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First of all, lets get it out of the way... it's gorgeous. It's cute as anything, small, compact and with that Sony Ericsson coolness I love so much. I have the pearl white version which is lovely, it's just the back that's white and has a satin finish which is very attractive. It also comes in black and, as it's the whole back which is removed to get to the battery, I expect to see backs available in all colours soon enough if that's the kind of thing which interests you. The build quality is lovely, it feels solid and robust.

I know that the 'mini' part of the name should give it away but you can't help but be surprised by how small it is. Some would criticise the thickness of it now that iPhone style skinny flat phones are the rage, but personally I love the shape and the chunkiness, it feels good in the hand as well.

The slide out keyboard was what sold it to me really, I couldn't have got on with a touchscreen only model, particularly one with such a small screen, but the slide out qwerty keyboard made this phone doable for me. I was not disappointed, the keyboard feels good and solid and slides out and back again easily and without feeling flimsy or rickety, and certainly without that horrible creaky plastic thing that some cheap (and not so cheap) phones have.

The display is fine for the size of the phone, yes it is smaller and slightly less crisp than some larger touchscreens but remember that this phone is presented in a very small package and you can't have it both ways, it is absolutely fine for the size. The touchscreen is extremely responsive, much nicer to use than some I have had a go on, it is sensitive and takes a bit of getting used to but after the first day I had all but completely stopped pressing things when I wanted to scroll, it's just a matter of getting the knack.

This is my first android phone and I couldn't help but be really impressed by the many functions and cool gadgetry it offers, and most unexpectedly these all work really well and very quickly. My last phone had the internet but was a lot slower even on the same network with the same sim card. The track ID comes back with a result in seconds, as does the bar code reader I downloaded, and functions which take a little bit longer such as uploading a photo to Facebook, are done in the background giving you uninterrupted use of the camera functions.

It can take a bit of getting used to as it is not the most immediately intuitive phone I have used but a large part of the reason is that it does so much, there is so much on there that the most 'obvious' functions such as dialling or adding a contact take a minute to figure out the first time, but as I said, this is my first android phone.

It is worth mentioning that if you use a lot of the functions on it then your data usage could be massive. I have been playing with it a lot as it's new and used up my 2GB allowance in one day, shocking really as I only have 1GB (which 3 network call 'unlimited') per month to use, so I will have to keep n eye on it. It is possible to switch off the background data transfer which not only saves on data usage but on battery power as well which is a factor with this phone as the battery life is not the best.

One drawback is that this is not the latest version of Android but it is due to be updated soon, we are in the third quarter of 2010 already which is when Sony Ericsson said the update would be released, available free for the owners of this phone, so even allowing for some delay we should get it in the next few months. In the meantime there are some apps which won't run on it. There are also a few which won't work because of the smaller screen size but these are a small minority.

The phone comes with a 2GB memory card, headphones/ handsfree, charger (mini USB type with just one USB lead) and a USB card adapter for the memory card. The box is very small!

The 5 mega pixel camera is pretty good, although limited. It takes pretty nice photos but there is no zoom function whatsoever, it does have a decent autofocus and a reasonable flash. I love that you can upload the pictures straight to Facebook or other sites direct from the camera s well as the email and text message options I had on my old phone.

The headphone jack is a normal 3mm mini jack socket, but it has the extra bit on the side for plugging in the powered headphones which you can buy separately. This is a feature I like a lot being a music lover as it means you can have any headphones- not all phones, even music phones, have this kind of jack socket.

The timescape feature is basically a carousel of the latest 'stuff' on your phone. Facebook updates, recent messages and what-have-you, according to what you have on there such as Bebo, Twitter etc. It is not as impressive as all that, but you can quickly peruse your latest notifications and click on them to go to the relevant pages.

I downloaded the advanced task killer free from the android market which is very useful. The apps which are running on it keep piling up in the background and using battery power and this is a quick way to kill them with one click.

The battery is removable in this model unlike the Mini, so if it fails you can replace just the battery rather than having to send the phone for repair. Also I suppose it gives you the option of having a backup batter if you are a heavy user- I'll say it again: the battery life is not great.

The audio quality is pretty impressive, even the speaker on the pone is louder than you'd expect and the sound is nice and crisp. It also has proper volume buttons on the side which is missing from many phones these days.

When you are in a call and need to use menu number buttons it can tell when you move it away from your ear and changes the display to allow you access to the number buttons. How cool is that?

This phone is quick and responsive, there is no freezing, delays or pressing stuff over and over without it registering. It has a 600mhz processor so I expect it ought to be quick. It was not so long ago that this was a pretty decent spec for a desktop computer! I know it's not the fastest now for a phone, but I think it's impressive for one this size and it does the job really well.


Very good build quality
Decent Camera
Lots of useful functions
Lots of cool gadgets for when you are bored
Quick and responsive
Excellent quality keyboard
Very good audio quality and proper audio jack
Excellent for the internet and social networking
Easy to manage settings and functions
Customisable short-cuts, widgets etc.
No need to rely on using the touch screen for writing messages etc. due to the slide out qwerty keyboard.


