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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2010
After owning every single Gran turismo game on the console, I'd been looking forward to this game since before the PSP was released and in my mind they sold the PSP with the promise of this game, originally called "Gran Turismo 4 Mobile".
Knowing that polyphony don't rush games, they take their time I knew that this game would be worth the wait.
I rarely play my PSP, I mean, why would I When I have a PS3?
But still I decided if ever I found myself on a bus or train this was the game to get to stop me from scratching my own eyes out with boredom.
Right onto the game, I went in with medium to high hopes and haven't been disappointed, I found out just before the game was released through IGN that there would be no career mode, I was slightly disappointed but still I brought it anyway.
The decision to not include a career mode is why many people moan about this game but if they sat down and thought about it, it doesn't really need a career mode.
Most people spend around 30minutes on a bus or train and to be honest the kind of races GT4 offered were too long most were Series races and took hours some of which 24 hours!
The game is designed to be picked up 1 or 2 quick races maybe a new car purchase and then put down, this way this game can last you ages without boredom.

The graphics are amazing, don't expect Forza Motorsport or NFS Shift styled graphics after all it is the PSP, Pretty much the best graphics I've seen on PSP and the game runs at a very smooth 60 FPS. I would say the graphics on a par with GT4 (Which is an achievement for a PSP game).

The control and feedback from the cars is amazing, turn traction control off and you find yourself wrestling to stay on the track.

There are many tracks and cars and it's quite nice and easy to earn £1M to get that Ferrari when you eventually see Ferrari at your dealership.
Ad-Hoc mode is great and with Ad-Hoc party you can play friends all over the world.
The licences are back and it feels like a mini career mode after I'd completed a page of licences I got the credits rolling.
I've played the NFS's on the PSP and some other PSP games and to be honest there nothing to this, if you're a fan of the Gran turismo series and want to pick up and play every now and again, although at first you'll be hooked, this is the game for you.


Great graphics
Great sound (for PSP anyway)
Excellent controls and feedback from the many cars
Good value for money like all Gran turismo games!
Great Ad-Hoc
Excellent ability to pick up and play and put down quickly unlike some PSP games without save points for ages.
Excellent choice of many different cars and tracks

No career mode (would have been nice for people without the bigger consoles)
No online mode to play random people
Takes a while to load


Fully recommended I had to think hard to write the cons, there just little niggles and don't really affect my enjoyment of the game.
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VINE VOICEon 30 November 2009
Tonnes of tracks and cars, great physics and graphics (for a handheld console), the only limitation is the lack of a career mode, but everything else more than makes up for this.

I got the digital download version, and it's VERY quick to load and navigate, I couldn't comment on the speed of the UMD version.
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on 9 January 2010
classic racing game it is similar to the playstation game apart from there is a bigger range of cars to choose from. This game can be linked to a freind but they need to have a copy of the game. You can race each other or trade cars between your games. A very good game.
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on 16 February 2010
Gran Turismo (PSP)

It is beyond the domain of this site to write an extensive review which can be found eleswhere and probably not read at all ! Hence to save you all time here is the synopsis:

The Good points:
Fantastic handling
60 frames-per second smoothness
Compelling car collection
Realistic handling on no fewer than 800 cars
Loads of varied tracks that offer different challenges
Good ad hoc multiplayer options
Drifting is a fun addition to the standard racing

The Not-so-good points:
No structure to the main game
Endless grinding, no sense of achievement
No incentive to buy cars
No Career mode
Lacks online play
Limited tuning options that can only be saved for up to 30 cars.

My Final Verdict:

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on 16 November 2009
I bought this game on its release date and, like many people here, was a little dissapointed that it did not have a career mode. However, as I knew this before I bought it (having read plenty of reviews beforehand), I knew what to expect; being a big fan of GT1 & 2 (didn't have a PS2, so never got 3 or 4), I still thought it was worth it. I decided to hold off on writing a review until I'd given it a chance to take hold.

Six weeks or so later, I'm still playing it every day. I've come to the decision that the lack of career mode could actually be a very good decision - on this platform. I always enjoyed unlocking a new race series and modifying cars on the old games, but I have to say that now I just don't miss it anymore. The biggest problem with GT1 and 2 was that there was always a strong challenge to begin with and plenty of motivation to try to get the best cars, but once you did, you would pretty much dominate every race. That's not the case here - if you want to dominate a race on the higher skill levels in a fast car (particularly the F1 cars), your driving has to improve rather than just the car.

I can understand that many people miss the career mode. However, if you can forgive this fact, you might be able to see why they did it - this game has felt fresher for longer than either of the other two, which I played a lot. There are only 4 cars in the grid, but to be honest, in the original games the cars in places 5 & 6 weren't ever much more than a couple of dots on the map during races. It's so smooth and such a good game and if losing the two slowest cars from the grid was what was needed to get this kind of performance from the PSP, it was a good decision.

