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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 June 2013
Finally the elusive `thatgamecompany' compilation arrives, officially, in the UK.

Despite my interest I never bought the American import version, and I know there'll be both old and new (to be) fans looking at the UK release, so for all concerned, this is what's included:

Standard packaging with small booklet and 1 Blu-Ray disc, which contains:
Flow (Game)
Flower (Game)
Journey (Game)
Gravediggers (Multiplayer mini-bonus-game (2-6 players only))
Duke War!! (Multiplayer mini-bonus-game (2-4 players only))
Nostril Shot (you read that right) (Multiplayer mini-bonus-game (2-7 players only))
Full soundtracks (all 45 minutes plus) for the 3 full games
Full artwork libraries for the 3 full games
Various XMB themes; concept art; trailers; commentaries and associated titbits for the 3 full games
Various avatars

All of the above are on the single Blu-Ray disc (apart from the avatars, which are redeemable on PSN via a code on the back of the manual).

Slightly strangely, the loading of the disc acts only as a hub to install/view the features from. To actually install and play the games you have to come back out to the XMB and proceed from the main menu (like you would a downloadable game), thus the disc isn't actually a re-formatted way to execute the games; merely a storage medium. Slightly bizarre, but no harm done.

And so then to the games. For people new to thatgamecompany; Flow, Flower and Journey are all scaled down full-games that originally appeared on PSN. They all - particularly Journey - received critical acclaim which has ultimately led to this release. They are not full-blown 20+ hour games: each one is about 2 and a half hours long and they're all designed to be played multiple times.

They are all very original and refreshing. Flow is interesting, an almost concept style game and is worth a play (think Snake (the mobile game) and Rez spliced together - in the ocean - and you`re halfway there). Flower is great and arguably the first time the developers began to find themselves. You control the 'wind' that blows around flower petals (stay with me) that are used to revitalise a flagging landscape. Art house? Probably. But serenely playable and ... beautiful. And Journey...

Ah, Journey. To even attempt to describe or construe it would be blasphemous. You may be aware of all the acclaim it has received. I know what you're thinking (as did I); `Yeah, I'm sure it is good - for an Indie game'. Politely, you're wrong (as was I). There's a reason this game is being recognised. I will not say anything about the game itself, but the presumption of heart and commitment and imagination and, maybe even intelligence, in the player from the developer is unprecedented. If you have an ounce of gamer code in your DNA (and if you loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus), you owe it to yourself to experience this.

(Some people will hate it though, by the way - it has no guns, no dialogue, one character and only two buttons to play. If you love FPS's, this may not be for you, but ... well, I'll let you see for yourself).

The mini-games look fun too (haven't played them yet) and they have a profound back story to them which is worth observing. The features are good and the soundtracks are majestic, and a great deal of effort has gone into giving the player a worthwhile product (right down to the trophy configuration). There's plenty here to keep you going and if the PSN is supposed to be the side-quest spin-off to physical AAA releases, this is the cream of the crop.

The most beautiful drop in the ocean you will ever experience.

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on 16 December 2013
I will start by apologizing for the long review but i thought it was necessary to show how great this game is and i really hope you pick up a copy.
I bought this game as i had the demo from psn and i was hoping for a disk copy instead of getting it from the psn store.
I was really looking forward to playing this game as the demo was just amazing i had to finish the story (talking about Journey here). It arrived exactly on the time given and in good packaging as always.
The game Journey has beautiful graphics and easy controls. the graphics well i was very impressed and i was playing it in PAL looking forward to playing in HD. It is an adventure game where you play as a nomad and all you know is you must climb to the top of the mountain before you. Some ribbon creatures will help to guide you along the way in case you become stuck as where to go.
The multilayer aspect of it is nice, you will be randomly paired up with someone based on what changes you have made to your map and various other aspects. There is no way to tell who you are playing with or to communicate with them (at the end of the ending titles it names the players you met along the way). This was a little disappointing but if you are like me and wanted to play with a friend i suggest finding a point on one of the areas (the first with the bridge is the best) and don't make any changes or make sure you do the same thing such as building the same section of bridge and when you think you find each other tap the O button repeatedly. This worked for me and my friends and we have used the same method a few times. The game is definitely re-playable and i have completed it several times and have intentions of 100%ing it.
Flower is a very simple game you are a lone petal and you need to pass over another flower to open it up and gain another petal. clicking a button blows wind to help you go faster and the movement of the controller directs your petal, can be a little frustrating but worth it. The aim is to unlock each area as you go and find the tree at the end (this is for the first level, not had chance to play the others yet). Thats all there is to it, just enjoy the music and the scenery.
Flow is a basic evolve game. You begin as a small organism made up of swirls and you must eat the smaller objects in order to grow and become big enough to eat larger creatures. The controls can be confusing in my opinion and is the only thing that puts me off this game, but don't let it put you off having a go.
The 3 mini games well i will leave it up to you to try them out if the other 3 have made you want to buy this. It comes with some free downloadable avatars and wallpapers which i wasn't aware when i bough it but now i use them both.
I highly recommend it as it is now the best game i have ever played and well worth picking up a copy.
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on 13 June 2014
Flow, Flower, & Journey.

