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on 25 September 2017
Great little camera the kit lens isn't as bad as people make out I bet you wouldn't even notice the "apparent" problems with it I didn't and I'm a pixel peeper. Main down side is no touch screen, changing the focus point is a pain. The image quality is brilliant but usability of it for me was a no go. Plus I soon realised the lack of lenses for it was shocking and the lenses you could get we're to expensive.
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on 20 December 2014
 If you can afford it, buy it.

This is an exceptional camera and you have to work hard to mess up a shot. The results you get are as close to "professional" quality as you can get this side of £3000. That is actually an understatement because unlike full frame DSLR's , you do not need to know anything about photography to take the perfect picture.

The body is much smaller and lighter than a DSLR. It won't quite fit in your pocket with the standard lens but it's easy to carry around all day in a small case. It is a quality piece of equipment and feels comfortable in the hand. I bought the silver version which has a nice retro look and reminds me of the Leica of the 60s.

It works in both j peg and raw modes so if you are into post production photoshoping that is a plus. The camera has 2 auto modes, and all the usual manual settings too. The auto focus is amazingly fast and because of its light weight, it makes it ideal for action photography or taking pics of the kids running about.

The lenses are interchangeable and you can mount full frame lenses with an additional adapter as well as the Sony e mount ones .The stock lens is superb and the zoom function is very smooth and perfect for framing shots.

Other noteworthy points are it has a hot shoe, an electronic viewfinder ( which has transformed my results) , an excellent flash which can be pointed at the ceiling and a tilting lcd screen.

It can shoot at an astonishing 11 frames a second in burst mode. You can happily shoot at 6400 iso without the standard size images getting grainy and in low light conditions it will take 3 exposures and merge them to give a far better result.

The menu options are enormous and everything you can think of is adjustable and you can custom program the buttons in a way which suits you best. It also has WIFI and NFC which will allow you to both control basic camera functions, have live view using your smartphone and upload as you go. There are also a few decent apps to download from the Sony Playmemories site. The A6000 has a mini HDMI port along side the usual micro USB which is the same size as on most smartphones, saving the need for extra cables.

OK, no camera is perfect so I will mention what I don't like. The main thing to mention is that it isn't designed for video. It does take amazing quality video but the on / off button is a nightmare to find and use. It's as if they designed it that way on purpose ( it's a tiny button on the right upper corner of the camera). Also the sound quality is very average particularly in windy conditions and it doesn't have a mic jack for external input.

With all those clever electronics the battery life is just about ok but a backup is a good idea. My final criticism is the LCD screen doesn't articulate as much as other cameras. The other point to note is that because of the sheer number of menu options (almost 150 menus) it does take time to get used to. I have had the camera two months and I am just beginning to get used to it.

But these are relatively minor niggles if you are primarily interested in stills. It will consistently offer up the best quality pictures for any given lighting condition whether it's shooting into the sun or a window, indoors under domestic lighting or at night, you can't go wrong.

Even though I am a big Amazon fan, I bought my camera locally because I wanted expert advice so paid a bit more(see below for my final post). While you might think the A6000 is expensive, it's not when you consider all you get.

If you are thinking about hiring a professional photographer for any reason well think about buying the A6000 instead. I promise you, you will not see the difference and if I am wrong, well this is Amazon ;-)

I hope this helps with your buying decision and happy snapping!

UPDATE: I have now had the camera 3 months and if anything, I am even happier with it. The form factor makes such a difference to both the number of times I take it with me and the ease of use compared to a DSLR. After a while you almost forget it isnt a compact camera. Also the quality of the images are really hard to beat. I watched a few reviews by professional photographers on YouTube who claim it is as good in most situations as their professional £6,000+ cameras. Definitely worth watching if you are thinking of buying.

I have been using the camera a lot for video too. The image quality is great and I got around the sound issue by buying a RODE smartphone mic ( also great ) and recording off camera. But the on / off button is still a nightmare to find which is remains my biggest and possibly only complaint. The camera battery just about lasts for a single outing but I do carry a spare.

Anyone considering buying a DSLR should seriously look at this mirror-less option instead.


After nearly 6 months I'm still getting a lot of use from this camera. It's size and ease of use means I can take it along to social functions without looking a bit obvious which I think you tend to do with a DSLR. I've purchased a cheap lens converter so I'm able to use my old canon effective lenses. Results are a bit mixed. It slows the auto focus down quote a bit particularly with my 200 mm zoom but still useful.

I also got a free time lapse app in the Google app store and have been taking some fabulous night sky images.

So overall I am still delighted with the camera. Seems to me mirrorless cameras certainly look set to replace low and medium end DSLR s.

