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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2006
I had coped with a Samsung Digimax Camera for two years, but it had a few problems. It would blur terribly, take too long to load up, the video (and sound) quality wasn't up to much, the auto settings were limited and the flash was quite weak.
So...I decided to work over Christmas to get a new camera, and I discovered this one. The battery took a while to charge - but that was expected. I am no proffesional - but here is my undown:
Fast loading up time
Large, good quality screen (you've heard that all before,
Decent size,
Fast Transfer time from camera to PC (I don't use the supplied software, I use the file transfer available through Win XP,
Able to take photos without flahsh with NO (or very little) BLUR,
Amazing video quality (eats up memory though on the computer),
Auto Focus is AMAZING - along with the automatic Macro, you get beautiful results. If there is decent light, you don't need to use the flash either, and you get no blur.
Zoom is limited (digital zoom doesn't appear in some settings...I am still not clued up exactly,
I do wish there was a flash button - as opposed to having to press the screen a few times,
Red Eye reduction failed to work to high standards.
You're asking why do I give it 4 stars, when there are as many cons are there are pros? Well...the camera is a work of genius - the touch screen is an extremely clever idea and I am sure will become a standard feature in the not so distant future.
Also, the settings within the camera are numerous - and I haven't had enough experience to fiddle with it. I have had pleasing results and I look forward to using it more.
Do buy this camera if you're looking for something that makes snap shots easy and fast - but also if you want to expirement with more advanced photography techniques (something I wish to do)
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on 8 December 2005
I bought this camera as a replacment to my Casio EX-Z750 which was stolen. The Casio was a decent amera, but with fewer manual options unlike the Sony. I've found the touch screen interface of the Sony speed things up a lot when choosing options in menus as you don't have to use those tiny bottons you'd find in almost evry digital compacts. The quality of the screen is excellent, the imagines are pin sharp, useable even under bright conditions.
Picture quality wise, the DSC-N1 produces decent results but can sometimes get the white balance wrong, but I'm nick picking because this happens to all compact camers. The focus system is good. You can focus anywhere on the frame by simply touching the corresponding area on the screen(in manual or program made). This is handy when you want to draw attention of an object but don't want it to be in the centre of the frame.
The lack of a optical viewfinder is no problem as most new digital compacts makes do without it. The battery life quoted is perhaps slightly optimistic, I could be wrong because I've only charged the battery twice and Nithium battery tends to reach its full capacity after a few recharge cycles.
Overall, I think this camera deserves a 4/5 star, it has enough manual options to satisfy a more intermediate user and not too diffcult to use for a beginner.
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on 19 April 2006
After much searching and comparison, I bought this little gem.

I've had it now for 8 weeks and love it to bits. it replaced my Canon Ixus, which was a few years old and only 3.1 pixels.

I love the interactive screen, so easy to use and the large size of the screen means I can share photos easily. I carry it with me everywhere, it is small and neat. It has loads of style in terms of its design. All the features have been easy to use and have produced great pictures.

I am no expert, just your average photographer - and I love this camera.
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on 6 January 2006
I bought this camera as a replacement for my Canon IXY30 3.2MP camera. Actually this is my first Sony camera so far and I choose it simply because its 8.1 MP image quality. The design is as good as Canon and much better than Sony's previous series. The 3.0" touch screen is relatively huge and really "handy" and make the back of the camera simplicity. The image quality is excellent thanks to the real image processor. The auto mode can bring you quite good image if you're not too strict about it and you can adjust in manual mode for the best. The only weak point of the camera is the battery life which is a little insufficient if you transfer image and video clips via usb cable often. What I suggest is put the MS card direct into a card reader. I also recommend a 2GB MS(no matter it is high speed or not)if you want to record longer time video clip. A 1GB MS can record just 20 min long video clips in 640 hi res mode. For better view on laptop and desktop, you need very high resolution LCD screen or you'll be disappointed as someone mentioned above.
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on 17 December 2005
Just got this myself a few days ago, ive worked with cameras one way or another my whole adult life, so was keen to see how this camera would do.
Firstly i can say its one of the top image producing compacts i have seen so far on the market, the camera also has an ISO rating that will go to 800, making indoor nightime shoots very easy, altough this does make the photos show up alot more noise and grain in the pictures.
Generally outdoor use shows up nothing except an excellant pic, great colors and excallant detail.
The screen is great, generally touch screens have a reputation for not being bright or detailed, but this was quite the opposite, The touch buttons work brilliantly and make using the camera very easy and simple as their are more touch buttons for each function, as oppsoed to haveing one physical button doing 3-5 different operations.
Connecting to windows Xp was as simple as it gets, simply pugged it straing into the USB and up came the folder with the photos in it.
Its slightly larger than your average digital camera, but this is mostly due to the screen size.
All in all one of the best digital cameras you can buy.
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on 27 January 2006
I'm very pleased with my one indeed. I've had 2 Sonys and one Panasonic previously. All had "something" I wasn't happy about. So far this is extremely good. My only issue is that the picture looks fab on the screen and full screen on the PC but awful on my software and I'm unsure why. The touchscreen makes navigation a breeze. My Panasonic has image stabilisation which sold it to me but even though this hasn't it's not a problem.
Wish it had the magnifier setting the DSC-F88 has.
I'd highly recommend it. I bought a spare battery pack for mine as my previous camera had AA's. A 512 stick means I get 122 in the finest and largest size.
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on 20 August 2006
I got this camera a couple of days ago and must say it is wonderful.