Flow takes you deep into the depths of the ocean as a free swimming organism ascending the food chain in a bid for survival. A simple game that relaxes yet still occupies the mind.

Flower is a game that drifts a collective of flower petals on a summer breeze over full bloom, countryside fields, through day and night. The landscape changes are a nice surprise that add to the progression. Mystical and enchanting, and takes a short while to adjust to the six axis. An enjoyable game right to the gratifying end.

Journey takes you through a serene world. Magical, mystical, emotive and soulfull. Journey is an unforgettable experienced that stamps a refreshing change to the highly popular military shooter, and allows the gamer a more thought provoking and emotional connection to gaming, which can only be a welcoming alternative despite it's lacking longevity.
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on 6 June 2016
I enjoyed Journey: Collectors' Edition. Playing the three main games in chronological order, you get a feel for how the game designers took their unique, genre-defying approach and ran with it, from Flow to Flower to Journey, building on detail each time. I was surprised to find Flower more satisfying than Journey, especially after hearing the acclaim for the latter; something about the environment, atmosphere and level progression just felt more cathartic for me. And perhaps the way you're controlling a gathering of petals rather than a facsimile of a person felt a bit more original. However, I'm yet to try Journey multiplayer, which I've heard provides an additional element to the game.

This edition also comes bundled with a few minigames: Gravediggers, Duke War! and Nostril Shot. Gravediggers was the only one I felt had replay value (a sort of simplistic Worms-esque 2D platform shooter), but none of them are anything more than a brief distraction; I'd have been as happy without them.

Overall, though Journey didn't quite live up to the hype for me, having Flow and Flower alongside feels like a very natural fit and extends gameplay time to a more satisfying level. With these three games it feels like thatgamecompany have laid the foundations for something longer, more complex, more beautiful, but equally as distinctive to be released in the future on the next gen; perhaps the A grade game I was hoping for with Journey.

I'd recommend this for an interesting, cathartic gameplay experience, but maybe buy second-hand to save a few bob, especially if you haven't played any of thatgamecompany's output before (like me).
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on 14 May 2014
It will take you a single night to finish this, but it's incredibly relaxing to just play a few games with no real thought required. It's beautifully designed, and is different to most games.

Would recommend to anyone who would rather have a calming game instead of your usual fast-paced, highly strategic game.
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on 31 August 2015
Apart from the unusual installation protocol where you need to find the install icon from the PS XMB menu (as described elsewhere here) the game Journey itself has an extremely neat and simple introduction, and 'training' is limited to an gentle prompting when interacting with the initial environment landscape. Once on the go the gameplay demonstrates how fluid and emotive graphic images can be. 'Gentle' is the word I would use to describe the whole presentation; this is a game which runs the whole gamut of human emotion and is a study in logical thought, co-operation and-co-existence. It is pleasing to watch and the soundtrack suitably reflects the changing moods as gameplay progresses through its stages. As a game, Journey is very short, and can be 'completed' in an afternoon, but the ending is so thought-provoking/uplifting that it immediately makes you want to start all over again. Everyone who has a console should play Journey at least once, this is s beautiful rendition of Life's metaphor in gently enfolding sequences. As to the other two headline games, these are relaxing but satisfying interludes also; both simple but stunningly rendered to wrap you in a sea of calm while being suitably stimulating.
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on 14 June 2013
Simply the most wondrous gameplay experience, this game has it all - emotion, atmosphere, stunning graphics, sound and music.

Easily one of my 'top 5 games of all time'.
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on 3 July 2014
I've been gaming for about 20 years now and feel as though I've 'seen it all'. Every year seems to bring a new wave of copy/paste games that while improve on the previous iterations, do little to nothing that is original or even interesting. So I decided to pick up Journey Collectors Edition, and its a decision I don't regret.

All of the games included on this disc are, at the very least, different. And I mean different in a good way not like 'Kenny? oh yeah I know him...he's...different'

Journey Collectors Edition is like a breath of fresh air in a landscape of 'Righteous Slaughter' knock offs. And if, like me, you feel the videogame industry has nothing new or interesting to offer you, I suggest you order this and have your faith restored in an industry that (when risks are taken) truly is amazing.
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on 22 February 2015
I love the games, but I expected a game that you could just put into you ps3 and play,
but no you get 3 games that combined is 1.2 gb on i 25gb bluray disc
that you ned to install on your ps3 from the disc first and then go back to the xmb menu and play the game, like a downloaded game.
And the worst part is you have to have the disc in to play. What's point of a disc if it's just a install disc.
I have never in my life seen A more weird and stupid way of playing game from a "Disc".
I hate DLC voucher codes in GOTY games, but i hated this more for some reason.
Shame on you Sony
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on 9 January 2015
I bought this because I was bored one weekend and I am glad I did, Journey is a jaw dropping visual delight, It is a short game and a slow game but for those of us who don't want to spend hours upon hours doing FSP's then this is worth getting.
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