May 2015 Update

I don't have a lot else to add except confirm that I am still as happy with the camera as I was nine months ago when I bought it. I have uploaded a sample set of stills to give an indication of performance in various scenes. To give you an accurate sense of what the camera can do , all of the images are straight from the camera and there has been no post production processing involved. On the macro shot the camera managed to pick out the sea snails eye clearly.

I also notice the price has dropped a lot and is now £100 less than when I bought it.

Sept. 2015 Update

For anybody wondering about the size of the A6000 I have posted a picture of it beside two other cameras I own. An old Canon DSLR and the Lumix GH4 which is also a mirror-less camera. By the way the GH4 shoots great 4K video but other than that, I much prefer the A6000. Its all round a better stills camera at about a third of the price :-)

Last Comment!
Four months ago I sold my A6000 on eBay and bought an A6300 (from the same camera shop). The net cost of the upgrade was about £750. But as soon as I had done it I regretted it. Yes the A6300 is slightly better but for the average user it barely matters and certainly not worth the extra money.

I actually went back to the shop to see what trade in they would give me on a A7rii. They offered £300!!!! So much for supporting your local camera shop😀

But to sum up for a final time, I believe that the A6000 is still the best value camera on the market.
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on 21 July 2014
I believe that Amazon reviews are usually the most helpful and dependable, so when people choose to rate an outstanding product as '1 star' because they lost the eyepiece, it's being very unfair to the manufacturer - you the lost he eye piece not Sony!

Also, I think it's helpful to have some context - especially with cameras. In my case, I like to shoot casually; friends and family (kids), with some sports, holidays and cars. I have recently owned: A Sony Rx100 (simply outstanding), Fujifilm X-M1, Sony NEX6, Panasonic GM1 (crazy small and cute but terrible image noise), Canon S120 and Canon EOS40D.

What's so great about the A6000?

1) It's simply the most ergonomic of all the small APSC cameras anywhere near this price point. Only the Fujifilm X-T1 is better and that's twice the price! It is very compact but also feels very sturdy and comfortable grip for prolonged use. It feels like a real camera.

2) The photo quality is far superior to my RX100 or Fujifilm X-M1 in terms of sharpness and more natural looking skin tones - especially compared to the Fuji, which tends to make faces look a bit wax-like.

3) For kids, animals and sports it's simply unbeatable unless you pay more than twice the price. It is amazing at tracking fast moving objects from any angle or speed. It means that the photos have lovely depth of field - isolation of the main subject from the background - which is nicely blurred. The continuous shooting is approx. twice as fast as my previous digital SLR - again, amazing, I don't know how Sony have done but it works great.

4) Video is crisp, creamy-smooth panning, and the tracking focus helps the main objects really stand out - which smaller cameras simply cannot achieve. It looks stunning on a full-HD screen.

The lens selection is very poor compared to Fuji who make lovely lenses for the X series range, Canon or the 3/4 range. However, they do have one or two pretty good lenses which also tend to be very good value for money. My lens of choice is the Sony SELP18-105G F4. It's much sharper than the kit lens and has a very useful zoom range of 27-153mm, so it's a very good single-lens solution for landscapes, portraits and mid zoom photography. The only downside is that it looks and feels too big for the camera - that's because the A6000 is so small and light.

In summary, it's simply the best all-round camera at this price point, with photo quality to match many full-frame digital SLRs and can beat many of them when it comes to shooting kids, animals or sports. The only downside is the lens selection, and the only 2 I would recommend are the Sony SEL50F18 (50mm) portrait lens and the Sony SELP18-105G (27-153mm). They are both very sharp and offer amazing value for money. Not quite as good as the Fuji equivalent, but you can't argue at almost half the cost!

Update: 9th May. Yesterday I decided to purchase the Fujifilm X-T1 and spent the day running test shots. If anyone is interested, here is my summary conclusion:

Fuji XT-1 beats the Sony at:
1) The look and feel. It's in another league altogether - feels sublime in terms of weight and ergonomics.
2) Better in low light - less noise and more pleasing skin tones.
3) Sharper kit lens - especially in the corner of the frames.
4) Speed of controls - because they are hardware based, whereas Sony is mainly software based (e.g. focus area, focus type, exposure metering, ISO etc.)

