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on 21 July 2009
Recived this camera today & have just had a chance to test it out. It gives excellent results, pictures are sharp & clear & the viewfinder is bright & easy to use. The menu system on this camera is also excellent, very easy to use, well layed out & there is an onboard help system that explains each setting in detail as you highlight it.

The camera itself is quite small & light & has fewer buttons than most DSLRs in this class (although still keeps all the functionality), this can only be a good thing as it makes it easy to remember where everything is located for when you want to change a setting while taking a shot.

There are a few things that stop the camera from getting 5 stars though, mainly that there was no lens hood included, you have to take the battery out of the camera to charge it & the lens cap doesn't have a tie hole on it (so very easy to drop or misplace). I know these are really only little things but there little things that you just expect to be included when spending £450..

overall though a very good little camera, I can't fault the design & like I said above it produces very nice crisp shots.
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on 31 October 2017
I have had one of these cameras for 4 years or so, I am so pleased with mine I also bought one for my wife as she has no experience using a dslr so needed one that was really easy to use.
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on 10 April 2010
Ive had this camera a few weeks now, im a little disappointed with the photo quality, I had a digital camera before this one, and it took better pictures, which kind of defeats the point of getting and pay more for this type of camera, the only thing wrong with this it's the picture quality everything else is great, the way it functions and looks etc I would suggest you give this a miss, because for the price its not worth it.
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on 1 January 2010
The Sony Alpha A230 is such a good DSLR for so many reasons.

If you need a camera that takes extremely sharp and vivid photographs, that is also easy to handle then this is your camera! You will find the process of manual photography so much easier with it on board help system, this helps you understand what each setting does and what it does to your picture.

The lens (18-55mm) is perfectly suitable for a beginner or even a professional, it has reasonable zoom capabilities and also very strong focus. Using the DSLR and its features will enable you to create your own personal photographs and not just holiday snap quality, actually using the focus and zoom correctly for the environment you are in, this will make your pictures look a whole new world better and will show more talent in your work. This is why I would recommend this camera to someone who is maybe starting an A level photography course of some sort.

Looking more at the settings now, lets say you're not that into photography at this point and are still learning the ropes, in which case you can use a number of settings to achieve amazing pictures by doing nothing complicating, such as (Auto) this is a common setting which is on pretty much every camera (Apart from SLR's) and is used so that the camera does everything for you, E.g. setting up the armature and ISO, also focus and shutter speed. (There will only be auto focus if you set your camera to AF not MF)

There are also other settings which are more relevant to where you might be such as: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports Action, Sunset, and Night Port./View. Also there are settings named as "P", "A", "S", and "M" these are for more manual settings where you might like to keep a particular setting (For more experienced photographers)

One of the more fun features is the choice of colour scheme (Theme) of the camera, pick from black, pink, white and light brown. Also being able to save your pictures to a Sony Pro Duo memory stick or an SD card, and be able to choose where they are saved)

Another thing people like to know is how heavy a camera is, and honestly this is not very heavy, easy to carry around or keep around your neck with the provided Sony Alpha strap.

I can promise you this is a very good camera which allows the owner to create amazingly sharp and vivid photos as soon as they get it out of the box!

Hope this helps.
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on 16 December 2014
Never bought anything second hand on Amazon before-nice camera, good price. Would do it again.
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on 22 February 2013
I've had this camera for about a month now and I'm pretty satisfied with image quality, ease of use, size, weight etc.

Pro's -

- It's lightweight
- The aperture, ISO and shutter speed controls are fairly fluid, meaning you can react with versatility to specific lighting conditions.
- The light metre is accurate and responsive
- No grievances with the lens.

Con's -

- Fairly poor battery life
- And, AND! This one is a killer. Build quality and the dreaded 'image stabilisation'!

To elaborate on the above issue with image stabilisation, my camera was dropped about a foot onto a soft carpet. After lining a shot up through the viewfinder and hitting shoot, viewing the image revealed something quite worrying.

The digital image sensor had completely shifted during the impact which meant all my shots were skewed and cropped horrifically.

Oh well, I thought to myself, I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay for the repair... £40 - £50? No chance!

Minimum quote: £150

The camera body was a write-off... and I was told this is an all too common fault with the a230.

Buy with caution, I believe the 'IS' feature compromises build quality.
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on 17 April 2012
Disappointed with this camera. Compared to nikon, and other brands, you cannot trust it.
Every time I turn on the camera, the first shot is always black. This is so frustrating if you are trying to capture a real-life, moving scene. By the time the camera has its automatic settings all worked out (after a few takes), the moment has passed.
My sister has exactly the same camera, which had the same problem. She got a replacement, and the new camera now has the same problem.
This is such a bad design flaw.
Good specs, but I regret buying a sony.
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on 29 August 2013
I don't know much about DSLR cameras, but this one is as good as i need . I know that one can pay thousands, but for anyone who just wants to take excellent photo,s i would recommend this one. I purchased it second hand and its fine.
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on 28 September 2013
I thought it looked good value ! after receiving this item searching for other photographic items I found a better deal with everything i was looking for. The camera works ok as far has my knowledge goes, not disapointed
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on 7 April 2010
This is my first DSLR, and I have to say that I am really impressed by it. I chose it after reading many articles on photography and various camera reviews. It is a great camera to beginners, very simple to use. The screen is very intuitive and makes it very easy to use.
Let me point out some pros and cons:

1. 10 Megapixels is more than enough to have high quality pictures;
2. It is very light, which makes it more comfortable to handle;
3. Controls are very accessible (on the upper left side), and with some practice you can change settings very quickly, for unexpected moments that requires you to set a different mode or exposure;
4. The software is very simple and practical. Correcting brightness, contrast and colors is very easy. You MUST shoot RAW! If you are just beginning in this field, it is imperative that you shoot RAW images and use the software to learn how your pictures can be improved by using different exposures and other settings, such as White Balance;
5. The price is fantastic. Clearly the best cost-benefit for DSLRs currently in the market.

1. The grip for the right hand is indeed a bit uncomfortable (if your are used to bigger grips commonly found in other cameras). But if this is your first camera, it would not be an issue. I am already used to it.
2. Battery runs off quickly if you use a lot of flash. First time I used it, it ran off after less than 200 photos. Then I tried taking pictures without the flash (with better sunlight, night shots, or exploiting more the shadows), and it went around 500 photos; (having more than 1 battery is a MUST, even with more efficient cameras, so in the end, it matters very little)
3. No live-view. But let's face it, if you own a DSLR, you should use the viewfinder. LCD screens don't provide the accuracy of the viewfinder, and using the viewfinder forces you to pay total attention to the shot, its focus and framing.

Having other lenses makes the experience even better (a macro, a wide angle, a zoom...) Perhaps it is useful to take a look at pictures taken with the A230 on appropriate websites.
It is a great camera, and I recommend it to beginners like myself.
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