 January 2013
Bassheads dream. Forget overpriced solos. These are like Dr Whos tardis. Look small,but pack an awesome punchy bass. Mids are there,but light. Highs are refined but not piercing. Adjust your bass DOWN a little on your music source and their just bliss! Turn up the volume and they wont distort either. They are also the most comfortable cans ive ever worn. They dont grip your head like a vice and ive kept them on for 4hrs without any discomfort. They do leak a little on sound when you crank up the volume,but minor detail. I love them so much,ive treated them to a hard case to protect them! Shop around. They can be had for as little as £20. Pocket money.
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on 18 January 2013
Got these for my dads Xmas as he travels long distances to go to work and has had in ear head phones which are good but these are great, the sound is great and no noise leaking out!
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on 6 November 2014
A little on the plasticy side, and the heads rattle when not on my head .. which is ok .. but the soft cushions and band make for a very comfortable wearing experience. Best I've had so far for comparative prices headphones.
Sound quality is excellent .. low, mids and highs all do well .. I mostly listen to music via my iPod which is not the best player for these heads ... because when I use them through my PC to listen to music, I can control and manipulate the sound and frequencies a LOT more and the levels are handled very well through these heads... which really show their quality for the price when pushed to perform.

Good. I want better, but these will do for now.
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on 16 March 2014
I originally bought these headphones for my daily commute to college on a bus, which takes around an hour and a half. The people on the bus are usually quite loud so I needed a pair of headphones that produced a good quality sound, a nice bit of bass and also blocked out main sounds from around me.

*These were perfect. If you don't play the music and just where the headphones alone, they are like ear defenders, they block out so much sound!
*They are comfortable, even for long periods of use and they are quite light.
*Some people say the gloss on the ear pieces scratch easily, mine haven't.
*Excellent sound quality with a nice deep bass.
*For the price you expect them to feel weak and cheap. However in my opinion they are a bargain! Excellent quality in my opinion.
*On the left ear piece is a Braille bump to indicate what way round the headset is best orientated.
*Look smashing, very stylish.

*The wire was designed not to tangle. After use, I put them in my rucksack in an empty compartment. After a few hours I take them out and then they are tangled.
*When turning the ear pieces for storage, after a while mine squeaked on the off chance.
*It would be nice if the ear pieces rotated 90 degrees both ways.

That's my review of these beautiful headphones Hopefully it was helpful, the price of these is low considering all above points.
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on 17 May 2014
We looked at all sorts - including some very over-priced designer brands (Dre Beats and SkullCandy you know who you are). Value for money, quality of sound, good cable and great speakers. They and not subtle, but a brilliant alternative for a teenager wanting noise without being too un-cool. I was surprised how good they are with all kinds of music. More audiophile than just rocker. Good for the money. Be interesting to see how long the headband adjustment clips last, as this is the only plasticky/flimsy bit.
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on 24 May 2013
Liking bass-heavy music mostly, so have previously bought the Sony X-Bass buds, but I am tired of wearing buds.

I also have the Sony ZX700, which are superb, but really need an extra amp (Fiio) when using on the iPod.
Also, they don't fold, and so are simply too big to cram into the rucksack on a regular basis.
These fit the bill, as they fold flat, are are v comfortable (I wear glasses and have, shall we say a "large hat size", and I don't find these create any pressure discomfort).

The sound is very good, but, I find on my iPod I get a more balanced sound if I actually change the EQ to Treble Enhanced! This still gives a great bass response.
On the other bass-heavy EQ settings, it can just sound too much, the point of mush.

No sound leakage, and good isolation, which makes them ideal for office use.

The ZX700 have the better all round sound, but seem very bass-light compared to these.
I'm saving those for home use, and more all-round listening.

As for these, I really do like then, so much so that I may even go and get the next model up too, the 600 model :)
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on 13 July 2013
These headphones punch well above their price bracket. With the high street price at around £50 the £35 online price is a steal. They're stylish, light, very comfortable and provide the best insulation from exterior sound I've ever experienced in a pair of non-noise cancelling over ear phones. This is partly due to the use of memory foam in the ear pads. The build quality is perfectly adequate for domestic use but they probably wouldn't withstand a great deal of punishment on the road DJing or gigging. The phones are designed to fold flat for neat low space storage or transportation. Now to the sound quality - it's quite superb and exceeds many headphones costing more than twice the price (I exaggerate not). The frequency response is smooth and non-laboured across the range and the bass response is simply phenomenal; reflecting the 8Hz spec on the box. But at no time do they tire the ears even after extended listening. They also perform well across a range of musical genres from Drum & Bass to Classical; each delivering impressive sonorous bass and tack sharp treble responses. In fact I'm struggling to find fault with these headphones. They've received a good press and justifiably so. I'd get your pair while they're still available at this gift of a price!
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