I am very satisfied with this game. I love being able to wake the PSP from standby, jump straight into a high-quality race, then put it back to sleep again. The bottom line is that after 6 weeks of keeping an open mind, if I had my time over I would buy it again without hesitation.
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on 13 September 2011
You already own a PSP probably if you're looking at this, and might probably owned a version of Gran Turismo on one of Sonys previous consoles or at the very least be aware of its existance.

So you'll know its been an excellent title, outstanding and THE driving simulator on pretty much ANY console.

To summerise - this isn't the version to buy. Don't get me wrong and start clicking 'unhelpful review button' if you a fan or the series. I have a justified reason as a fellow fan -

-----IT HAS NO CAREER MODE, and therefore in my opinion... no substance. This was a crucial ingredient to other versions and I can't believe its not here. I love these GT games... career mode and license was the KEY to them and missed here.

You can race, get licenses (nearest to career you will come), buy cars the usual stuff. You can tweak car settings (not tune tho' and buy parts, another oversight) there is LOTS of cars which is good, but only some appear on somedays to purchase which is abit frustrating.

If you want to spend a fiver on this its probably worth it - its still got all the mechanics of the PS versions and drives really well and can be great fun, a good serious drive. Pity about its lifespan.
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on 1 October 2009
I'm quite a fan of racers on PSP, having both WipEout games, Need for Speed Undercover and F1 but this gamehas massively raised the bar. This is definitely the best racer on the PSP (with perhaps the exception of maybe Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, which i've not had the pleasure of playing yet). [EDIT: now reviewed Motorstorm too, with a slight GT comparison for those thinking of getting one or the other]

This game has been in development just a tad too long, i'd totally forgot it was ever mentioned back in 2004. But to say its been a while in development does no justice to just how superb this game really is.


- I pre-ordered the UMD version which arrived this morning. From the moment you start it up you realise this game is something quite special. Somehow, developers are managing to squeeze more and more out of the PSP, and this game is the showcase of the lot graphically.

- The cars are superbly rendered on the screen and are even better in the races, and really makes you wonder how this is just a PSP. The race tracks are equally well rendered. Of course, there are limitations to the PSP so there are still jaggies and hard lines where there should be curves, but i'd expected far more.

- The controls i found take a little bit of time to get used to, certainly my first race wasn't exactly smooth, but i'd expected this as with any new game. After a few races though, it feels very smooth and intuitive. They've done a good job with less buttons.

- I'm only in the early stages of the game and haven't tried racing the fast cars just yet, but even with the slower cars the game feels fast. I can only imagine what its going to be like with the supercars.

- The number of cars and tracks is stupendous, i can't work out how they've managed to get so many into 1Gb of storage space. I don't think you could ever do collect every car!

The graphics and the gameplay really do make this game so superb.


- There have been number of rumblings on the internet following the announcement that there is no campaign mode. I've never had a GT game before (with the exception of GT5 Prologue), so this is not a feature i know to miss. However, if you are a hardened fan of GT then you may miss it. There are a series of challenges with races and tasks within each one that will keep you interested and tested while improving your virtual driving skills.

- Cockpit mode is pretty shoddy really, and after playing GT5 Prologue, i was expecting something slightly better rendered. It is still my prefered driving method though, giving a much more realistic driving feel.

- Car availability seems a little confusing to me. New cars are available each virtual day but not always the ones you want. You have to exit the challenge mode to go back to the main screen to go to the showroom. At first i was doing this after each race - if you leave the challenge it adds a virtual day, so new cars become available. Now i've realised you can do more than one race in a challenge then exit and it will only have added one day too.

- there are only 4 cars on a track. this surprised me as i was expecting more, but it's not bothered me at all, you're usually only concentrating on the car in front and the car behind anyway! its definitely still a challenge.


If you are already a GT fan and you own a PSP, and you want the GT experience on a portable, i'd hazard a guess that you will be quite pleased at this amazing game.

If you have never played GT and you want a polished and superb racer/driving simulator that will make your shiney PSP even shinier, then this really is, by far, the best game you could get.

GT PSP has made itself a must have for PSP owners, even in the rapidly expanding collection of great PSP games.

[Looking for other PSP games? Check out my reviews for LittleBigPlanet, Gran Tourismo PSP, Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Blood Bowl, Resistance Retribution, and probably others.]
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VINE VOICEon 6 October 2009
I've only seen GT3 on the PS2 and played it briefly (my son decided to trade it in for something else shortly after we bought him his PS2 with this game), so I'm not a Gran Turismo expert and the lack of a 'challenge mode' doesn't really bother me.