Smaller screen size
Lower resolution than some touchscreen phones
Limited battery life (will need charging every other day at least, more if you are a heavy user)
Older version of Android (but soon to be upgraded)

In conclusion, I think that this very short list of 'cons' is more than made up for by the impressive package in such a small phone, Sony Ericsson have done a brilliant job of getting so very much into such a tiny phone!
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on 17 December 2010
I was a bit undecided in whether I should opt for this as a new contract phone with all the varying reviews but I went for it and glad I did as I was looking for something to last that was an Ericsson as these are the only phones I seem to use.

The upgrade to v2.1 was easy enough to do yourself once the phone was connected to the computer and the built in software had installed itself on my computer, once I had that done I was ready to load all my contacts, some pics and music from my old phone. The backup and restore system is easy enough to follow to ensure no data is lost during the upgrade.

I have to say that the MediaGo software that is for using for transfering data to the phone is actually pretty good and reminds me of Media Player.

Has a good range of features, the camera is a lot better than I was expecting considering some reviews, the Bluetooth on the upgrade 2.1 works absolutely fine again some reviews were saying it was tough to get going but its no different to other Sony Ericsson phone. I haven't tried out all of the apps on the phone yet but the ones I have seem fine.

I have read reviews that the internet is slow on these and to be honest I think it has a lot more to do with the network provider and signal rather than the phone. I was with o2 and it was shockingly slow at the best of times despite having a good signal for other usage, now with 3 and it loads very quickly.

The touchscreen does take some getting used to and as someone who always had phones with buttons this is why I opted for the X10 Mini Pro as it has the QWERTY keyboard so I can decide whether I want to use that to text with or not as I was looking for something that I could get used to using so that I can get a full touchscreen the next time.

The games are a little trickier to play and if you use the keyboard some of the games work using these which is good.

The music player on this is actually pretty quality sound wise as well and it very clear, also has a radio which requires headphones to use alought using a set of portable speakers could work to just not tried that. The headphones that come in the box are actually very good quality Sony Ericsson with interchangable ear pads for your comfort.

In the box that I got when I got my contract was the phone, headphones, a Sony Ericsson MicroSD card reader which interestingly didnt fit my MicroSD card from old phone for some reason and the power/USB cable that attaches to a plug for AC charging.

The one other thing I have read a lot is that the screen is too small for the camera or the internet, I don't this is completely true I think it depends on the person using it and how comfortably they are able to view it.

Just to add as a final note, I had read that you cant save the pictures sent through MMS, once you have done your upgrade you can, just need to press the pic till the menu comes up and press save picture. I think this is great as I tend to get quite a few picture messages.

My only one critism of this phone has to be the fact that Sony will not release Android 2.2 at the current time for any of the Xperia family of phone...the problem with this is you have low phone memory and CANNOT move any apps to the memory card.

All in all a brilliant little phone that is just the right size and shape and despite my one critism I would recommend this phone.
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on 2 September 2010
This is an amazing little phone for the money. I've had Nokia's in the past and thought I was hooked on them but they seem to have lost their way recently so I thought it was time for a change.

The price, compact size and Android made this the most appealing option for me and having thought long and hard I went for it and am very glad I did. It just does everything so well!!!

Despite the small screen size internet works very well on it. The slide out keyboard is a breeze to use even with my big hands and all the widgets that you can download make it something you just can't put down.

Battery is not an issue for me as it's chargeable from a standard mini usb cable and if you sit in front of a computer all day like I do then you just plug it in.

Make sure you get yourself a contract with unlimited internet (I use T-Mobile) as you'll be online constantly.

Hugely impressed!!!
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on 18 February 2011
I've had the SE X10 Mini Pro for about a month now, and I really like it. I bought mine on eBay for considerably less than the list price on Amazon. Mine's running Android 2.1 (easy update via SE PC Companion software) and is on the 3 network. As a phone, it's a really good unit. No dropped calls, very clear sound (both ways), easy to use. As a smartphone it's also great. The screen is a little small, but that was specifically why I got this phone. It fits into a pocket easily. The keyboard is pretty good. It isn't as good as on my Blackberry, but almost. I'd give it a 4/5. Battery isn't great. on Standby it'll go for about two days. With heavy use it'll last about a day. I'm a pretty heavy voice and data user. It'll easily go all day, but I do re-charge every night. If I forget, it'll last until around noon on the second day.

Overall, I think that this is a great little phone.
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on 20 September 2010
Ive had most phones you could think of, iphones, htc, nokias etc etc and these big touch screen phones are good at what they do but when I could have this in the xperia mini pro which is a fraction of the size and does everything the super phones do that I could possibly want, I am more than happy.
Responsive touch screen, comprehensive app store which works flawlessly with all the apps I have downloaded onto it. The addition of the slide out keyboard is also an improvement on touch screen phones as you will no longer be pressing the wrong letters with its well spaced out letters.
The phone is also solidly built so you know it will last the test of time, which can sometimes be a problem with slide phones, but definitely not this one.
The camera is ok, not brilliant but good enough for taking snaps to print out if you wish and comes with a flash not a photo light as was previously mentioned.
Lastly the app store, I think android has a lot of advantages over apple, most notably that apps are open source and i think in time could be more popular that the app store on the iphone. Congrats SE on a great phone.
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VINE VOICEon 10 October 2010
This is a great smartphone with

1) good phone quality
2) good camera specs
3) strong processor performance.
4) Qwerty keyboard.

