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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 27 June 2017
It has taken a bit of time to get to grips with some of the features but the the more i use it the more I like it. 4 stars at present, we will see how things progress. Images are sharp & as I do wildlife photography I am starting to get the hang of the focus options. Generally very pleased with results so far.
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on 30 May 2017
Excellent product
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on 21 March 2015
I have owned and used many cameras since the digital 'Revolution'... from a Canon 350D to
a Nikon D7100.
I have to say that with the exception of my Sony R1, the a77II is the most satisfying camera
in all respects, that I've ever owned. So much so, that I don't even read reviews any more.
It's obviously not the camera for everyone but it suits my needs right down to the ground and
what's more... I really like it!
I use a Sigma 18-35mm, a Tamron 24-70mm, a Tamron 90mm macro and the Sony 70-300mm G and am well satisfied
with the results.
There's no point in going on about the pros and cons here, you can read them in the reviews detailing
technical information and specifics about the a77II, this is just my personal view
on the experience of owning the a77II.

I can say that for me, it's an almost faultless camera (maybe the focus point could be indicated in 'review' mode).

To use the modern expression, for me it "ticks all the boxes" and has a strange
Minolta 9xi 'feel' about it... perhaps it's my imagination.

ONE YEAR ON........naturally in a year I have found little things that I think could be improved but honestly, nothing that can't be got round with a little thought. There are so many hints and tips out there that setting up the camera is a real adventure... especially if you invest in Gary Fong's guide (fantastic!).
I agree that the battery life could be better but there are ways to improve it (turn on airplane mode and turn beep off)... I often use manual focus + focus peaking and that really saves juice. I've looked out for and picked up 6 genuine Sony batteries over the year and never paid more than £20... they're an old battery and there's plenty around..........(there were anyway!).
I agree that noise at ISO 800 and above is not as low as newer competitors but there's software to mitigate it......
there's no camera with such a versatile monitor and for me that's it's greatest selling point, I still love its design and ergonomics.
I'm waiting for the a99 MkII to arrive, then hopefully I can pick up a couple of good a99 bodies (I love them too).
I suppose it shows how good the A77II is when they seem to be such a rarity in the used market.
Watch this space next year!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 October 2014
I've been using the A77II for a few weeks on and off as a relative recently bought one. I have the A77 myself so I'll compare it to that model. Over time I'll update the review as there are quite a lot of changes many of which are not entirely obvious at first glance and these take a while to get used to.

Body styling and design it's very near identical to the A77 first model partial magnesium alloy body, dust/moisture sealing, and the good news is that the Sony VG-C77AM grip fits both models so if you have one already then you can use that on the A77II

This model uses the newer "multi interface hot shoe" rather than the Minolta style I-iso hot shoe so bear that in mind if you have some flashes already you'll need to get an adapter to use them on this Sony ADPMAA Shoe Adaptor (they will work off camera though) New Sony flashes have the new shoe (HVL-F60M, HVL-F43M) and some other third party makers now have the new shoe for their flashes. For new users not likely a problem (but bear it in mind if buying older flashes) for those invested in the system I'd just go with the adapter older flashes work just fine with the camera

I'll list out the main points as this makes it easier to digest

Good stuff:
+ New AF system is top tier with lots of AF points, very customisable with new tracking modes and flexible AF options
+ F2.8 double centre cross AF point, AF works as low as EV-2 in lower light levels (A77 was EV-1)
+ Image quality is somewhat improved over the A77
+ Massive buffer I got around 27 frames raw at 12fps that's a big jump up over the previous model (if you shoot action)
+ Has Wi-Fi/NFC built in (Wi-Fi can be used to tether the camera for remote shooting) I'm not sure NFC is that useful due to the big file sizes
+ Rear LCD is excellent a new 1.23m dot "white magic" panel the A77's was 920k, but I think this has hit the battery a bit (even with NFC and Wi-Fi turned off)
+ EVF is improved the specs are the same 2.4m dot OLED display but refresh rates are faster, it suffers less with noise in low light and the dynamic range is better
+ New video options including zebras, and higher ISO shooting possible for footage (up to 12800)
+ Menus are extensive and offer more customisation for controls you also have "quick nav" which allows you to change settings on the main rear screen directly
+ C button can be customised (this was the fairly useless ? button on the A77 I)
+ Pretty much fully loaded as you would expect from a semi-pro level body, 1/8000s max shutter, 150k shutter life (hardened shutter), 1/250s flash sync, wireless flash built in, dual control dials, AF micro adjustment