I upgraded from an old model and think this is the ultimate point and shoot cam, packed full of features. The good thing about them is that it's so easy to use!

Response times are super quick from turning the camera on to shutter speed.

The 3inch touch screen sold it for me, and I must say its worth every penny.

Get a 1 or 2 gig memory card for some TV quality video, and hundreds of high pix pics.
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on 26 July 2006
I wanted to update my dsc-p92 which I have had for 3 years now.

It still takes great pictures but wanted a camera we could use underwater since Sony never did a marine housing for the p92, but knew I wanted to stay with Sony.

After a bit of research I decided on the dsc-n1 and it is brill. It is so small and lightweight I can fit it in small handbag on a night out. Using the touch screen is so easy (we have a touch screen dvd camcorder from Sony too) and navigation is not difficult.

The only downside for me was the fact that it takes different batteries and memory sticks from my earlier Sony but that is technology for you.
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on 2 July 2006
My last camera was the Sony DSC-V1 (5mp) and I'd been threatening to upgrade it for several months as I've never been entirely happy with it. Then the DSC-N1 appeared on the market. After lots of to-ing and fro-ing I eventually took the plunge and wow was I happy I did. My Sony DSC-N1 got it's first outing at the weekend and it is a truly fantastic camera. A quick scan of the manual got me up and running in about 5mins's just that easy to use. I though the lack of a view-finder would be a problem because with the DSC-V1 I had trouble seeing what I was focusing using just the screen (only 1.5in) but this was definitely not a problem with the DSC-N1. The screen is a HUGE 3in and I think this is the size that all digital camera makes should be aiming for.

The size is another of the reasons I went for the DSC-N1. I was afraid that the Sony T-series cameras were just a little bit too small and delicate so I wanted something more substantial. I got that in the DSC-N1 without the fear of the camera being anyway bulky.

In short I love my new Sony. The picture quality is top-notch, the touch screen is so easy to use that a 5yr old could manage it and the size is just perfect to slip inside your pocket without fear of crushing it. The best digital camera I've found yet and I've been through a few!
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on 11 July 2006
I was looking to buy a digital camera that was easy to use and easy to download the photos. I decided on a sony P200 but then noticed the N1 had been launced and I really liked the idea of a large screen.

The screen and ease of use are the best features of this camera. I took it out of the box charged the battery and was using it with no problems at all, and that was without reading the instructions. My wife was the same, she picked it up and started to use it no problem.

The negatives are changing the technical aspects of the camera like flash etc. The biggest problem I have with using the camera is the dark screen. There is no view finder so you have to take a picture by looking/using the screen to focus and determine the picture. Not a problem in day light but if its slightly dark you can not see anything. I have looked through the manual and the settings and to my knowledge it isnt possible to solve this problem.

The picture quality is very good and really shows up the 5mp and below cameras when you zoom in or print.

Overall despite its lack of technical features and the dark screen the Sony N1 is in my opinion an excellent all round camera. Once you have experienced that large screen you will never go back.

Shop around and see for yourself that you can save a lot of money by buying from Amazon.
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