Sony A6000 beats the Fuji X-T1 at:
1) Autofocus speed and accuracy - tested with my son on his scooter. Much faster and crisper photos from the Sony. Also, better colour accuracy.
2) Much better dynamic range - in bright sunlight the Fuji tends to over-saturate the colours - looking false - especially reds. Whilst Sony has the most accurate colour reproduction which is particularly noticeable in foliage - where Fuji is very bright or dark - Sony tends to lighten the shadows for a more evenly lit photo.
3) Price - half the price of the Fuji X-T1!
4) Resolution - more mega-pixels - so better for major enlargements.
5) Built-in flash - very useful for backlit photos.
6) Video quality is streets ahead - especially for tracking moving subjects.
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on 2 February 2015
Small and light and relatively cheap compared to similar performing DSLRs. Extensive autofocus options which give a lot of flexibility. Wifi is a nice gimmick and may have uses for some.

Face detect autofocus in still and video work really well. Articulating screen is great for video and waist level shots.

After a few weeks use, I still find the controls a bit sensitive, but the layout is still a very good compromise between flexibility and usefulness.
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on 11 January 2015
Hi,it's a very fast camera,I've already tried it a little,works well with fast sports shooting.I love it.I have to learn the menu because this camera knows a lot of cool things.I've already shot action photoes on martial arts.I have no words how fast this camera is.First impression "Gorgeous". The Package with the camera arrived in a good condition,without any damage.

The Expert Shield and the MegaGear Leather camera case has not arrived yet,maybe tomorrow or next week a suppose,when they will arrive I am going to let you know.They were dispached separatelly.
Best Wishes Fülöp Csaba .
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on 13 August 2016
Very high tech, and compact. The E-Mount lens selection is nice, if a little limited. Some useful features missing from NEX such as the digital level, and higher-resolution eViewfinder. Build quality is good, but some plastic elements hold it back from being excellent. Overall very pleased. The kit lens is very good, and will meet the needs of most consumers.
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on 13 September 2016
Great quality image and video in a small compact package.
Would recommend getting a Hot shoe cover for the camera, because its just an empty space to collect dust.
Would also recommend getting the Newmowa NP-FW50 Battery pack and charger because you're going to be running out of juice quickly because this camera has a short battery life.

I also posted some pictures as an example of quality.

Foto&Tech 2 In 1 Hot Shoe Hotshoe Cover With Bubble Spirit Level for Sony Alpha Series a7R II, a7 II, a7, a7R, a7S II, a7S, a6300, a60006x Screen Protector for Sony Alpha 6000 Protection Film - Crystal-Clear, Bubble-FreeNewmowa NP-FW50 Battery (2 pack) and Dual USB Charger for Sony FW50 and Sony Alpha a3000, Alpha a5000, Alpha a6000,A6300,Alpha 7, a7,Alpha 7R, a7R, Alpha 7S, a7S, NEX-3, NEX-3N, NEX-5, NEX-5N, NEX-5R, NEX-5T, NEX-6, NEX-7, NEX-C3, NEX-F3, SLT-A33, SLT-A35, SLT-A37, SLT-A55V, Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
review image review image review image review image
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on 17 June 2016
Marvellous camera and lenses. Light in weight but not in features. The ability to download software straight to the camera, such as Motion Blur, Starry Sky etc makes difficult exposures a breeze. Get the 210mm zoom lens and the 30mm Macro and you won't need any others. The Macro in particular is the best I have ever used in over 30 years. Really, really close up shots even in difficult lighting.Superb camera which I now use more than my expensive Nikon. So easy to carry around.
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on 27 June 2014
This camera is all I was looking for. Fast focus, easy to carry and the images... well difficult to say something different of amazing.
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on 29 December 2016
Many reviewers have commented on the stills capability of this camera (and it is fantastic - my nikon DSLR won't ge getting much use now), but I'd like to focus (pardon the pun) on the excellent video.

The combination of an APS-C size sensor,1080p 60fps recording ability, 179 auto-focus points (covering 92% of the frame) and full control over aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance etc make it a very capable video camera.

I basically record 3 types of video, which each have their own challenges: 1. Basketball games (poor indoor lighting, fast moving subjects, multiple subjects in shot), 2. Family vids (kids - moving subjects again), 3. Car related videos (trying to achieve a shallow depth of field to differntiate the subject from the background).

The Sony manages the basketball games, which is probably the greatest test of the 3, with great results. The action stays in focus (where my nikon D5100 DSLR's focus could not keep up), yet the image quality is far better than the dedicated camcorder this replaces.

Here's a sample vid, shot with the Sony. Make sure you select the full 1080p resolution in YouTube settings.


This is another sample video; all the shots from 0:12 to 4:10 were shot with the A6000. I selected the widest aperture on the kit lens (F3.5) and as I'd expect there is *some* bokeh, but not much. However, the benefit of using an interchangeable lens camera for video is that I will buy myself a sigma 30mm F1.4 lens, which will mean better results next time!

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