Not so good:
- GPS has been removed (some used it some did not care so much)
- Red LED AF assist lamp is gone (though note improved AF sensitivity) this is a shame as it allowed you to AF on complete darkness and on zero contrast subjects (the AF beam projected a pattern for the AF to focus on)
- Battery life is a bit worse than the A77, I got around 500 shots per charge on the A77II v about 600 on the A77 (average days' shooting)
- Jpegs, it's an entirely different jpeg engine on this model using Sony's new detail aware noise reduction, I never liked the A77 jpegs much and honestly I'm not crazy about this model either the jpegs are fine at lower ISO levels on this model (both models have heavy NR even at the lowest settings), for high ISO there is too much detail loss and smearing for my taste raw is def the way to go on both cameras


You now have 3 memory banks for user settings on the top dial, this also has a locking button you need to press to change modes
The video mode crops the image about 1.8x with the electronic steady shot on (this isn't the mechanical steadyshot for still images) but if you turn it off then the angle of view is the same as the still image taking mode. This is an important difference over previous offerings which I found annoying (even turning the video steady shot off you were stuck at 1.8x crop not great for wide angle shots)

A77II has a magnesium back only, the A77 has a magnesium alloy front and back plate the camera still feels solid in the hand but it's worth a mention it's not quite as "tank build" as the A77

The A77 II was consistently giving more exposure to images than the original A77, by around a stop this is quite a good thing as the first model in my view tended to be overly cautious with metering, but there were times the metering seemed to be a bit hot so keep an eye on things. At high ISO matching the exposures on both cameras the A77 II was a little better noise wise (in raw) but the difference isn't huge (it's not a stop or anything as dramatic as that but welcomed) Dynamic range looked quite similar on both very hard to tell maybe a slight edge to the A77II

Autofocus, it will take a while to fully explore this there are quite a lot of new options, including new tracking focus options, eye AF, a focus limiter built into the camera, a lot more AF points and real world during my use I feel the AF system is very good, nothing is perfect but the first A77 struggled a bit with tracking at very high fps rates, this seems to nail it almost all the time impressive. Low light AF can lock in dimmer conditions than the A77 and the central F2.8 sensor improves accuracy with lenses that speed or faster, I do wish they kept the AF assist though this was a long running 7 series feature.

Looking at the improvements there are quite a lot in terms of buffer size, the new AF system is very advanced and there are quite a lot of differences despite the similar external appearances. Image quality wise a somewhat improved in terms of high ISO and details are better at low ISO levels too, but it's not a massive update for users of the first A77 so if you're a non action shooter it's less of a must have purchase (the original A77 is still a good performer overall) But for action/sports and wildlife shooters this is a fairly meaty update and the improvements are very much geared to users in this field.

I'll update the review with more findings over time, this is just an initial impression having spent a few afternoons with the camera. So far though it's a good camera and adds more than I expected. For new users the body is nicely made very solid, though not the smallest for a crop sensor camera, it is comfy though. Pricing wise this is quite attractive too a larger buffer nicely made body certainly worth considering if you're into action/sports or a current A mount user.

Update 04/15

I've had another hands on session with the camera this time with the newer firmware (this has improved the AF performance) Out of all the new features the "focus limiter" is probably the most useful this allows you to manually limit the AF near and far (some lenses have this) the big advantage here is this is a camera feature and you can set this for any lens you have very handy for action shots at a certain distance.

The advanced AF tracking modes can work quite well, other times I felt AF-C was just fine being able to set the delay (if a subject moves into the AF area briefly ie a football match) brings Sony up to par with rivals such as Nikon.

Video is much improved the removal of the crop with digital SS off means you get the real wide angle on lenses (not the forced crop on older models) and you can set the ISO much higher A77 was limited to ISO 1600, here you can go move up past 3200 to 12800 and get usable results for video users this alone might be worth a look and microphone levels can be adjusted (on-board microphones are quite good though an external is better). The AF still has limitations for video fixed to F3.5 which seems odd with faster apertures available on lenses.