These great basics are what you should concentrate on. Teamed with good touch screen performance and intuitive layout and menus, a day of use made my wife's samsung G600 feel foreign.

The Android 1.6 can be a dealbreaker for some. An update to 2.1 was promised in the third quarter of this year but that has come and passed. I am not certain whether contracted phones have preferential treatment. I am with Vodaphone 24 mth contract and i haven't got it. The most essential apps do work across the board. However Sony Ericsson should get their ass in gear and deliver on its promises.

The suggestions that the keyboard is too small is valid to a certain extent until you consider the phone's compactness. The pop up buttons actually make it easier to eliminate mistyping compared to other smartphones with a flush qwerty keyboard. Indeed it is the view of several review sites and mine that the keyboard makes the option of the "X10 mini" (touch screen only) defunct. Having played with touchscreen keyboards including Iphone 4's, I now would only use the touchscreen's if I could not flip open the phone, ie while driving (but why would you do THAT??).

The compactness and style is a great selling point. Holding it to your ear to make calls is friendly and comfortable, like normal candy bars styled phones. If you want the simple transition from non smartphone to smartphone... this is a natural choice. You can also stick it in your pocket comfortably, difficult with the full blown rivals. Thought has going through design choices with the charger position located below the keyboard allowing you type and charge. Pictures are clear and crisp.

Price is also very decent for the features you are getting. My X10 mini pro has certainly enhanced the way I work and communicate.
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on 27 January 2011
Oh dear, what a pain. A wondeful little smartphone bought for my wife as a Christmas present BUT we spend hours fighting with battery problems, making sure all non-essential functions are off yet wondering why the battery lasts less than a day. Full charge overnight, zero usage during the day, flat by late afternoon! RUBBISH! I want my £200+ back! Can't rely on it - sadly haven't even downloaded any Android apps - just grief. What a shame.
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on 5 May 2011
It's not all bad but the battery life is disgraceful. I should have paid heed to earlier reviews that were critical of the battery life before I purchased this mobile.

The qwerty keyboard is great and it's loaded with a great little camera that takes good quality pictures for a mobile phone.

Regretfully, I'm looking to source a replacement for the Sony as the miserable battery life is a real pain.
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on 7 December 2010
I love this little phone.

First, the operating system can now be updated to Android 2.1 (Eclair), so it isn't that far behind.

The keyboard is comfortable to type on, I definately prefer it to typing on a touchscreen, however sensitive. I haven't found the small screen size a problem at all; I can even read ebooks on it comfortably. So far, all the applications I've wanted have worked well, but I'm not all that into games so haven't tested it much that way.

The battery life isn't wonderful, but no smartphone is; I can get a good day's fairly heavy usage out of it, with a bit of charge left. I've also invested in a micro usb emergency charger, which I keep in my handbag just in case, but I haven't needed it yet.

To me, it doesn't feel at all chunky; I find it comfortable and easy to hold and use.

This is a lovely little phone for those who want the fun of a smartphone without the hefty size and price tag of some of the others out there.
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on 7 October 2011
I have had my Xperia X10 Mini Pro for a year now so am quite familiar with it. After some severe teething troubles where I felt I had made a big mistake in getting it I eventually found out enough about using it to like it quite a lot.
Battery life was initially atrocious, it improved dramatically with the update to Android 2.1. Incidentally don't buy one of these expecting further updates, there won't be any - a real shame as it means you can't watch Flash video beyond the built in Youtube viewer. Further improvements in battery life were obtained by turning off features, which I can't honestly say I've missed. It makes calls, receives texts and accesses the internet at a decent speed. I now get about a day and a half out of the battery (36 hours).

There are occasional screen freezes - about once every couple of weeks, a restart sorts this out each time.

The camera is very good for daylight pictures, forget using it for low light as the flash is not up to the job.

The internet browser is very good, screens can be zoomed into, and navigation is generally fast enough.

All in all it is a very handy little phone, however it is too small and lacking in features when compared to more sophisticated phones like the Iphone, I certainly don't use it to organise my life like a number of my friends do with an Iphone. Maybe it could be used for this and I'm just not tech savy enough? It is used all the time as a music player, games machine, e-book reader and has even helped us out of a tight spot a few times with the GPS feature.

The one real problem I have experienced is the slide out feature, I have to press on one side of the keyboard to allow it to slide shut or risk damaging it. So far this has not been too much of an issue, I just need to ensure that anyone else touching the phone knows about this foible and doesn't attempt to force it closed.
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