I have (and like) Ridge Racer on the PSP, but it can get frustrating constantly finishing 2nd when I want to move onto the next race (and all the races seem a variation on a few selections).

After a few hours of GT on the PSP, I can say it has better graphics than RR (although not as much better as some might lead you to believe) and the ability to hack cars around well rendered representations of the Nordschliefe or Laguna Seca has already been great fun.

As you would expect, the cars are clear as to what they are and, for example, the RX7 handles vastly differently to the Renault Megane. Driving the lines correctly really does reward you with faster times.

The lack of damage is a bit odd (but equally I'd never complete a lap of the Nurburgring if damage worked - Perhaps it could've been made switchable?) and the limitation of 4 cars isn't that much of a problem from the play I've done so far - The tracks, though, seem more of a challenge than the other drivers.

If you take this as a 'pick-up-n-go' game, where you can hack your favourite cars around some of the world's greatest tracks (and lots of fictional ones - The Amalfi coast was pretty well represented with killer hairpins - I'm sure I spotted the turn to the hotel I stayed in last year at one point!) it's a winner on the PSP.

If you were expecting GT5 (or even GT4?) on the PSP, you will be disappointed, but perhaps your expectations were a little unrealistic?
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on 25 December 2009
Contrary to what most reviews said (at the time I bought it)I found this game incredibly entertaining.
Basically it is just like the other GTs but with tonns more freedom. There is a bit less tweaking but there is no loss in car technicalities.
From start you are have many racetracks available and three different modes of racing plus challenges that keep you entertained and pay you lots. The total number of cars is amazing too and I've been playing for months now and I have a lot of fast cars but still haven't reached the 5million credits that you need to buy a F-1 (from other revies) so I still have some playing to do.
The graphics are great for PSP-level.. shadows & lighting are good and game dynamics are great.

The absolute only downside I have found is that it only lets you choose from 4 car dealers at a time. That means that sometimes you do have the money (credits) but you don't get the car you want for quite a while (since there are more than 20 car-dealers in total) and sometimes you do get the car you wanted but you don't have the credits and thus you've missed your chance for a while.

So yeah, maybe you wont need to do lots of tweaking to win races and you don't have to sweat a lot to get a fast car but is that necessarily a bad thing like they said in other reviews? Plus if you fancy a challenge let me tell you that winning a gold cup on any of the challenges available is still almost impossible.

Overall I would deffinitely recommend this game. To put it this way: I haven't taken it out of my psp in months.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 August 2010
Reading the other reviews, a lot of the disappointment seems to stem from the reviewers hoping to get a substitute for a full Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) or Gran Turismo 5 (PS3). Viewed from that point of view, there are certainly disappointing aspects. As a way to race on your favourite track on the go, it is perfectly adequate, though.

Some of the features that make it less than ideal are the number of competitors being limited to 3 (four cars per race in total), the same number of dealerships with up to 10 cars each being available each day (both probably in order to squeeze the game with all its features and the vast number of cars (around 800) onto the PSP format). There is also no career aspect - you have driver challenges to start off with (like the licence events in the full PS2/PS3 games) followed by individual races (where you need 4 victories to get to A level in difficulty, and another 3 for S level). Nothing much happens when you achieve the higher levels apart from the oponents driving a bit better and the prize money being a lot higher per race. Whether the game is easy or harder really depends on the car chosen - if you put too good tyres on it it will often mean your oponents are faster cars, leading to problems on tracks with long straights, similarly a RWD car will be more difficult to navigate to a win on a dirt or ice track. While one can find a good mix of challenging to achievable on concrete tracks IMO (the opposing cars are selected as a function of your car), both a consistent winning and a harder situation are therefore possible. I did find the dirt and ice events a bi less convincing, though - I feel myself far from proficient yet managed to win all of them relatively easily with a wide variety of cars.

On occasional tracks (and seemingly only with some cars) the odd imperfection occurs (the driving line not displaying a nearly adequate breaking point), which I have never experienced in say Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Platinum Edition (PS3) but overall it is OK. The graphics are more Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) than Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Platinum Edition (PS3) and the sound is much more convincing with headphones than from the in-built speakers (the nice aspect being that the other cars are very well modelled in that way - i.e. you hear them very well when passing or driving up close). And while the car selection and purchasing will take a bit of time due to only 4 dealerships available per game day, the selection is truly extensive and some quite fascinating machinery, both modern and old is available.

It will not bring with it the satisfaction of following a hard career path in a full GT game but it will entertain well enough on a flight or during a commute, and for that the rather high winnings are a boon so you get to the cars you want to use relatively quickly, for the odd Nordschleife run on the run.
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