A strong update if you shoot sports/video though portrait and landscape shooters might not feel it's a huge leap forward. Being able to use the A77 grip is a bonus though if you have that body.
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on 28 September 2015
Excellent thank you
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on 7 March 2015
I've always been a massive Sony fan, and owned an a58 before I upgraded to this camera. It's brilliant in high action shots, portraiture and landscape photography and fits all A-mount lenses. The 12fps burst works amazingly, the Clear Zoom is great, too: working like a digital zoom but with no reduction in end quality, and the programmable buttons are so useful, like in my a58 I made the button near the lens the preview zoom for small subjects far away (I love photographing the moon) and gets your manual zoom perfect every time. Sending via WiFi and NFC is so easy, having a Sony Xperia Z3 phone and Z3 Tablet Compact, and a Nexus 9, NFC works like a treat with the PMM app, great for sharing to social media wherever you are.
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on 22 July 2014
The first thing I noticed as an A77 user, even before I'd taken a photo was how much theyd improved the viewfinder it now behaves very much like an optical equivalent in low light there is very little gain up and the image is big and bright akin to a full frame optical camera ; the focusing is very sure footed I tested it in a dark cupboard and it still locked on no problem, image quality is excellent and produces very sharp and punchy images which look great full screen using Sony Raw Converter software this is pretty much the only Raw software available at the moment ? I ve just shot some high iso images in a sea life centre and wii update how I find the results, one pain is a change in the flash hot shoe causing me to buy the Sony adapter, this works fine though even giving me flash exposure lock, I missed this feature and have used it on my Canon system for 20 years or more.The 16-50 lens is a beauty and produces sharp punchy images even wide open at 2.8. If you can run to the extra cost its such a useful lens to have.the only test of the new focusing system I have giving it was to shoot some shots of a wind surfer on a beach using a 55-300 Sony lens this combination locked on and tracked very well.Update the high iso shots (800-1000) images look on the whole very good with some good clean shots in difficult conditions, ps this is high for me I like to keep my iso as low as possible often shooting at 50 iso.
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on 17 April 2015
This is the third Sony Alpha camera I have bought over the years with the first being an a-200 then a a-55. Both of these were good cameras, but this latest one the a77ii is brilliant. Having the two previous models, made using this camera not as difficult as some suggest as a lot of the camera functions that were on the old models are built into the a77ii and work the same with a few tweeks here and there. I bought the book "The complete guide to Sonys Alpha 77ii" which shows you how to use and work the camera to get the best results, and how to use the new items built into this camera, that are not on the old ones.

The wife and I have been using the camera for a couple of months now and are extremely pleased with the picture quality. The camera takes a little getting used to as there is so many different settings for different types of pictures, and we found the easiest way to remember what to do was write it down on a small book and leave it in the camera case, to save any head scratching trying to remember how to set up what type of picture your taking.
All my lenses that I bought for the previous two cameras are "a" mount and will fit onto this model, although as at this moment in time, I have only been using the SAL 18250 all in one zoom lens and have not used any of the others. As a bonus the battery from the old a-200 fits this new model so I have got a spare at no extra cost.
As we have not had this camera that long it has not been used to its full potential, but seing the results so far watch this space.
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on 29 May 2017
Still working on it. Shutter button, however, is ultra sensitive but picture so far are top notch. I like it.
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on 17 July 2014
I have bought this camera since I am a proud Sony Alpha photographer for 5 years.I have started with a230 then moved to a77.I knew that Sony was going to release a new version of a77 and they release the a77MKII..There are vast of improvements on this camera,since I did alot of research.I almost went to a99 but rumour said that Sony will release a99MKII soon enough to be presented at Photokina 2014 at Cologne in September.I took the right decision to buy this camera since as a professional photographer,you need to have minimum 2 cameras just in case.I will use this camera as my primary and for my backup a77. An advantage for this camera is that you can use any previous accessories for Sony Alpha on this camera(same battery with a77,vertical grip,SD cards,DT lenses),except for the hot shoe.The new a77MKII has a new Multi Interface Shoe.If you have previous external flash that has Sony/Minolta auto lock shoe,you need to buy an adapter from Sony call ADPMAA.

As a professional photographer,regardless if this camera is an APS-C sensor and not Full Frame,I highly recommend to all Sony users that have previous models from a77MII to buy this camera,if they were planning to buy a new camera.
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